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The Ultimate Pencil Skirt – The Secret Weapon

Irrespective of your size and shape, the pencil skirt is the secret weapon for every woman. So, whether you want to look smart in the office or in a party, the versatile styles of pencil skirts can easily transform your wardrobe.

The best things about the pencil skirts are that these help to augment curves, to carve the waist and therefore to make the wearer look slim and classy. So, if you really believe that pencil skirts are the secret weapons, then here are some tips on how you can dress these skirts up or down with complete ease.

  1. Go for a black leather pencil skirt as this is something, which looks timelessly chic. Accentuate this look with a vintage print t-shirt, ankle strap heels and a statement necklace. This is one such attire, which will make your investment worthy for year after year.
    Black Leather Pencil Skirt
  2. Pair the pencil skirt with mules, tee and floral blazer for just a casual day out.
    Pencil Skirt With Mules And Tee
  3. Take your figure flattery to a completely new level by pairing up plaid blouses with pencil skirts. To complete the look, dig out a wonderful pair of pointed-toe pumps.
    Plaid Shirt With Pencil Skirts
  4. If you are wearing a long pencil skirt, then combine it with heels to get a tall and thin appearance. This feature will also help you to elongate your legs.
    Long Pencil Skirts
  5. If you are planning to wear a monochrome combination, then rock your monochrome pencil skirt with a white ruffled top. To add more twist to the classic look, wear the skyscraper heels to get a glam appearance.
  6. For a perfect hourglass figure, you can choose to wear a faultlessly tailored tweed style pencil skirt in some bold hues and pair the attire with some feminine piece.
    Pencil Skirt With White Ruffled Top
  7. In case you are going for a night out, then opt for a sequin or metallic, lace to butter soft leather pencil skirt and therefore pair up the attire with a breezy, singlet lace, cami or halter top. To complete the look, add a clutch purse and metallic heels and you will be completely party ready.
    Pencil Skirt With Halter top
  8. In case you have a heavy bottom, then solid hue pencil skirt can be your best friend. To get the illusion of a slender silhouette, you can throw in one textured blouse.
  9. Team your favorite pencil skirt with a plain or simple top for an effortless girl’s day out. To experiment on your overall look, you can opt for snake/animal skin print, bold graphic, quirky or floral bloom pencil skirt and then add a snazzy or plain top to complete the look.
    Pencil Skirt With Simple Top
  10. Last but not the least, add a denim pencil skirt too your wardrobe as this type of skirt can be worn in different occasions. To make the look unique, slip in to the go-to chambray top and you are done.

Here are some other styles of pencil skirts, you must check out:

  • Mix and match: This works as a secret weapon of different refined labels. So, here the main key is to mix and match the prints. But while doing this ensure that one print needs to be bolder than another. Then the entire look will be all in proportions.
    Mix And Match


  • Edgy executive: To get this look, you need to add pep to a completely black ensemble by topping off the look with different color punches. Here a longer than normal pencil skirt will look easy and elegant. Complete your look by adding a jewel tone bag and a bedazzled collar.
    Edgy Executive


  • 50’s inspired modern: If you believe in old is gold, then a lacquered leather skirt in a different hue will lighten your day up.
    Lacquered Leather Skirt


  • Polished and posh: This is a completely ultra-tailored and no fuss look. Here a nipped in, long pencil skirt will work wonder. As a result, you will be able to set for all the things, which life throws your way.
    Long Skirt

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