Latest Cigarette Pants Styles

The latest cigarette pant suits to try in 2016

Change in the world of fashion is inevitable. One season the space is raging with a particular design and the next season something else comes up. All the designers and manufacturers clamor to be the first to introduce the latest and the next season the design is nowhere to be seen.

The fashion world runs because women want new style of clothes and accessories every season. For a woman that buys timeless and evergreen outfits, new fashion is immaterial for her. However for those that wish to stay in fashion and be one of the first to adorn new fashion, the latest trend means a lot.

The Season of Cigarette Pants

Last year long Kurtas and salwars or parallel pants were in fashion. However, this season the flavor of the fashion has changed just a little bit from long length parallel pants to cropped cigarette pants.

Cigarette pants are straight cut pants that are narrow at the bottom to give a sleek style and add length to woman’s height. It is a very comfortable style that you can wear both for your office as well as for your formal and informal get-togethers. Cigarette pant suits are very simple, elegant and transform your entire look to bolster your confidence to a much higher level.

Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pant suits are also known as indo-western suits as you carry the top with an Indian style and the lower with a western style. However, this dress as a whole is very much a contemporary Indian dress and you can team up with any of the Indian style kurti to form a completely new dress.

Cigarette Pants with Long Kurti

This style is high on fashion and you can find many of the frontline bollywood actresses flaunting this style in their latest movies. Long kurtis come in many different lengths ranging from mid calf to mid thigh level. You can choose the length of the kurtis according to your style and team up with a cigarette pant.

This style increases your length due to the length of the kurtis and the fitting of the pant. Another style of cigarette pant that has come in 2016 is the cropped pant which is not the usual length but rather an inch or two smaller than the usual.

This style is very popular these days as the focus shifts only from the dress to your legs. In order to flaunt this style you should include a pair of really good looking high heels that will not only increase you height but also give you a chic look.

Cigarette Pants With Long Kurti


Cigarette Pants with Short Kurti

This style of suit is also very popular this season in 2016. Although this style was very hot in the last season, the popularity for this style is not fading fast. Many women do not prefer to wear long kurtis and want to wear only short kurtis.

The advantage of this style is that since the kurtis is short, the entire focus is on the pant and the shoes. Therefore, if you are one of those that prefer short kurtis, be prepared to look for a good pair of shoes as they enhance the beauty of the ensemble to a very high degree.

You can use ankle length straight cut pant also known as cigarette pant in contrast to the top that you are wearing to stand out or wear the same color as the top to give a subtle look to your outlook.

Cigarette pants with sleek fitted kurtis looks amazingly beautiful and transforms your complete personality. The attire gives the look of a spic and span business woman that is articulate about her dressing and looks. The attire goes very well both for casual get-together and business meetings.

Cigarette Pants with Short Kurti

Cigarette Pants with Mid- Length Kurti

This is the latest that is in fashion. All dress designers and manufacturers are bringing their new collection of dresses with mid length kurti and cigarette pants. The style is a minor change from the long kurti and cigarette pant combination but makes a huge difference in your overall looks and personality.

The most popular materials that manufacturers are looking to team up with the pant are chiffon as it is very light and can be worn during all seasons. The fall of the material is also very good and is not very expensive. Various kinds of prints and embellishments are also possible on the kurti material to make it rich yet affordable.

Cigarette Pants With Mid Length Kurti


Cigarette Pants with Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali suits are always formal and party wear attire. This year you can try cigarette pants with Anarkali kurti for your formal parties. The attire is a big hit as Anarkali kurti on the top gives the look of a formal wear while the crisp fitting and style of cigarette pants give you the comfort and confidence.

Since the flavor of the season is cropped cigarette pants, you need to pay more attention on the footwear that you choose for the dress. Formal dressing requires you to wear high heel shoes that give you the height and attitude to carry of the fantastic dress and the fitting of the pants give you the comfort to carry the dress for the evening.

Cigarette Pants with Anarkali Kurti


One of the biggest advantages of cigarette pants is that they go with Indian as well as western style of dressing. In case you do not wish to look contemporary, you have the option to team up your cigarette pants with any of the western tops like shirts, tunic, and western tops to look the way you desire.


All in all if you desire to reinvent yourself each time you dress up, investing in cigarette pant suits is the best thing that you can do for yourself. The beauty of cigarette pant suits is that although they can be called contemporary Indian dress, yet they are very modern, stylish, crisp and comfortable. They cover the body like an Indian dress and provide the sharpness of western dressing.

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