The Fashion and Popularity of Kerala Saree

Kerala is the land of tradition and culture. Women look so adorning and gorgeous in the designer Kerala sarees. The sarees are simple and yet they are elegant. You can wear them in all occasions. The sarees come in all styles and designs. The climate and the natural setting of the place speak of simplicity in style and show. There is only one Kerala style and in the wear you appear completely natural and perfect in the wear. Most women wear the saree in the draping style especially the women in the rural areas love to wear the saree in the perfect style.

The Set Mundu Traditional Saree Custom

In Kerala the set saree and the set Mundu follow the similar style. The set saree closely resembles the set Mundu fashion. The set Mundu is the traditional style. You find the origin of the apparel in the Sattika variety. This is the variety common in Jainism and Buddhism. Till the time the Set Mundu is considered to be the Kerala costume fashion. The Kerala textile has been popular since the British era. In fact, the fashion is popular internationally. People all over the world are always in look of the specific style and fashion in saree.

Talking about the History and Style

Calico textile is a popular Kerala fashion. This is the style famous in all parts of the world. The sarees are mostly made of cotton. This is the reason they are so fashionable and comfortable. Calico textile is so popular in the Calicut Kerala from the time of 11th century. The sarees are extremely traditional and beautiful. They are designed keeping in mind the predominant fashion and choice. The colours of the saree match the cultural aspect of the area. The boarders of the saree are perfectly accentuated and this makes the apparel so unique and time-honoured.

The Master Art of the Weavers

Kerala boasts of variety in design and style in sarees. The sarees are extremely elegant and traditional. In the state of Kerala you have the best of the textile industries and they have mastered the art of traditional sarees perfectly. The hand woven sarees are so popular in Mundu. You have the Kerala government managing the handloom section and this makes the price so reasonable. The government employs the weavers and they work with passion to create sarees of international standard. The weavers are masters in Calico printing and the weaving is done in the way that the sarees stand apart from the rest.

Speaking about the Innovation

If you follow the Mundu style of Kerala it is just the drape that covers the body. These days innovation is taking place in Mundu and most weavers are engaged in making sarees of the latest fashion. The draping style has been changed. These days the printing and the weaving is done in the different fashion to match with the latest taste. In the initial phase the printing and the dyeing was done by hand. This was followed by the weaving of the sarees. Following the trend of the day the sarees are now prepared at the textile mills with the help of all the modernized machines. These sarees come in both varieties of silk and cotton. They are being exported from Kerala at random to other parts of the country as well as to other parts of the world.

The International Influence

Internationally the conventional attire of Kerala is much in demand. You look good in the white saree which comes with the golden pallu. You will find maximum women in Kerala wearing this saree. Even the sarees with the Calico print is much in demand in all parts of the world.

The Wearing of the Attire

You have the customary Set Saree of Kerala with the golden pallu. This is considered to be the main wedding attire of Kerala. The saree is perfectly woven and makes the bride appear so perfectly ravishing. The Calico printed sarees are used for regular wearing. The sarees are designed in the fashion that you can wear them in any manner and at any place. You can use the sarees for both casual wears and occasional wears. The sarees are so attractive that they get sold easily in bulk.

The Details of the Sarees

You may have heard about the Kuthumpally saree. This is one more traditional saree of Kerala. The saree is known for its age old elegance. You can wear the saree at a marriage party and the sae you can even wear to attend religious festivals. In fact, the Kerala textile is extremely rich and this is the reason you can wear the sarees for all occasions. The golden design is the specialty of the Kerala saree. The golden marks make the attire appear so perfectly beautiful. You can match the saree with the best set of jewellery and a chic pair of shoes. This will make you appear so ravishing and you would look to have the kind of timeless beauty.

The Kerala textile manufacture sarees in bulk and these are sarees made of both silk and cotton. The sarees are designed in the fashion that they can well suit all occasions and festivals. The sarees can well match the environment too. You need to wear the saree in the fashion that the pallu will stay stiff and when you walk and move it will not fall off. Maintaining the style with the cotton and the silk saree is not at all a hard task. It is best that you dry clean the sarees. Rough hand handling can damage the textile. This is the reason it is best to take to the process of delicate washing. You can even wear the sarees in the monsoon season. In fact, the sarees are made in the way that they can suit all seasons. The textile will make you feel fine even when the rate of humidity is high. In fact, you are made to feel good in the wear.

Some Important Facts

It is important for you to know that Calico Mill is the most traditional and old saree making hub of Kerala. The kuthumapally sarees are hand woven varieties. The sarees that you get from Kerala handloom are mostly white in colour. Most celebrities from time to time have accepted the fashion and they appear perfect and ravishing in the wear.

The Facts on Kerala Saree

The Kerala saree is known as the cultural costume of the Malayali women in the community. You cannot deny the grace and elegance of the golden boarder of the saree. The golden boarder goes well with the white plain portion of the saree and the contrast is just stupendous. In fact, the white mundum neryathum has become the traditional mark of the Kerala women. They symbolize the tradition and the likeness of the Malayali women. The style and the fashion of mundum neryathum are perfectly depicted in the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. You can witness the Shakuntala form of painting and there is even the Mahabharata style being well depicted in the forms being represented. The Mahabharata style of saree is known as Nivi saree in Kerala. This is considered as the national drape of the state. In one of the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma the Indian subcontinent is depicted as the mother and she is shown wearing a Nivi saree.

About Kerala Calico Printing

The Kerala Calico painting is popular from the time of the British era. This is a plainly woven textile and it is prepared from the unbleached and half processed cotton. The textile has the in-separated parts of the husk. This fabric is not so coarse and it is less thick than the canvas or the denim. However, this is a cheap textile only because of its unfinished and undyed appearance. This fabric originated from the city of Kozhikode. The English called the city as Calicut. The city is based in the South Western part of India. The traditional weavers whom we know as cāliyans are makers of the textile. In this case the raw fabric is dyed and it is printed by using all the bright hues. The Calico print is extremely popular in parts of Europe. This is especially the print of the lotus design.

The Ornamental and the Festive Use of the Costume

The mundum neryathum is an everyday costume worn by the Kerala women. It is the kind of saree in the drape form. This costume is happily worn on occasions and events and even on special festivals. The costume goes well with Kara and this is the kind of ornamental in the couture. You have the Keralite festival of Onam. This is the time when most women in the state love to wear the costume of mundum neryathum. They wear the kind of saree and take part in the folk dance. The golden border or the zari border is the trade mark of the saree. In fact, when you wear the one you appear so perfectly decent.


There is no match to the textile and finish of the Kerala sarees. These sarees are women with all care and they are given the perfect look with the ravishing designs from mythology. You can these days order for the sarees living in any part of the world. You just have to select the saree online and place an order at the earliest.

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