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Top Brands Introducing Affordable Diamond Jewellery This Year

As Indians we all love to buy and adorn gold and diamond jewellery. This love for jewellery has made India the largest importer of gold and the largest converter of raw to finish diamonds in the world.

Indian women have been buying diamond jewellery for ages. Earlier their purchases were from a local goldsmith or a jeweler nearby. However, with increase in education and awareness along with the introduction of big companies into the business, reliability on jewellery by local jeweler has started to come down.

In the process, big jewelers that have made a name for themselves or big companies that have been traditional suppliers of gold and diamonds to local jewelers set up large manufacturing facilities to roll out their products under a brand to identify themselves exclusively with their customers.

Until a few years ago all big and known brands manufactured high end diamond jewellery as it was considered unaffordable for the masses. However, the scenario has drastically changes in the last 15-20 years and a huge middle class has emerged. This middle class is young, earning well and ready to indulge in the luxuries that were earlier meant only for the rich and famous.

Now, all the top brands in the country have realized the power of Indian middle class and understood the business potential that they carry. Therefore, all the top brands have come out with their latest modern affordable diamond jewellery this year to lure more and more people into buying their diamond jewellery from them.

Some of the top brands introducing affordable diamond jewellery this year are as follows:


This is a brand from the famous Gitanjali group that manufactures brilliant modern jewellery for men and women. They are a preferred brand in the country and women love to make their wedding and other jewellery purchases from the brand.

The group understands the needs and preferences of their customers. After a nationwide survey of more than 6000 women, the group is introducing affordable diamond jewellery this year. The purpose of introducing this new and exciting affordable diamond jewellery is to attract more young people to their fold.

Diya is coming out with items like pendants, rings, earrings, bracelet, nose pins and much more at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Diya Diamond Jewellery Brand


Parineeta is a well known and trusted brand for diamond jewellery in the market. The brand has been associated with high end wedding rings and bridal jewellery for long and offers a wide range of options for the same.

The brand produces amazing diamond and other jewellery inspired by the ancient Indian culture. The jewellery is intricately designed with beautiful gemstones set in gold. The brand is coming out with affordable diamond jewellery in this segment to protect its customer base as the prices of gold and diamonds are expected to rise this year.

Parineeta Diamond Jewellery Brand


Brand Rivaaz is very true to its name. The brand manufactures and sells traditional designs with the right blend of modern styles and needs to its customers. The forte of the brand is its intricate workmanship and expert designing that will leave you amazed.

The brand has stores in all major cities of the country. It plans to further its customer base by introducing affordable diamond jewellery this year. The brand is also trying to collaborate with top jewelers of many towns into stocking their products as well.

Rivaaz Diamond Jewellwey Brand


Kiah is a pan India brand that has stores in all the major cities of the country. It is a very well known brand that sells festive and wedding jewellery. The brand has built a strong relationship with its customers and created a name for it.

The brand has been dealing in affordable diamond and gemstone jewellery for long and plans to introduce fresh style of affordable diamond jewellery this year for its trusted customers. The brand has collaborated with many multi branded stores like Pantaloon to display its jewellery as well.

Kiah Diamond Jewellery Brand


This is a well known brand that sells exclusive and beautiful wedding and festive jewellery in India. The brand has stores across the length and breadth of the country. The brand is known for its exquisite designs and diamond quality.

The brand offers a wide variety of designs in diamond jewellery in all segments whether it is the neck piece or an earring, a wedding ring or a bangle. This year the brand plans to come out with affordable diamond jewellery to lure more customers into its fold.

Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery Brand


Tanishq brand comes from the house of Tata. The group itself is a name that is trusted by each and every Indian as it delivers the best international experience to its Indian customers. Tanishq stands tall in the Indian diamond jewellery market and provides the widest and the most exclusive range of diamond jewellery to its customers.

The brand has its exclusive stores all over the country and offers unmatched buying experience to its customers. It has been offering diamond jewellery in the starting range of 5000/- onwards. However, it is introducing very affordable diamond jewellery this year with a starting price point from 999 onwards.

The price point is targeted especially towards the youth and the rising middleclass that wants to buy branded jewellery while not wanting to invest a big amount into the same.

Tanishq Diamond Jewellery Brand


Asmi is known for its diamond jewellery in the country. The brand has a pan India presence and is also credited with having the maximum number of jewellery stores in the country. The brand is endorsed by the top bollywood actress-Priyanka Chopra who is known for her quality acting and style.

Just like Priyanka, the brand produces gorgeous jewellery pieces that stun you right at the first sight. The brand is introducing affordable diamond jewellery this season to increase its presence in the market and to change the perception of the brand from only an upscale brand to a people’s brand.

Asmi Diamonds Brand


D’Damas is a very popular brand for wedding and formal jewellery in India. The brand has been selling its products all over the country for many years and has created a space for it. Sonakshi Sinha, a famous Bollywood actress is the brand ambassador for the product. The brand is known for the quality of its diamonds and workmanship.

D’Damas Diamond Jewellery Brand

This year the brand has decided to come out with a wide range of affordable diamond jewellery to ease out the pocket of customers wanting to own diamonds.

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