The Kanjivaram Sarees – A Famous Traditional Wear

Women in India always love to wear sarees of varying designs and patterns which you can find in a variety of materials. Whether it be the Bollywood actresses or the normal women everyone would love to wear these Kanjivaram sarees that would make them the most beautiful and best women in the world. You can find a variety of silk sarees to choose based on the occasion which you need to attend. These are not just worn by the old women but people of different age groups do love to wear them. Irrespective of generation gap any one can wear these most beautiful traditional Kanjivaram sarees that would let you get the confidence with which you can now get succeeded in life. Sarees are the right way with which women can show off their curves and flaunt their men. The sarees are the most integral and traditional parts of India.

The Kanjivaram sarees are not just the draping for women but in India you can find various cultures who can drape the saree in various ways. If you want to look elegant and exhibit beauty then you need to make sure to choose the right Kanjivaram sarees. When you want to attract men nothing would be most important attire than a traditional saree. They would be perfect for any occasion which you might need to attend. You can find wide range of sarees for bridal purpose which are handmade and can be found in a variety of patterns and colors from which you can choose the best one of your choice. Now a days there are number of stores available in the market who can provide you with the customized and uniquely designed Kanjivaram sarees based on your occasion and requirement. So it would be a great way to wear your own customized and designer saree on your big day.


History of Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are the traditional hand woven silk sarees from Kanchipuram which is located in Tamilnadu and hence the name Kanjivaram has arrived. In south India most of the women do prefer to wear the Kanjivaram sarees irrespective of the occasion which they need to attend. In almost all the south Indian weddings you could see that bride as well as those who would attend the wedding would wear these huge collection of varying colored silk sarees. Due to the shine and durability of these Kanjivaram sarees they have become very popular throughout India. This is because they have been made using the best quality silk which would give the rich look wearer as well as would last for a longer period of time.

The main initiative of the origin of silk sarees has been taken up by the great king of Chola dynasty who ruled Kanchipuram. He started with the silk trade and during the Krishna deva raya period the famous weavers from Andhra Pradesh, devangas and the saligars migrated to Tamilnadu. So the entire silk industry got migrated to one place in the 15th century. The weavers were fully acknowledged about the various ways with which they can make the best quality and beautiful silk sarees. In the present times, these are ranked first among the various silks which you can find in the market. Only few stand in competition with these wonderful Indian clothing. You can even checkout the various online sources so as to find the best place where you can find the type of silk saree or the Kanjivaram saree that you are looking for, for the best price. Now you can find several hand weavers who are located in different parts of India.

Making of Kanjivaram sarees

Now with the latest changes in trend you can find wide range of colored and combination of sarees of varying patterns that anyone would love to wear. Earlier they were sold only by the merchants but now with the huge competitors the real weavers have opened their own societies where they do sell and earn the hard earned money. Primarily if you want to know how the silk sarees or the Kanjivaram sarees are prepared you should know from where we get the silk from. The silk is actually obtained from the sericulture of mulberry worm. This silk thus obtained is converted in to the Kanjivaram silk 250- 300 threads can be woven in wept. This way the saree can be maintained sturdy. When you look at the Kanjivaram sarees you could actually see two kinds of zari which has been used i.e. the silver and gold zari. Here silver is run first and then the gold zari.

Hence you can find most of the Kanjivaram sarees which have been woven with hands so as to get the perfect Kanjivaram saree that you are looking for. When you check out such hand woven sarees you could actually be able to find the best collection of Kanjivaram sarees to make your occasion the most memorable ones.The famous weavers have made beautiful designs on sarees so that irrespective of age group any one would opt for these silk sarees. Primarily the designs over the Kanjivaram sarees has been inspired from the art of temples in kanchipuram. Now a days you can even find latest designer silk sarees which have been designed especially for you so that you can now find the only single piece of silk saree. You can even go for the customized silk sarees as well where you can choose the color combination and design that you are looking for.


Where to find the best Kanjivaram sarees?

Earlier if people need to buy the silk sarees for any special occasions such as wedding they used to travel all the way to Tamilnadu to buy the Kanjivaram sarees. But due to globalization and latest developments, there have been number of store in the market as well as online where you can find huge collection of silk sarees of varying prices and from which you can choose the best one of your choice. Internet is a place where you can find number of online sites and respective sources where you can find silk sarees but before you buy you need to make sure to choose a reliable and genuine online source where you can find the best quality Kanjivaram sarees for the best price in the market. Earlier the Kanjivaram sarees were woven well to give you with the 9 yard saree along with temple stories as designs. With the changes in trend, the saree has now made to 6 yard saree with zari designs over it.

As these are very expensive for the normal people to purchase, the weavers are now using the artificial zari in silk sarees which makes them very much affordable and still maintaining the shininess of saree. Now a days you can find different names for various silk sarees which vary in texture, design and lot more. These kanchipuram sarees are very popular for weddings, ceremonies or for festivals as well. Depending on your budget and affordability you can choose any kind of kanchivaram saree that you would like to buy.Over the internet you can find number of online sources which can provide you with the right quality of silk sarees. So always look for such types of sites and enjoy your online silk saree shopping by saving more as well.


As India is a diversified country where people from different regions and religions do live together, you could be able to find wide range of silk sarees for your various occasions. The Kanjivaram sarees would be great for any wedding day or a celebration which of tradition or festivals as well. As these sarees are think in texture these could be best suitable for cold climatic conditions. Many of them in India do wear the various jewellery accessories along with these silk sarees which would make them look perfect showing the Indian culture and ethics. You can find different types of Kanjivaram sarees which come along with the running blouse so you need not buy any extra blouse piece for your saree. You can find out more collection of these most recommended Kanjivaram sarees over the online sources.

The Kanjivaram city is also known as silk city as the main profession of people living here is weaving. The weavers in kanchi had settled there about 400 years back. Most of them do live on this weaving process especially the small town people. With the latest developments in the city you can find number of designers who can provide you with modern and customized Kanjivaram sarees wearing which you can just love moving around. Where ever you go you can be sure to get praises. Before you buy any silk saree make sure to choose a reliable online source where you can be sure to get the best quality saree which would last for a longer period of time for the best price in the market. Make yourself look the best by wearing the Kanjivaram sarees that are available in varying designs and colors.

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