Fancy Heels And Flats

Is It In Style To Replace Flats With Heels?

It has been an eternity that women are wearing heels of different shapes and sizes. When it was about shoes for women, we always checked the size of the heels we would be wearing and the more the merrier was in vogue. But times have changed and things have become quite different from that of the days when women used to wear heels that would almost break their back or stiffen up their calf muscles. Women are far more practical than just being feminine and that is why flats have replaced heels with a great triumph. So if you are a woman and are tired of wearing heels here are 10 most fashionable flat shoes that will make you look feminine, trendy and very much practical.

  1. Pointed pumps – Flat pumps are quite in these days. One of the best things about these flat pumps is that they look equally feminine and sexy and yet does not cause you any discomfort because of an elevated heel. Pointed pumps look really great on everyone’s feet.
  2. Slip-ons with covered heels – Slip-ons are great for everyday wear. They are easy to wear and very comfortable inside. Your feet have enough space to breath and that is why these shoes are great for prolonged wearing. Slip-on sometimes comes with thin straps too.
  3. Pumps with straps – Strappy shoes always looks good on a woman’s feet. So if you have flat pumps with straps then it would be a lethal combination. A thin strap around the ankle looks very feminine and sexy. The flat heel gives the shoe a softer look too. So if you want that ultra feminine look then pumps with straps are best.
  4. Sandals – Sandals very go out of style and they are always in vogue. But the new trends of sandals are being shown in flat heels that are adding extra comfort and extra style for women of today’s generation. These sandals are perfect to wear with any dress.
  5. Slippers – Whether you are going to the beach or college, slippers would look very trendy and stylish. Flat slippers are very comfortable to wear are they are perfect for feet that needs air to breathe especially during summers.
  6. Ballet flats – Ballet shoes are always flat and they are very soft to wear. Your finger would not get folded or your heels will not get stiffened when you wear ballet flats.
  7. Oxfords – Oxfords are great for using at offices and work. These are also great for young girls going to schools and colleges. The platform heel gives the shoe a lot of support and comfort.
  8. Brogues – They look quite similar to oxfords but with flatter heels and very formal. They come with decorative patterns on them.
  9. Plimsolls – These shoes have rubber soles are made from canvas. They have a sporty look and can be worn for evening strolls or a walk in the park.
  10. Espadrilles – These are light summer shoes that are made from canvas and fiber soles that makes the shoes very light and breezy.

When it comes to shows women have a wide range of choices unlike men. Yes women rule the roost when it comes to shoes and other accessories and no one does it better than a woman who is practical yet very stylish and create a personality of her own. So with the types of comfortable shoes that are without heels can make you go a long way without any health hazard or uncomfortable blisters because of prolonged wearing. Enjoy the flats and replace your heels with the most stylish of them.

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