Jackets or Boots For Winter

Jackets or Boots For The Winter?

[fusion_text]Nothing is of more concern than the life choices one would have to make regarding what to choose, during the winters, jackets or boots? There are few things like, when wearing a jacket, one might be piling on too much clothing, making it look flabby and outrageously layered, while the problem that persists with boots is to know the kind of boots that sits well with the clothing. Once people have this dichotomy settled in their minds, nothing can come their way. First of all, boots can be worn with jackets, because they look super chic and classy and secondly if one is aware of the way one can layer on during the winters and not look like a potato, all the problems will come to an end. Anyway, with the following explanation and ideas about what jackets and boots can do to one’s existence, one can easily decide on how they would want to style themselves.


  • Classic Trench: There is nothing that screams classic than the classic trench coats. They are not only warm and super stylish, but they are in every way conventional and can be played with, by being styled in several manners. First of all, the classic trench with its long course and the simple idea can make anything look glamorous and gorgeous at the same time. It takes not much to play with. A very high waist pant and a good top which kind of flatters the body is all it takes to pair on with the trench. Now, unlike most of the ‘jackets’, one must think what goes well with the classic trench coat. And secondly, everything is comfortable with a good trench coat.
  • Anorak: The Anoraks are waterproof jackets which might be a little rugged to look at and they are very good to pair on with simple tees and pants. There are multiple kinds of such Anoraks available, and the best part is, it does not look drab in that ‘camouflage’ colors because they are added and accessories if it can be said, with fur hoodies, at least some of them are.
  • Bomber Jackets: if anyone had a penny for the number of times, celebrities will be seen wearing a bomber jacket, to run their errands, they would probably be the richest person in this whole wide world. Anyway, bomber jackets are the best thing to pair with a casual ensemble, and this simple attire will almost, immediately be taken a notch higher without even trying that hard.
  • Denim Jacket: From time unknown denim jackets have been a staple in every human being’s wardrobe. These are rocker chic and extremely casual because nothing can go wrong if the denim jackets are paired on with the simplest of the ensembles. They are super sleek, does not pile on much onto the skin and it can be worn with shirts and t-shirts alike.
  • Leather Jacket: Leather Jackets are possibly the classiest of them all. With a body to add on to the ensemble of whatever sorts, leather is the material to wear, on cold winter days. One can try the quintessential leather cut jackets, which are conventional in all forms and pays homage to the old world Hollywood days, and then there are the simply outrageous yet newer trends , all of which are although made of leather but has more to add to the appearance.


  • Stacked Booties: Now stacked booties aren’t as long as any knee length boots, but they are shorter, almost ankle length ones with box heels attached to them. This can pass off as the simple description of the stacked booties. Now, they are easier to put in and they work better for casual and semi-formal wears because they do not require much dressing up, as they are quite capable of being the star themselves. There are certain block colors all of which works perfectly fine for the booties and for the look that one is attempting to rock.
  • Moto Boots: For people who might have an issue with the heels that the boots come along with, the moto boot would make perfect sense. They will keep the feet warm and will also make sense for those who are attempting to run errands throughout the day. These boots can be embellished and it can even have buckles, just to add more texture to these boots. They can be really dressy and for that one might not require much clothing to complete the look.
  • The peep toe boots: Peep toes are the ones which are devoid of any toe portion, of the boot. They come along with heels and are absolutely gorgeous and dressy. They are perfect for any occasion and are best worn along with dresses and skirts and anything that is fancy. They can be embellished or designed and they come in many shapes and designs, with various kinds of heels attached to it.
  • Ankle Boots: These kinds of boots are perfect for both men and women and they can make enough sense for both the genders. These are a step forward from the Chelsea Boots and the boots come up high until one’s ankle and they might or might not have heels.

Jackets and boots can be paired on together, only if one of them are adequately embellished or designs. Since both jacket and boots are layers one would put on for the winters, there still exists a dichotomy as to which one should be given more preference to. Now, that one is aware of the various kinds of jackets and shoes available, they can mix and match or just wear one of these, and look dapper and chic or at least gorgeous, for all that matters.

For this winter, shed off any inhibition and jump on to the rocker chic train, because what better way to celebrate this festive season than look gorgeous while being absolutely reasonable, with jackets and boots to keep yourselves warm, while at it. Happy layering![/fusion_text]

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