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Top 10 Fashion Trends For Bollywood in 2016-17

One of the main essences of fashion industry is Bollywood. Not only do the fashion designers present their innovative ideas and designs by way of showcasing them on famous actors and actresses, the old and the young are equally inspired by their favourite Bollywood stars adorning and carrying themselves in a unique and presentable way. Stalking their favourite star or idol is not new among the masses. Every year people look forward to their star and the kind of fashion he or she is carrying. That fashion becomes the style statement for the onlookers and for those that follow the latest fashion trends.

Some of the most inspiring and upcoming styles for Bollywood in 2016-17 can be traced as follows:

  1. Kimono style trench coats: These coats give a complete look of long robes that were once worn by the royal. When paired with short dress and accessorised with slender belt, no one can beat this roomy and comfy yet elegant looking attire that has all in it to attract the eyes of not only onlookers but also the celebs.
    Kimono Style Trench Coats
  2. Turtleneck under dresses: This year the trend of wearing those high necks has come back. Bollywood divas will be seen wearing high neck tops with simple and sexy dresses that will give a complete new and different outlook. Layers over such turtle necks will give such a gaze that everyone desires.
    Turtleneck Under Dresses
  3. Culottes: These types of lowers have become much desirable recently. These are summer cool pant style that can have customized lengths. Printed, striped or embroidered culottes of ankle length or higher or even more notorious length look wonderful.
  4. Ruffles: Tracing back to the 16th century, ruffles were classified as important part of high society. Nowadays, fashion bloggers and designers are adding some part of it to their outfit, either in sleeves or long skirt or flare of gown, etc.
  5. Long vests: Long vests are something that the designers have been trying to play with for quite some time. When left unbuttoned can be adorned sleeveless or with a full sleeved sweater as per the weather conditions. These vests give slender look to the wearer and for this reason; these will be the most preferred choice in the upcoming year.
    Full Sleeved Sweater
  6. Well-tailored pant suit: In order to dazzle in a formal event, a well-tailored pant suit can do wonders to your appearance. Just pick the right colour or the right print and you are ready to hit the floor with all the eyes turning back to you.
    Pant Suit
  7. Stylishly draped saris: Saris are some things that never go out of trend. Instead, every region in India has a different and unique way of draping the sari. For a modern outlook, 2016-17 shall witness women, especially Bollywood celebs draping saris and showing curves at the right places. Also, their saree draping style will be such that it gives the look of a gown.
    Draped Saris
  8. Fur: Choosing furry clothes is not new, but trying out unique and extensive colours can give you a complete diva look. If overall fur makes you look tad, go for fur at collar or cuffs of your sleeves.
  9. Gypset: This form of attire gives you a complete Bohemian look and you are ready in simple and classy outfit with all the swag wavered by you. The name of the attire is derived from the word “gypsy”. This form of attire will be the most preferred one by the young blood in the upcoming year.
    Bohemian look
  10. Trucker jacket: This kind of jacket is a must have for all the girls this year. You can pull this out in any kind of weather and wear it as a shirt or leave it unbuttoned, pairing it with ripped jeans or slim fit khaki jeans, etc.
    Trucker Jacket

Be it casual or formal, fashion is constantly changing and so is the need of every individual to adapt to the latest and upcoming trends. Bollywood celebs top the list as the cumbersome task of luring the masses and stalkers is shouldered upon them. The above mentioned fashion trends are sure to sway the Bollywood industry with its new, trendy and fashionable approach towards designing and dressing modestly.

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