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Opt For Cotton Tops For A Comfortable Wear

Cotton is a strong material suitable for manufacturing different types of attires. Being versatile and strong in nature, cotton is considered suitable for manufacturing different types of clothes and cotton tops is one of those. Being so versatile, cotton can also be dyed and printed quite easily.

Emergence of cotton fabric:

Manufacturing cotton into the textiles has become an ongoing activity since the pre-historic times in India and this fabric has also become a prominent part of the cultural and historical developments and therefore this fabric is popularly called as “white gold”. People mainly choose cotton over other man made fibers due to its ability to breath. Cotton is one such fabric that keeps the users comfortable and cool all day long. Besides, this fabric is also gentle and soft and therefore cotton clothes can be washed and dried properly. Besides, the longevity of this fabric can’t be found in any other synthetic materials. Therefore, cotton has emerged as the main textile manufactured in India these days.


Why do people prefer cotton tops?

No fabric can offer the same feeling like cotton. Being warm and soft, the women’s cotton tops keep the wearers’ look and feel comfortable and great, no matter whatever the season is.

The cotton tops are breezy and easy and these also offer a wide range of style, comfort and variety.  Starting from flattering silhouettes and wash to go care to vibrant sun drenched shades, the cotton tops are just the epitome of both formal and vacation wear and these are also designed to offer total comfort even in the hot and humid summer days.

Therefore, by choosing the cotton tops, you will feel comfortable and will be able to flaunt the ethnicity of the cotton tops. For instance, the simple drape tops can actually take you from dawn to dusk. So, you can wear these in a brunch with friends, in any evening sunset boating party or to curl up with any book in the sun. Sometimes, the cotton tops can also be layered with the long sleeve tops to create a personalized casual look. So, by choosing these cotton tops, you will be able to relax in style and comfort.

Long Sleeve Top


Another great thing about these cotton tops is that these are available in a wide range of options, starting from smart and formal tops to a great choice of casual off-duty tops. So, if you are planning to get your wardrobes a smart update, then choosing cotton tops will be the ideal option.

Besides, these days, the cotton tops also come embellished with beads and sequins, which can add a shimmer and sprinkling of sparkle to the outfit.

Apart from that, there are some other reasons why cotton is considered as a preferred fabric and these include:

  1. Cotton is easier to care for and wash than other fabric types. So, you can easily wash the cotton tops in washing machine and can spend time with your family.
  2. People often worry about the stretch ability of clothes. The more spandex is added to any garment, higher become the chances of stretching out, bagging and sagging. Pure cotton tops always contain less than 5% spandex on the label. This is why, people prefer these.
  3. Last but not the least, people love cotton tops over other types as piling is not a problem with cotton tops.

Benefits of wearing cotton tops:

  • Absorbency: Probably the best part of wearing cotton tops is that these can successfully absorb heat from the wearer’s body while allowing the heat to pass to the air outside. This is rare for any other fabric, Apart from helping the wearers to keep cool, these tops are so comfortable that these don’t irritate the skin of the wearer. In fact, it feels really soft and being thicker than any other fabrics, this feels luxurious.

Cotton Denim

  • Custom print: Cotton tops are often used as one default attire as these offer a great printing surface. As cotton works as a denser fabric than polyester, therefore it absorbs ink better and this leads to quality printing so the logos on these cotton tops look sharper and clearer. Besides, bleeding is also a less issue with cotton.

Custom Print

  •  Durability: One of the reasons why people prefer cotton tops as work attire or sports gear is because cotton is a tough fabric. For people, who work for long hours in the factories, offices or professional kitchens need clothing that can resist daily wear and tear. Even after washing several times, the shape of cotton doesn’t get damaged. Cotton also absorbs moisture quite well and it also dries as fast as linen. So, it is more durable, keeps the skin cool and can also be machine washed without any issues.
  • Eco friendly: Cotton is the only fabric, which is 100% environment friendly. In fact, this fabric is a renewable source of material. So, most of the tops and other things are created from organic cotton and these are imbued naturally without any requirement of dyeing.


How to recognize pure cotton tops?

If you are in a departmental, you can often get confused looking at the tops as almost all the tops mention “made of cotton”. But the truth is that in most of the cases, the cotton fabric is mixed with other fabrics. So, to recognize pure cotton, you need to hold the top in hand and touch it. In case you find the fabric light and airy, then it will be pure cotton.

Next thing that you need to look is the fabric. Cotton tops come with breathable fabric as these are made with natural fibers. So, one of the best ways to recognize pure cotton tops is to check fine threads and loose weaves. This thing can help to retain air and moisture while keeping you cool.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that while choosing cotton tops, only choose loose shapes only as these help to circulate air better than the tight shapes.

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