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Stunning Handbags For This Fall

Fall is the season of colors before it becomes all gloomy and grey. Especially in the cold countries autumn brings a host of colors from the falling of leaves to the changing of the hues of the sky. So if you want to enjoy this awesome season of fall make sure that you are ready on the fashion front. Bags are an important part of every woman’s fashion and so here we present the top 9 fall hand bag styles of this year:

  1. Satchels – One of the most loved bags for women who like to keep it simple and stylish. Satchels are very elegant and classy and can go with almost all outfits. Whether you are wearing a skirt or a trouser or a pair of jeans does not matter. A satchel will go perfectly with all of them. You can even take it as a cross body because of the long straps it comes with.
  2. Fringe bags – Fringes are in this fall. Whether it is your top, trouser or handbag, you can have the fringe benefit on all of them. This fall the designers have emphasized on the fringe styles on handbags and it is looking really cool. Fringe bags look very feminine and at the same time it offers you a wide range of styles to choose from.
  3. Guitar straps – As we know fall is the season of colors, why not get those colors in your handbags? The designers have come up with bags that have wide and colorful straps or guitar straps. These bags look extremely stylish and colorful. Young girls would love the colorful and designed straps that are bright and will brighten up your mood too.
  4. Embroidered bags – Fall is the time when you have to attend so many parties or you go out on a dinner date with that special someone. So you would need a handbag for those evenings too. Embroidered bags are in this fall. You can get a wide range of embroidered handbags on velvets, suede and silk to match your outfit. The embroideries that are in this fall are floral motifs with lots of colors in it.
  5. Snakeskin – Snakeskin patterns are quite popular this fall. You can get faux snakeskin bags that look just gorgeous and stylish. If you want to flaunt your wild side a little then this bag will be perfect for the season.
  6. Belt bags – One of the best styles in women’s bag that has never gone out of style is the belt bag. The belt becomes the most important style quotient for these bags as they are made from metallic chains. It looks awesome and gives the women a certain power factor along with style.
  7. Velvet bags – velvet bags oozes styles, plush and luxury. When you are taking a velvet handbag, you are out on a fine dining or a party. Velvet with metallic accessories on it looks stunning women’s handbags and it is a rage this fall.
  8. Small buckets – Small pouches like handbags have come into style this fall. If you want to keep it simple and stylish then small bucket bags are perfect for you. You can choose from different styles and colors.
  9. Stylish backpacks – Young girls love backpacks. Thus the designers have designed stylish backpacks that looks like a backpack but can be taken as a handbag if required. This extremely stylish bag is great for girls who love to have fun.


Now that you have a clear idea about this year’s top handbags, you know which one to choose and which color would suit you the best. Get your collection of bags and have the coolest style.

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