Ways to Wear Crop Tops

19 Ways to Wear Crop Tops

The fashion industry has been rampantly advancing and constantly adapting to new culture, lifestyle and tastes of upcoming generations. During medieval period, people may not have even thought in their wildest dreams that so many options will be available to them in just a click of mouse that too at their doorstep. Nowadays, there is flood of fashion designers that are constantly engaged in bringing up new trends and designs and hit the market with a bang. Not only the numbers of designers have shown a significant increase, the number of their followers has too shown a massive hype.

Not only the fashionistas have promoted new designs and patterns, but the way of adorning them has also too much to offer and change the entire look of the one wearing it. The western culture came with a drift of carrying crop tops that took the market by storm and captured the heart-beat of every girl wishing to have that perfect chic look. From college going girls to on screen actresses, everyone has a heart for crop tops.

Following are some of the ways that can help you pair up perfectly and give the look of hotty in your favorite crop tops:

  1. Pairing with a circle skirt: Confused regarding what to wear for that spring party? Go for a full sleeve crop top with circle skirt to give a flirty and sexy look. These circle skirts show a bit of skin and contrasting lengths give that stunning and drop dead gorgeous look.
    Crop top with circle skirt
  2. Matching crop top with midi skirt: Wearing midis may sound conventional and conservative but in recent past, fashion designers have picked up their best patterned crop tops with knee length midi skirts and stunned their stalkers.
    Crop tops with knee length midi skirts
  3. Get funky with bandaged skirt: A gorgeous and stunning look is assured when you choose to wear bandaged skirt with crop top as both are on tighter side and your midriff is highlighted. Perfect and amazing gaze for the party is all what can be expected if you are wearing your crop top with a bandaged skirt.
    Crop Top with bandage skirt
  4. Go for high waist bottoms: Don’t wish to expose much? Go for high waist bottoms that cover your belly button and don’t show much of your midriff. But be careful and choose wisely as the high waist bottoms can give you a super sleek look or enhance your potted belly.
    Crop Tops with high waist bottoms
  5. Try long sleeved crop top with high necklines: This feature is super stylish about crop tops that keep you covered at other parts except your belly. This ever stylish and popular trend still makes everyone go awestruck and gaped.
    Long sleeved crop top with high necklines
  6. Business ready blazer: Get that stunning corporate look with crop top and high waist tight pants and you are ready to steal the glance of all the people at your office. A long blazer will do justice to your entire look and make you appear the most charming corporate lady.
    Crop top with high waist tight pants and blazer
  7. Opting for sporty look: You can flaunt racer back crop top and add adequate layers to give that stylish, sporty and sexy appearance to the entire outfit.
    Sporty Crop Top
  8. Choosing different fabrics: Delicate fabrics such as crochet or net go very well and are perfect to highlight feminine grace. Embellishments and embroideries in right amounts add to the overall charm.
    Crochet Crop top
  9. Go playful: Try out different patterns, different colors and be playful or weird about your choice regarding crop tops because it is only your wardrobe and fashion sense that you can play with and bling on with entirely different look.
    Colorful Crop Top
  10. Make your own crop top: You do not need to go searching for your crop top or cut an old one. Just leave few buttons undone from the bottom and tie a knot and you have your DIY crop top ready.
    DIY crop top
  11. Carry it with maxi skirt: A long and fun patterned maxi skirt never goes out of style and you can wear it for both formal as well as informal occasions with a sexy and chic crop top.
    Crop Top with maxi skirt
  12. Pair it with high waist shorts: High waist lowers are in great vogue with crop tops. If you want to show more of your skin, denim shorts or shorts of any fabric go very well with crop tops and you can leave all the guys stunned at your college or parties.
    Crop Top with high waist shorts
  13. Adorning with jeans: This is ideal and simple look when you don’t wish to dress up much yet look trendy and fashionable. This highlights your midriff and belly button looks super sexy between chiffon crop top and denim jeans.
    Crop Top with Jeans
  14. Carry a statement neck piece with it: Neck pieces are in great trend. If you have a plain crop top, just add a statement neck piece with it. You will not require any additional embellishments to pop up your look for any festivity or occasion.
    Crop Top with statement necklace
  15. Do it with long flare skirt: If you are planning to wear a crop top for any festivity or trying out Indian look, crop top pairs the best with long flare skirt. Nowadays, trend of showing midriff by the way of crop top skirt has been very much in vogue leaving behind the days of saris and long bloused lehengas.
    Crop Top with long flare skirt
  16. Try out chic palazzo pants: A bustier crop top suits very well with palazzo pants and gives absolute gorgeous and stunning look. Get ready for compliments if you are out with this combo.
    Crop top with palazzo pants
  17. Wear it pencil skirt: Many of you may think that this combination is meant for office only. But there is no harm in giving a try to a crop top with bold cut outs and pencil skirt that begins just above your belly button and ends just above your knees.
    Crop top with pencil skirt
  18. Go for layering with cardigan: If you are hesitant of wearing a crop top and believe that it is more of a show of skin, you can layer your outfit with sexy cardigan or a shirt that avoids much show of skin.
    Crop top with cardigan
  19. Throw a vest over: This is something different. You can choose to wear a denim vest or any other stylish layer of vest over your crop top to give that subtle and chic look.
    Crop top with denim vest

Thus, crop tops have much to offer in terms of adorning. All it helps is to provide you with cooling effect in warmer season by reducing the fabricated length.

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