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Be A Style Goddess With Cape Style Blouse

Contrary to the popular belief that the capes are only meant for the superheroes and the women of the old time wearing winter capes and gowns, the fashion world has shown that capes can also be used in different ways. Pairing cape styled blouses with sarees is one of these experiments.

In the year 2016, the fashion gurus gave the traditional blouses a contemporary twist and the result was cape style blouses. In other words, it can be said that the capes are the hottest things in the present saree market. Now the capes are either opaque or sheer and are a prominent part of the outfits. Some of the popular styles of the cape style blouse are: cropped cape style blouses, floor touching cape style blouses and jacket styled cape blouses.

Some info about the cape styled blouses:

This blouse style mainly contains an additional layer of sheer cloth right from the torso that begins from the neckline. These blouses also come with open ended sleeves for fluttering the beautiful features of feminine beauty in a more vehement way.

The cape styled blouse is quite similar to the ponchos, which almost all of us have worn in the childhood days. The only difference is that here in this blouse a tube blouse is attached beneath the cape and therefore the wearer can set accordingly. The blouse comes in a loose pattern and there is no fitting required. This feature makes this blouse ideal for women with heavy busts.

With one dulcet and flowy appeal, this blouse style is considered as the experimenting tool of every fashion lover person. Usually paired with breezy and lightweight fabrics, these blouses can actually create a statement affair.

Cape Styled blouses Pattern

Styling the cape styled blouses:

So, by opting for beautiful looking cape style blouses and by complementing these with dark or bright colored underneath clothes, you can draw the attention of your peers. Apart from sarees, this blouse style can also be worn with lehengas. Depending on your preference, you can either wear it in a high-low style or as the crop top.

Opaque or sheer cape styled blouses gives the users a complete edgy look while being paired with some ethnic costumes. Besides, noodle strap blouses over the sheer capes also look perfect. Though the cape styled blouses look just great with sarees but while the capes are adorned with some prints, the style becomes more effective. In fact, this style gives the wearer a goddess like feel while making her stand out in the crowd.

Styling The Cape Styled Blouses

Some tips:

  • One of the effective tips to look smart in a cape style blouse is to bring some external element to it, which is not present in the saree. For example: To make the look more fashionable, you can add metal chains, pearl or beads lines to the blouse. Actually, there is no limit of styling this blouse.
  • Another tip is that always pair the cape style blouse with some pastel or nude shade sarees. Silk or jute silk is the best material to be paired with this blouse style.

Cape Style Lehenga

Celebs in cape styled blouses:

Sonam Kapoor is the one, who made the cape styled blouses popular in Bollywood as well as the favorite of the celebs. Apart from her, Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone and Samantha Ruth Prabhu have also seen wearing cape styled blouses with their sarees at different occasions with complete elegance. At the same time, due to the dreamy appeal of these blouses, this design gives a great impression on the mind of fashion lovers.

Celebs in cape styled blouses


The cape style blouses are a perfect combination of new and old style. Besides, this blouse style comes with an additional layer. Therefore, women with plump structures must avoid this blouse style, otherwise they will look fat. Besides, choose the fit of this blouse carefully as it should come with a natural fall and flow and the shoulders should not be that tight.

Designer Cape Style Blouse


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