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Tips To Choose Your Diamond Ring

They say diamonds are girl’s best friend. But most girls don’t know more about their best friend. Therefore, they fail to select the right diamond jewelry especially the diamond ring. Choosing a diamond could be a daunting task. Things like certificates, cuts, shapes, grading, scales and color may come to your mind when you think of buying a diamond ring. But purchasing a diamond ring is not a rocket science. A good understanding of diamond grading will provide you the necessary technical information required for purchasing diamond rings.  You should follow the “four Cs of diamonds” to make a perfect diamond buying decision. If you are a naïve diamond buyer then read on as this article will reveal some of the effective tips to choose your diamond jewellery and diamond ring.


Shine or sparkle is more important than color as people mostly associate diamond with its shine rather than color. But the best color grade is expensive. Though, color is not easily detected by naked eye. So, it is advisable to go for colorless diamond that is light on pocket. Diamond is graded from colorless to light color. Color is denoted as D for “white color” and Z for “tinted color

White And Tinted Color Diamond Rings


Carat is mostly misunderstood as diamond’s size. Actually carat is the diamond’s weight and not size. One carat (1ct) is equivalent to 0.20 grams and is divided into 100 points or cents. But the price of a diamond doesn’t only depend on weight. Color, clarity and cut also determine the price of a diamond. Therefore, two diamonds of different weight can have different prices. The appearance of a diamond depends on its cuts rather than weight. A diamond with small carat weight may appear larger if it has higher cut grades.

Diamond’s size In Carat


Cut determines the sparkle or shine of a diamond which is the main attraction of diamond stone. Therefore, cut is considered as the most important feature of a diamond. In simply terms, cut is the shape of the diamond which may be oval, round, princess, marquise or pear. Diamonds are cut in specific parameters of angle and dimension in order to enhance it sparkle. If a diamond is not properly cut, it will appear dull even it has good clarity and color grade. So, always consider the cut grade before purchasing your diamond ring.

Cut In Diamond


Clarity is defined by the little, natural imperfections (called inclusions) present in the diamond. A diamond with very little inclusions is considered as the highest clarity grade. You should choose a diamond which has little inclusions and are not visible to naked eyes. If inclusions are tiny, they do not hinder with beauty of the stone. So, it is ok to buy a diamond with tiny inclusions which are not prominently visible.


Here comes the most important aspect of diamond buying. Without a certificate, your diamond ring doesn’t carry much value. So, make ensure you buy your diamond ring from a store which only sells certified diamonds.

Diamond Store

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