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There are twelve zodiac signs in this universe that give essence to our reality and play a pivotal role in controlling all the material manifestations. Thee twelve universal energies or spirits of the universe encapsulate a set of moral beliefs that are essential for the functioning of life. These principles or beliefs derive expression from physical planets that control spiritual centers of all life forms on these planets.

People are aware of the importance of their zodiac signs and horoscopes. These rule the lives of many people as people look to their stars as to how their day, week or month will gel along their plans and lifestyle. The trend of looking up for zodiac signs is not new to the world. The history of horoscopes can be traced back to the Ancient Greek times when people used to look for constellations to explore the known and unknown world. But nowadays, you may not account for constellations before planning a trip to an unknown place but still the importance of guidance from zodiac signs has not been eliminated all together. In fact, people have firm beliefs and even look up to these signs for their love lives.

These 12 zodiac signs have associated characteristics with them. Let us consider the example of a Sagittarian. Your zodiac sign may read that you are extrovert and independent, have passion for opening out and being sociable. The charming and driving personality of Sagittarius is altogether integrated in the collective life.

Other magnetic qualities of a Sagittarian are that they challenge themselves and accomplish the challenges, no one can read their independent minds as they seek for more growth and heights of success. If you ask for traits like alluring, sizzling, lively, likeable, compassionate, organized, fun-loving, positive, extraverted, witty, frank, expressive, amiable, self-sufficient, adventurous, straightforward, valiant, exuberant, and freedom-loving, Sagittarians are a complete package.

You should be aware of the fact that not all horoscopes are going to be absolutely correct. It may be possible that the foretelling turns out to be true probably by your own actions and retorts. These zodiac signs should be taken very lightly and one should not ponder much upon its readings. You may not have all the characteristics of Sagittarius and may possess some of those of Capricorn or any other zodiac sign. What is the most important is the fact that how you take these zodiac readings. If you consider them as a grain of salt, then you’ll be happy go lucky. Don’t stress yourself for something that has been mentioned in your horoscope. Just take your zodiac sign readings for entertainment purposes.

Positive and negative aspects of personalities of Sagittarians


Birthday falling between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarians are a beam of directed focused light who live to learn the lesson of love to the fullest, which may be human love or divine love. Out of all other zodiac or astrology signs, Sagittarius is the most free spirited, even tempered, intrusive and frank. With the most fun loving and childish personality they jump into the things wildly and bounce back quickly if it doesn’t work out.

Another quality that will attract you towards a Sagittarian is their far sightedness and knowledge to perceive the results even before they happen. They are very well read on many subjects and are faithful to their opinions and advices on any subject. Admired by many people, sports thrill them as it provides a platform to them to class down their energies.

At workplace

Sagittarians are also brilliant at work as they get along very well with their co-workers due to their blunt tactless attitude. They are optimistic and innovative possessing ideal philosophical feelings. Highly amiable, they love to travel and socialize. They are at their best when they are employed at a workplace with fewer restrictions for their freedom loving attitude.


Sagittarians are often autocrats, propagandist, disparaging, blunt, exaggerators, fake and argumentative. The eternal procrastinator is active and well with this feature, even though their impatience attitude welcomes transformation. Their thrill-seeking spirits boost them nearer to the saintly life that fascinates them. But, they have to be cautious that they don’t turn out to be too impractical and too much of a fantasist.

Sagittarian men personality traits

The vivid part

Sagittarian men are just as captivating as their zodiac sign. Symbolized by a centaur, a half-horse and half human, many men under this star sign are directed by animalism and open mindedness. Their most exciting feature is their outgoing nature and extrovert attitude. You may not be able to spot a Sagittarian man all alone as he is very sociable. The positiveness in them makes them stand out and face pessimism boldly. But sadly, their optimistic outlook may push them into abyss as they trust people blindly. They are outspoken, so don’t expect them to say anything tactfully as they will say candidly what resides in their hearts.

The gloomy face

One moment he is the entertainer of the party, with all the energy, oomph, exuberance and enthusiasm and the other, he would turn into a lifeless man walking aimlessly and unhappy. Call him temperamental or call him unpredictable, Sagittarius man is picky and unreliable individual who varies his doldrums as quickly as a chameleon changes its colour. It is very difficult to change the mood of a Sagittarius male when he is depressed. If you are his trustworthy mate, then he may confide in you everything. They have tendency of losing their friends due to their frank nature and attitude. Their optimistic phase and careless behaviour often results them in being cheated.

Romance quotient

Sagittarius males are very fun loving, engaging and romantic as well. But when the question of long lasting relationships arises, they are not perfect at maintaining them as they are petrified in parting with their freedom. They may be flirtatious and take relationships as an adventure but loyalty is not to be expected from them. However, all Sagittarian males may not be of such nature. Some seek for platonic partner with whom they are friendly and comfortable in sharing their joys and sorrows. In order to attract a Sagittarius man, you need to be enthusiastic, intelligent and out-going. Intelligence is a big turn on for them and to lure them enthusiastic and adventurous is all what you need to be.

Sagittarian women personality traits

Vivacity and ebullience are the personality traits you can look for in Sagittarian females. Straight-forward and blatant attitude are infused in them at their peak. They are tactless and blunt in giving reasons or communicating. Extravagance comes naturally to these women. So, before approaching them, beware that you have sufficient to fulfil her shopping appetite.

The vivid part

A captivating woman with pleasing gestures, alarmingly frank nature and ferociously guarded independence can be none other than a Sagittarian. Optimistic, friendly, out-spoken and pleasant, Sagittarius women have the tendency if trusting anyone completely and blindly. Filled with enthusiasm, boredom is not their cup of tea. They are highly career oriented and excel in every field they choose.

The gloomy face

Their tactless and blunt attitude may prove to be bane for them as tact and diplomacy are important characteristics one should possess in today’s time. They may end up making enemies due this nature of theirs. Though these women are calm and composed but if a foot stepped wrongly they take no time in spilling the lash of fire. Moreover, Sagittarian women are beasts and lovers of luxury. So, one must be careful before handling his credit card to them lest they cross its credit limit.

Romance quotient

Sagittarian women are not among those from whom you can ask for long term commitments due to their careless and free-bird attitude. They fall in relationships quickly and come out of them sooner. They are little hard to catch but once they fall in place, they are the ones that every man dreams of- loving, caring, loyal, honest who would dutifully be yours and do every bit of her to make your life happy and satisfactory. However, it is not at all easy to please a Sagittarian woman as she looks for a real man who has his ego and is rightly equipped with politeness and firmness. Don’t forget that she yearns for her freedom and you will have to give her space to make her truly fall in love with you.

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