Though you might find huge collection of sarees which have been made out of varying fabrics the Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of the most common and recommended sarees in India. These are actually woven traditionally by the weavers of Tamilnadu. Mainly the Kanchipuram place which is also known as the silk city is popular for these silk sarees. The Kanchipuram silk sarees are must when it comes to the bridal wear collection for any bride in India. The Kanchipuram silk sarees have their own special place though you may find number of other sarees which might include the banarasi or any other saree. Though the Kanchipuram silk sarees are made in Tamilnadu you can find these sarees available in any part of India due to the globalization. You can find different and unique Kanchipuram sarees which might vary from one another in color combinations, the designs as well as the border which comes at the end of the saree.

If you are the one who loves the Indian tradition and the sarees as well then the Kanchipuram sarees are the best option which you need to choose. The price of the sarees might range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 1,00,000 in India depending on the amount of zari which has been used in the saree. The more zari the saree has the more will be the price. You can even find the gold threads which have been used in the saree instead of zari which would be very expensive. So based on your requirement and affordability you can buy any kind of Kanchipuram saree that you like the most. Before you buy one, make sure to find out the latest designs and patterns of Kanchipuram sarees so that you can always go on with the latest trend.

History of Kanchipuram silk sarees

Kanchipuram is a town near Chennai Tamilnadu. The place is very popular in India for the silk sarees which they produce. Here you can actually see the middle class people whose main profession is weaving. When you visit the place you could actually know that the weavers actually settled here about 400 years back and are well versed in producing the best quality silk sarees that you might be looking for. Kanchipuram is a place which has become popular for its handloom industry that produces silk sarees and tourism as well. The name of Kanchipuram silks has been obtained from the place Kanchipuram as this is the place where you can find most of the best and experienced weavers. According to the history Kanchipuram has been developed in to silk industry under the supervision of Krishna devaraya who was ruling the place.


The place is well known for the number of temples and the amazing architecture and designs which you can find in the temple. The weavers of Kanchipuram take the ideas and develop different traditional designs over the saree considering the temple designs. You can see that they can deliver you with unique and best designs with varying color combinations that would add more beauty to the saree. The saree comes with borders that would make the saree look just perfect and you would definitely love the way the saree has been weaved in the right way. The Kanchipuram sarees are well known and purchased especially for a wedding ceremony or any kind of traditional occasion. Nowadays most of them do go for these traditional Kanchipuram sarees that would make your occasion more auspicious and traditional making every occasion a success. These sarees prove to be luxurious and most of them do wear the Kanchipuram sarees as a status statement.

Specialty of Kanchipuram sarees

Finding a saree a not a big deal but if you want to know the best and queen of sarees available in the market then the Kanchipuram sarees is the one among the huge list. This is because of the texture, glimmer, and beauty of sarees which would last for a longer period of time and give a royal look to the women who is wearing the saree. These are the most luxurious, elegant and most desired sarees in India by women of all age groups. When you look at these sarees these are actually made out of Kanchipuram silk which is very heavy and can easily managed at your home itself. These can be washed at your home with the normal water and detergents which you use in your day to day life and need not worry about damaging the sarees as these would last for a longer period of time.

Though you can find different silk sarees in the market the Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of the most expensive sarees due to the heavy silk which has been used in producing the silk sarees. Always make sure to remember that the quality of saree would be defined with the heaviness of the saree. So the heavier the saree, the better will be its quality. But nowadays you can even find light weight silk sarees in the market. Karnataka and Tamilnadu are known for the best Kanchipuram silk sarees as they can produce the best quality mulberry silk which is used in weaving beautiful and finest quality Kanchipuram silk sarees. When women wear these huge collections of uniquely designed and colored Kanchipuram sarees these add more royal look to them and add more beauty and elegance as well.

Importance of silk sarees

Nowadays most of them would like to go for the Kanchipuram silk sarees for any occasion whether it is a marriage ceremony or traditional festival, baby shower, cradle ceremony or a pooja. The silk sarees have become an integral part of Indian occasions irrespective of religion or culture. It gives a luxury look with the beautiful and unique borders and rich weaving that includes the zari designs as well. The sarees of Kanchipuram silk come with a simple golden border or contrasting color border with a golden border along with the motifs, dots all over the saree or here and there. Whoever would wear these kinds of sarees would appear well dignified with a status bar maintained all time. Usually most of the Indian women do opt for these kinds of sarees for a traditional occasion and these are always included in the bride’s wardrobe.


These Kanchipuram silk sarees are known to be the best silk saree among the world. Kanchipuram is a place where more than 4-5 lakhs of silk sarees will be transported to different parts of the world every year. Based on your affordability you can go for a simple saree or a heavy silk saree with huge amount of zari designs which would be much expensive. These Kanchipuram silk sarees are hand woven and using the zari in between the saree is made according to their designs. You can find different motif designs which have been made by taking inspiration from the traditional temples in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. Most of the common motifs which you can find include the parrots, lions, peacocks, mangoes, coins, sun, moon, leaves and much more. Nowadays you can even find several uniquely designed and stylish sarees which would add more beauty and glamor to the person who is wearing the saree.


The Kanchipuram sarees are one of the most popular silk sarees all over the world which are mostly used for the traditional purpose. No marriage is believed to be complete without the use of sarees. Most of the Indian women do choose the sarees whether its their own wedding or need to attend some others wedding. This is because these Kanchipuram silk sarees do provide great luxury and make the women more beautiful with the unique color combinations and designs of sarees which you can find in the market. These Kanchipuram silk sarees can be found in any part of India and if you stay abroad you can even buy the sarees online as you can find number of online sources where you can checkout huge list of Kanchipuram silk sarees which they have. Earlier when people used to think of buying the sarees they used to visit the place where the sarees have been weaved. But now due to the changes in technology and developments it is now possible for you to buy these sarees in your place as well.

Internet is a place where you can find different online stores who can provide you with different Kanchipuram sarees for varying prices. So always make sure to choose a genuine and reliable online source where you can be sure to find the top and best quality Kanchipuram sarees for the best price in the market. Let everyone admire you for the traditional look with the unique Kanchipuram saree that you have worn. You can go through the different online sites for Kanchipuram sarees and once you are able to find a genuine online source all your worries will be gone. Here you can choose any type of saree that you like the most.