Versatile And Stylish Scarf Draping

How A Simple Scarf Can Accentuate Your Look?

A scarf is one of the best accessories that one can ever have. Being really versatile and stylish, a scarf can be worn in almost any season starting from spring to winter. But that doesn’t mean that you should only wear a scarf in a single way. You must not stick in the style rut. In fact, you can actually revitalize the look with different ways by styling the scarf.

So, while you are packing for the weekend, then don’t miss the chance to impress with this ultimate fashion envy. Implementing scarves into your look can actually be a great fun, mainly if you choose to be a little creative.

Tie the scarf around the purse:

There is no hard and fast rule of attaching the silk scarves to the body. Rather you can add a bit of personal style to the fashion by tying the silk scarf to the base of the purse handle. This mainly looks great with the over-the-shoulder purses.

Scarf Around The Purse

Tie the scarf beside the neck:

This is one of the most conventional ways of wearing scarf. But being a little creative, you can make a fashion statement. So, tie a small square scarf beside the neck as the chocker or you can knot a long oblong scarf in front of the neck and therefore can be hanged down straight.

Scarf Beside The Neck

Wear large silk scarves with style:

If you want to style a large silk scarf, then place the middle of the scarf high on the neck and allow the scarf to drape around every shoulder. Here the main rule is that the scarf should touch your frame all the way from the neck to just below the elbow of each side. Therefore, the excess material needs to be cascade over the arms to your mid thighs.

Large Silk Scarves

Tie the silk scarf across the belt:

To get this type of look, it is better to get dressed in the basic shades and therefore select a silk scarf of bright bold color to act as the belt. Horizontally fold an oblong silk scarf to your preferred width and therefore tie it in a bow or knot at the waist line. Make sure that you don’t tie the scarf at the center of waist. Rather tie it slightly to the left or right and let the end part hang.

Tie And Silk Scarf Across The Belt

Wear the silk scarf as the neckerchief:

In case you want to flaunt a less casual look, then opt for a silk scarf to tie around the neck as the neckerchief. To do this, diagonally fold the square silk scarf like as the bandana. Therefore, roll the material tightly to form a skinny, long tie. Then tie that scarf across the neck with just a simple knot.

Silk Scarf As The Neckerchief

Tie a draped silk scarf:

One of the simplest manners of draping silk scarf can be achieved by using one rectangular long scarf. To do this, lay the silk scarf around the neck while placing the center at the middle of the back part of the neck. This will look perfect for the casual outfits for both men and women.

Rectangular Draped Silk Scarf

Tie a looped silk scarf:

Though “silk scarf” is a general term, but a looped scarf is mainly what they visualize in the mind. To get a looped effect, you need to use a rectangular long scarf. Lay the silk scarf around the backside of neck and let the part hang while leaving a side little longer than other.

Looped Silk Scarf

Wear the silk scarf on shoulders:

By choosing to wear a gorgeous silk scarf, you can actually add an additional punch to one plain outfit. To get this look, a long and wide silk scarf will be needed, so that it can be used to cover the shoulders. Here you just need to drape one end of the scarf loosely across the shoulder and therefore clockwise wrap the material around the shoulders.

Silk Scarf On Shoulders

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