Backless Tops For The 2017

Different Types Of Backless Tops For The 2017 Summer

Women, especially girls love to flaunt their dress in such a way that makes them look stylish, suave, peppy and trendy. The trend of fashion changes every year mainly during the summers and the winters. It is essentially because of the weather condition that we need to change our dressing styles. For women the choices remain endless. Whatever be the season, girls would always have a plenty of options to choose from. So if you are one of those who would dare to bare and that too with a lot of style then you should go for backless tops this summer of 2017. Here are 8 types of backless tops that you are going to swoon over.

  1. Backless Halter Top – These tops ruled the fashion scenario of the 60s and 70s mainly. Halter necks are always in fashion and when you make it backless it adds that sizzle to the top that can make every heart race. If you are looking for a top that would go with trousers as well as skirts then these backless halter tops are just perfect for you.
    Backless Halter Top
  2. X-Back Tops – These tops come with a design that creates an X like design taking the pressure off from your nape and providing maximum support. These tops are great for all day wear. Whether you are going for shopping or a quick lunch these tops serves as a great fashion statement as well as comfort in the summer.
    X Back Top
  3. Backless Tank Tops – Tanks tops can never go out of style especially in the summer months. It is one of the most basic clothes that you need every day. So this year the designers have come up with newly designed tank tops that are backless. Backless tank tops look really cool and sexy. These tops are great for using on the beach. It offers support for the back and in the same time gives you that cooling comfort of having an open back.Backless Tank Tops
  4. Cut-out Backless Tops – Cut-out backless tops are really classy. You can have the tops back cut out in different shapes. This looks really attractive. A pink top with a heart shaped cut out will look so pretty. Or any geometric shape would look good. With such delicate designs and intricate patterns these tops are perfect for a summer evening out.
    Cut-out Backless Tops
  5. Backless Workout Tops – These days designer back bras are quite in fashion. So this summer you can team up a backless workout top with these designer back bras and make yourself look cool and confident. These tops can be worn at the gym, beach, while hanging out with friends and everywhere that relaxes you.
    Backless Workout Tops
  6. Backless Drape Tops – Now these are very classy and gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. The backless draped tops are very fashionable and it is meant for a woman who wears everything in style.
    Backless Drape Tops
  7. Twist backless Tops – The twist backless tops are the new kids on the block. These tops are sexy, cool and offer you a lot of style quotient. These tops look very breezy and can be great beachwear.Twist backless Tops
  8. Open Back Tops – Open back tops are very elegant and have a formal look to them. You can wear them at a formal meeting if not in the office. The tops are made from different types of materials and you need to choose them according to your purpose.
    Backless Open Back Tops


Backless tops are very stylish if you know how to wear them. You would need the right kind of backless top for your body type. Hence a little research on it will help you understand what you suit you the best. Backless tops look really sensuous and if you are in for some trendy styles then these backless tops are surely going to make you the talk of the town.

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