Noodle strap blouses for petite women instead of women with broad shoulders.

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Sari is the ubiquitous dress of the Indian subcontinent. Whatever part of India that you may travel to, you would find women adorning different types of saris. As you move from one region to another, you would notice the difference in the way the sari is tied and accordingly the choli or blouse that goes along with a sari is worn.

Blouses Compliment the Saris

The Indian choli or the blouse as it may be called is a short midriff baring top that is worn with a sari or a lehenga. The front of the blouse is covered by the sari and it is the back that remains an interesting part.

Usually the saris that you get in the market come with extra material which is actually the blouse material. It is cut off the sari can be stitched into a customized blouse. The material is given in running length of the sari for the border that is there in the sari. This border can be used to make the bottom edges of the blouse sleeves or be used at the back.

Sometimes the saris have matching blouses while at other times the blouses are of a contrasting color. These days the trend of blouses is changing. Women like to wear comfortable blouses and hence opt for knit material blouses. There are designer blouses as well that come with reinforcements and padding so that there is no need to wear the inner garment or the bra. However, not all types of blouses suit every woman.

Here we are discussing the spaghetti or noodle strap blouse.

What is the Noodle Strap Blouse?

As the name suggests, this is a type of choli or blouse that has thin strings like spaghetti. The noodle strap blouse is a blouse that has thin shoulder straps that provide support to the blouse and breaks the look of the otherwise bare shoulders.

Who should wear Noodle Strap Blouses?

Noodle strap blouses are best suited to those women that have a petite frame. It is for those women that dare to bare. Because much of the upper body is exposed, as there only strings to support the clothing, noodle strap blouses are best suited to women that are thin or have thin and toned arms.

Often it has been seen that women tend to follow the fashion trends blindly without looking into the possibility of whether the chosen garment looks good on them or not. The noodle strap blouses are the perfect example in this case. Noodle straps blouses are for petite women instead of women with broad shoulders.

Heavy Arms and Broad Shoulders

Women with heavy arms and broad shoulders should go for the full sleeves or the three-fourth sleeved blouses that cover most of the upper body and the arms. If a woman with such a body wears noodle-strap blouses, it would show her voluptuous upper body, which is certainly not good.

For the Bold and the Daring

Noodle strap or spaghetti strap blouses are ideal for those that are bold and daring. It looks good on women that are petite and have thin, toned arms and lighter upper body. The straps reveal the upper body while enhancing the neckline and the collar bone.

Noodle Strap Blouse Fabrics

When we are talking about the fabric of the noodle strap blouses, there are a variety of choices. You can choose to wear noodle strap blouses in:

  • Velvet
  • Satin
  • Spandex
  • Knit
  • Polyester

It is important that you choose the right fabric that goes well with the sari because the blouse would be in the limelight. All eyes would be on you when you enter a place wearing a spaghetti strap blouse. Therefore, to look stylish and suave, you must choose the fabric of the blouse that complements the sari and not pulls it down.


Different Types of Noodle Straps

While the noodle strap blouse is a variant of the normal blouse, there are several types and styles of the spaghetti straps. You can choose the one that you find comfortable and suitable to the occasion to which you are wearing the noodle strap blouse.

  • Adjustable Straps: While noodle strap blouses are generally made as a fitting blouse, some designers give the clients the option of adjustable straps to their blouse strings. With the strings or the strap being adjustable, it gives you control over how much cleavage is cleavage. It also helps you ensure that the blouse fits perfectly. It looks very indecent if the straps keep falling off the shoulders. Therefore, the adjustable straps do away with this problem as they can be adjusted to give you a good fit.
  • Embellished Straps: while you can have the noodle strap blouses made of any material, you can get the strap customized with embellishments. This not only adds to the style and look of the blouse but also adds a glamour quotient to the blouse. You can have embellished straps which may have lace work, beads, Swarovski crystals, stones or any other such work that enhances the look of the blouse. However, you need to be careful with such a strap with regard to laundering as it would need special care such as only dry cleaning or washing it by hand and that too very delicately.
  • Knotted types: another of the type of noodle strap blouse is the knotted one that has the strings left loose both on the front and the back. The wearer can tie the ends as a knot over the shoulder.
  • Built-in Bras: one of the biggest problems faced by women that like to wear noodle strap blouses is the avoidance of the bras. Since it is not at all trendy to show off the bra straps, you have to wear the blouse either without a bra or have a blouse with an in-built bra. Some women like to wear strapless bras with noodle strap blouses while others can wear a band bra or an adhesive bra. The idea is to let the blouse itself give the required support.

When to Wear Noodle Strap Blouses

Noodle strap or spaghetti tops are mostly worn in summers. The same applies to blouses as well. Considering the heat and humidity, you would feel very comfortable wearing the noodle strap blouse. However, more than the heat quotient, noodle strap blouses are worn heavy saris at parties and functions where you want to make the heads turn. You can also team up a noodle strap blouse with a lehenga. Designers these days help you drape a sari in different ways, enhancing the look of the blouse. The best thing about the noodle strap blouses is that though they may be considered a bit open, considering the typical Indian mindset, but because they are worn with a sari, the openness gets subsidized.

 strapless blouses for lehengas


You can accessorize the look of the ensemble by wearing a chain with a pendant. Since you are petite and are showing off your collar bones, it does not make sense to cover it with heavy jewelry. This type of jewelry looks good with a heavy sari and not with a sari that is being worn with a noodle strap blouse.

Getting the Noodle Strap Blouses

Although blouses are readily available online, they should be made-to-fit. Since the entire look of the sari depends on the graciousness and fitting of the blouse, it should be custom-made to fit the wearer. An ill-fitting blouse not only looks bad but it also pulls down the look of the sari, which could be otherwise very pretty and suitable to the occasion. Boutiques and custom-order shops are the ideal places to get noodle strap blouses made as per your body. You can customize it by using stones, pearls, zircon crystals on the straps. The idea is to get the blouse stitched properly, so that not only you look decent but also sophisticated.


As can be gathered, noodle strap blouses are a great addition to your wardrobe. They can be versatile in the sense that they can be worn with saris as well as with lehangas. For the fashion conscious and trend-setting women, the noodle strap blouses can be a great way to make their mark in any party of function. If you are getting an embroidered or embellished noodle strap blouse, it would only add to the glamour.

However, the only thing that you should take care of is the suitability of the blouse according to your body. As from the discussion above, it can be gathered that noodle strap blouses are for petite women instead of women with broad shoulders.  Therefore, you should not try to wear such a blouse if you have a heavy bosom or have heavy arms. Petite women that have well toned arms and narrow shoulders can carry off the noodle strap blouse very well.

More than the body frame, it is your mindset as well to carry off the noodle strap blouse. If you think you can carry it off with confidence, go ahead and try one today!

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