Top Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Top Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Tattoos are embalmed on the skin of different parts of the body since time immemorial. In ancient time, people used to make tattoo due to various reasons. The word “tattoo” is derived from the Polynesian word “tatau” which means to “to write”. Some do it to ward off illness while some make specific tattoo as a symbol to represent a particular group or clan. But in modern times tattoos are mostly adorned as a part of fashion trend.

Youngster and college students mostly get it done to follow the fashion trend. There are many symbols of tattoo designs that people make on their skin just in style. But most of them are unaware of the meanings that a tattoo holds. Yes! Every tattoo design has a meaning. And adorning them without knowing the meaning is not a blunder but ignorance. After all, you should know what you are writing on your body as it conveys a message to others. If you are wondering how to know the meaning, then read this article, it will immensely help you. We have clubbed here some of the common tattoo symbols and their meanings. Read on to know more!

Om Symbol

Om is Hindu spiritual symbol that represents the Hindu god Shiva. The vibration of Om chanting is so peaceful that is enough to ward off negativity from your life. According to Hindu mythology, Om is the first sound of the universe and it envelopes the entire creation in its sound. Recently, it has been also proved by NASA that Om is the sound that echoes around the universe. Many medical researches have also revealed the positive of Om chanting on a human body.

Now that you know the meaning of OM and its significance, you can adorn this symbol on your body with pride. And if you are making a tattoo for the first time then it is the best symbol to start with.

Om Symbol

Viking Tattoo

Viking symbol is a very common tattoo design. Viking means sailor, traveler and explorer and the so is the meaning of the tattoo. The Viking symbol represents a winner, get goer, and who creates their own destiny. So, if you are an adventure lover and believe in creating your destiny then you can go for this tattoo.

Viking Head Tattoo

Greek Inguz Symbol

Here is another tattoo design for those who believe in creating their destiny. As the name suggests, Inguz is a Greek symbol which means “where there’s a will there’s a way.” The symbol is very simple yet elegant. It looks like a two cross joined together. If you are looking for a stylish and simple tattoo than you can try this as it is the best design option.

Greek Inguz Symbol Tattoo

Butterfly Symbol

A butterfly tattoo is a favorite tattoo design of girls. Though it is a girlish tattoo design, it signifies a deeper meaning in reality. A butterfly symbolizes beauty, rebirth, change, and metamorphosis. A butterfly is like any regular insect inside the cocoon, ugly and colorless. But when it flies out from the cocoon as a colorful and beautiful fly, it catches the attention of everyone. So beautiful and feminist, this tattoo is one of the best tattoo design for girls.

Butterfly Symbol Tattoo

Malin Symbol

The malin symbol is originated in Sweden. It basically resembles an infinity symbol with arrows in the middle. It is a symbol which represents a strong and serious meaning. The meaning of this symbol is that you have to experience setbacks to move ahead in life. So, all you guys who want to give a social message through a tattoo can go for this tattoo design.

Malin Tattoo

Glyphs Symbol

The glyph is another Greek symbol that looks like a triangle with a line crossing around the upper part of the triangle. It is a set of fundamental symbols in Greek. Though the shape of the tattoo is very small, the meaning and impact are very powerful. The meaning of glyph is “to explore” and signifies that life is a journey and you must explore it to the fullest.

So if you also believe in the same notion for life then adorn it on your body and show off your mantra for life. I am sure, you will make a strong style statement.

Glyphs Symbol

The Zen Circle Tattoo

The Zen circle or Enso as it is popularly known as is an ancient tattoo design. It is Japanese word which is associated with the Zen concept. It means “circle”. Though it is a symbol and not a character, it is widely used the subject of Japanese calligraphy.

Today, it is one of the popular tattoo symbols. It basically represents circle which is incomplete. The circle looks composed, elegant and classy. The Zen circle symbolizes the universe. As a tattoo, it shows off inner strength and enlightenment. If you want to boast your spiritual side then you can go for this tattoo design.

Zen Circle Tattoo

The Moon Phases

The very sight of the moon is so peaceful and enlightening. And the different phases of moon represent the constantly changing life of all human being on the Earth. It reminds us of the circle of life and birth and the karma that influence our life. It also signifies that change is inevitable and nothing is constant, good or bad days, as they come they are ought to go. The only thing that is constant is the karma that decides your rest of the life and next life as well.

This tattoo design provides a traditional as well as modern look. The phases of the moon in a “U” shape just look elegant and attractive.

Moon Phase Tattoos

Zodiac Signs

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can go for zodiac sign tattoo as it looks super stylish. All the symbols of the zodiac signs are so unique and attractive that it makes you look chic and classy.

You can opt of any zodiac symbols are the one you belongs to. Actually, making a tattoo of your zodiac sign makes sense as it tells a lot about your personality and behavior. People who believe in astrology could easily relate you to the tattoo.

Zodiac Tattoo

Sun Symbol

Sun, as we all know is the lifeline of the planet Earth. It sustains life on Earth and thus symbolizes a very strong meaning. The symbol of the sun represents life, rebirth, and fertility. It is also an emblem of power, new start, and perseverance.

If you are going through a bad phase in life and seeking the so called good change, you can adorn the sun symbol as a tattoo to move ahead on a positive note in life. Adorn a sun symbol on your body to witness the witness the positive vibes in your daily life.

Sun Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

The feather tattoo looks as stylish as any other tattoo symbols. Though at a glimpse, it symbolizes a bird, it has further deeper meaning than just a bird. It has a contradictory meaning in reality. The symbol of feather represents both death or loss and luck and birth. It depends on the individual how they take it.

And feather of different birds also signifies different meanings. So, you must know the meaning of the feature symbol before you make a tattoo of it.

Feather Tattoo

Rose Symbol

The flower rose is associated with love, fragrance, color, beauty, and essence so is the rose tattoo. Different color of the rose flower represents different meaning, white for peace, red for love and black for loss or death.

Rose is a lovely tattoo design loved by most of you out there. The power of the rose symbol is so strong that it has pinched everyone’s life. So, whichever color tattoo you are going for, color or black, you must consider its meaning before engraving it on your body.

Rose Tattoo

Birds Tattoo     

The bird is a vibrant creature which symbolizes freedom, hope, and peace. Boasting a bird tattoo says a lot about you. It tells that you like to lead a carefree life any birds and sky is not the limit for your freedom.

The best part of bird tattoo is that you have a plenty of design options like a single bird, a pair of love bird and a cluster of birds. Whichever tattoo you make, ensure that you carry it with confidence and style.

Birds Tattoo

Wings Tattoo

After bird, another tattoo symbol that signifies freedom is the wing. It is the fashionable and chic tattoo symbol that you can adorn to show off your way of living life which is carefree, boundless and open. It also signifies angels according to many religious texts.

The wing tattoo has different shapes, sizes and look. The designs come in a small wing, large wing, and pair wings. So, be bold and engraved this tattoo to make a style statement. You will witness many envious eyes for sure.

Wings Tattoo

Dream Catchers

Dream catcher carries a mystical quality to catch good dreams and repels bad dreams. Therefore, lots of people use dream catcher to ward off negative dreams during their good night sleep. It is said that having dream catchers as tattoo also chase away negativity and bad dreams. It also believed that bad luck and evil spirits are also staying away if you have a dream catcher near you. And instead brings good luck, success, and happiness into life.

So, if you are suffering from any of the problems like bad dreams, evil spirit or bad luck then you can try making a dream catcher tattoo to experience a difference in your life. Though nothing can change your life like magic overnight, still there is no harm to try this tattoo.

Dream Catchers Tattoo

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom is a very fashionable tattoo that every woman would like to adorn. It displays branches of a tree with red leaves. The branches and the leaves provide a very unique and distinctive look to the tattoo.

Cherry blossom signifies different aspects of life. It spiritually represents the new life, old life, transient life and the different cycle of life. It also symbolizes the birth of a child or death of someone close to you. As the symbol of cherry blossoms have dual meaning both good and bad. You should carefully choose to make this tattoo in your body. You must be happy about the change that it may bring in your life.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Tree of Life Tattoo

Nature and its part always have positive vibes in your life. Peace, blissful and soothing are the words that are synonymous with nature. Green colors of nature, chirping birds, and the fresh air is enough to take away all your tension and worries from the mind.

The very thought of trees and plants induces positive energy into the mind. Similarly, the tattoo of a tree of life also has a very positive impact in anyone’s life. The tree of life symbolizes different meaning in a different culture such as knowledge, forgiveness, strength, eternal life and protection.

Tree of Life Tattoo

Heart Tattoo Symbol

The mighty heart is a very common and most popular tattoo symbol in the world. People often engrave the name of their beloved inside the heart, be it girl/boyfriend, husband, children or any other family member.

Though heart symbolizes love, passion, feelings and emotions, but there are different beliefs associated with the heart symbol as a tattoo on the body. So, if you are eager to make a permanent heart symbol tattoo then think wisely before doing it.

Heart Tattoo

Dragons Tattoo

Dragons are associated with the Chinese culture and traditional. The dragon motifs are used in each and every Chinese article whether it is cloth, utensils are just a show piece. It is also very famous as a tattoo symbol nowadays. But you should know the exact meaning of this symbol before engraving it on the body.

Dragon is a gigantic mythological animal and its tattoos pass a strong message to the onlooker. It symbolizes power, strength, creativity and mystical energy. So, the wearer also exudes the same message. The dragon symbol also speaks about jealousy and the wish to become immortal.

Dragons Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo 

Since ages, the tattoos are adorned by tribes. Actually, tattoos are often related to tribes. Tribes engrave their group symbols as tattoo. However, tribal tattoos symbolize a lot of things such as friendship, love, happiness, peace and family.

But still you should check the meaning of a particular tattoo symbol of the tribal before you make it on the skin.

Tribal Tattoo

Star Symbol

Stars are twinkling little objects on the sky that radiate out light to illuminate the space. From earth, they look like adorable little things bright and beautiful. It has a very positive vibes on all the living beings on Earth.

Star symbolizes hope, spirit, compassion and affection. This gorgeous tattoo symbol is sure to illuminate your live as it does for the space and guide you for the right path of life. It looks stylish as well as elegant. You can go for this tattoo if you want to shine and rise in your life.

Star Tattoos


Dragonflies are tiny flies that are visible during the raining season. They are vibrant, elusive and enthralling in nature. These delicate and beautiful insect looks very beautiful as tattoo. This tattoo symbol is very feminine in look. Therefore, this design is mostly engraved by women.

Dragonfly tattoo symbolizes strength, purity, good luck, harmony and prosperity. And it represent the way of life that dragon fly leads which is short yet fulfilling. Thus a dragon fly tattoo inspires you to live a fulfilling and complete life.

Dragonflies Tattoo

Semi Colon Tattoo

Semi colon tattoo design is one of the common tattoo designs. It is the punctuation of English grammar which means a pause and not the stop. Semi colon is used in the sentence when a break is required and not when the sentence ends. Likewise, semi-colon represents a pause and says that all is not yet over. It also tells about you and what you feel about life.


Sea and Ship Tattoo

Sea and ship tattoo is a rare tattoo design for the reason that anyone can’t carry it gracefully. This tattoo design represents an explorer, adventure, rough roads of life, ups and down, and a strong character like ship that doesn’t easily wreck until a very strong hurricane hits it.

If you are as strong as a ship and can withstand every troubles of life than you can opt for this tattoo design. It will speak about your take on life and the kind of person you are.

Sea and Ship Tattoo

1488 or 88 Tattoos

This tattoo is rarely engraved by people due to its weird and bizarre meaning. This tattoo has two parts 14 and 88 which have different meanings. The digits 14 represent the statement, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” –David Lane, Nazi Leader.

And the digits 88 are the short form of HH which refers to Heil Hitler. The digit is the shorthand of the alphabet H and hence 88 for HH. That is why this tattoo avoided and it is only engraved in prison. This tattoo design is banned in the European countries.

1488 or 88 Tattoos

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