Some ethnic outfit ideas for a destination wedding

Wedding is one of the most important days in anyone’s life, whether it be the bride or groom. Hence they make sure that everything is just perfect on their big fat wedding day. One of the most important and enjoyable part of your wedding would be choosing your wedding dress. When you look in to the market you could actually find wide range of wedding dresses which might range from the traditional wedding dresses to the wedding gowns based on the theme that you have chosen for your wedding day. Now-a-days most of them prefer to go for the theme based decoration for wedding or any other function.

So when you go for the theme based weddings you need to make sure to choose everything according to it whether it be the decoration, clothing of bride and grooms, return gifts and everything that you could find at the wedding place. Most of the couples are choosing the theme weddings which could include the location of wedding as well. When you look at the ethnic outfits for your wedding day you could actually find huge range of options according to your requirement and budget. You can either go for the simple and elegant wedding outfits of the heavy work ethnic outfits based on your interest.

Before you choose any particular wedding outfit you should make sure to understand how you would like to look on your big day. Whether you would like to be the most traditional, quirky or fun filled. Once you are able to decide on this issue it would be very easy for you to choose the right kind of dress for your wedding day whether it is for the bride or groom. Always make sure to check out the huge list of options which you have before deciding to buy any particular dress so that it would be easy for you to choose the best one from the wide range of clothing options for your big fat wedding day.

Weather of the place an important factor in choosing your wedding dress

There are plenty of options to choose for your wedding right from the traditional gowns, sarees, ghagras to the wedding gowns which would make your day the most memorable and make you look like a princess. Whether you are looking for the bridal dress or grooms wedding attire you have a huge collection of traditional clothing options to choose from that would definitely make your day. As everyone would like to look the best on their wedding day and would love to get complements from others it is always better to go for designer clothing that would come according to your interests.

Most of the brides do choose their wedding dress based on the location of wedding, time i.e. the season in which their wedding is organized, her interests etc. If you have a wedding in summer or a location where it’s too hot then most of them would go for small or short dresses with short sleeves so that they can feel comfortable and are made out of light material. If your marriage is in a cold climatic place then you can go for the traditional and full sleeves as you can manage with it throughout the wedding celebrations. The type of the wedding theme that you have chosen for your marriage would also reflect the choice of your wedding dress that you need to wear so that everything is just fun filled with lots of enjoyment and excitement.


Another important thing which you need to consider before choosing a particular wedding dress is the bride’s personality. This is one of most important aspects so that the bride would manage to get the best wedding outfit in which she would just look perfect and which would make her feel comfortable and highly energetic. If you are very skinny then you should choose the clothing in such a way that you can look little fluffy and if you are not thin and heavy then you can go for the light weight clothes with no frills so that you would look thinner than you are.

Wedding outfits for groom

When you are looking for wedding outfits for groom or might need to attend your close friend’s wedding then you can either go for the shervani that would make you look just awesome as that of a price, or can go with pancha which is the traditional south Indian attire for men especially for marriages and traditional occasions and lot more. You can just checkout the wide range of traditional clothing options which you can find in the market and choose the best one that you like the most. Usually most of the people who need to attend marriages do opt for traditional wear so that they might not look odd out of all the traditional people around.

In India you can see this in any caste marriage that people who attend the wedding would always opt for the similar kind of clothes as that of the bride or groom so as to match with them in style. And if you go for a theme based wedding you could actually go with kind of clothing that the bride or groom had decided especially if you are close to them. Though men might not be able to find the range of wedding clothing options as that of women they can also find the heavy worked sherwanis in which they can look the best.


Before you choose any particular attire for yourself always make sure to try it out so that you could decide whether the style of clothing that you have chosen would suite you or not. To get more information about the huge range of options which you can find for men all you got to do is to visit the relevant online websites where you can enjoy online shopping without visiting the various local stores and wasting your valuable time. Let women fall in love with you with the best and most attractive clothing options which you can find in the market.

Way to shop for your wedding dress:

The most important thing for every wedding couple is the attire that they would like to choose for their big wedding day. Usually the most common attire for brides in India is the sarees. Whatever might be the choice of wedding attire that you choose, always make sure to plan prior to the wedding day so that you could easily find the best and most beautiful attire in which you can look just awesome as never before. Before you go for shopping always make sure have an idea about the type of clothing that you would like to choose so that it would be very easy for you to shop.

When you go to a far off destination for wedding, you must also see for how many days you are going to stay there. You must take your clothes accordingly so that you can wear one new dress every day. If you are planning to stay there for 5 days, then you must buy 5 sets of dress at least so that you can wear one new set at least on each day.

You can check out the wide range of options which you have and choose the best one. Once you have purchased the wedding attire make sure to try it twice or thrice and get the perfect alteration done so that it would best fit your personality. Another best way with which you can choose the latest wedding attire is by checking out the magazines. Here you could take that particular picture of the attire that you would like to buy for your wedding and take it to your designer so that you can get the similar one for your wedding.

There are number of designers which you can find in the market and who can provide you with custom made outfits so that you can get the most unique and stylish outfit of your choice. For this you need to make sure to have enough time so that you can get the stitching part of your outfit done perfectly. If you don’t have enough idea you can even checkout with the shop staff to advice the best suitable wedding attire that would suit you. To have better idea you can even checkout the various online sources which you can find over the internet. In order to complete your outfit you should make sure to choose the best suitable accessories that would make you look perfect on your special day.


Let everyone love your wedding dress on your special day by planning everything prior to your special day. Women always love to get ready for weddings in the best way they can whether it’s their own wedding or others. It’s the only occasion on which everyone would wish to look at their best so that they can flaunt others. Whether you are thin or fat the fashion designers can provide you with the best outfit that would make you look the best and most beautiful. If you would like to go for customized outfits then it would be best to choose a professional designer who can help you in this regard. Now a days you can find number of designers in the market but as these would be a bit expensive for you. So the best way with which you can find a good and affordable designer is by doing some market research online as well as in the local market.

Primarily if you have an idea about what you would like to choose for your wedding or your friend’s wedding it would be easy for you find the good one from the list of online sites or sources. You can even checkout the online sources where you can find great information about the various options of wedding attire which you can choose for your big day. You can even checkout the wedding collection photos so that you would have some idea about the wide range of options and how exactly they would look like. If you have more time you can even go for window shopping so that you can know the latest fashion and trend that’s going on in the market and the kind of clothing that people do choose for their wedding day. When you go for customized designer clothing for wedding you can even choose the fabric that you would like, the design or work which you would need on your wedding attire, color combination of your choice and lot more. Now a days most of them go for the unique, designer and customized ethnic outfits for their wedding destinations so that they would get everything according to their interest.

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