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What’s Trending In New York Fashion Week?

Fashion Week every year is a week long bonanza that provides the fashion mongers of the world with some new trends they can devour for the rest of the year. Like any fiscal year, the fashion year ends and begins with the fashion week craze.

Every year, people from around the world, gathers on to the specific spot, to speak in length about fashion, to note what has been done and to scrutinize every little detail that the designers had to offer, so that they can replicate the trend and what about the designers? These visionaries, pave the path for what is going to rule the runway, the hearts and what we are about to witness for the next year, on celebrities, on normal people and what the rest of the world will be craving oh-so-badly. Here are some of the trends from the runway of fashion week 2017, which made heads turn and which had inspired several:

  • Deconstructed Shirts-Shirts and formals have been a staple on the runways for a time now, and thus, this year too there was nothing more that was being expected. But, the best part of this year’s collection is that no one could have guessed what deconstructed shirts did actually look like until they came to terms with Alexander Wang, Shayne Oliver, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s designs. From having asymmetrical sleeves to making the shirt such deconstructed that it would change the complete appearance of the formal appearance. From baggy sleeves to wrapping of fabric from the midriffs to even off the shoulder, there was every that could never be expected from a shirt.
    Deconstructed Shirts
  • Yellow is the newest yellow:  With Beyonce’s iconic yellow ruffled dress, it would have anyway been the flavor of the month, not the dress but the color and so it was. Designers like Sander Lak, Alexander Wang, all had something to put forward from the color platter of yellow. Yellow family, with colors like mustard to chartreuse to bright, zingy lemon, has a lot to offer, in the sense of richness and the sheer idea of playfulness. Although mustard, the colour is despised by many for being a risky colour which should be handled with much care or it might run awry, but the runway had a lot of such colour combinations, all of which, at least most of them had been paired with gold accessories, to give more oomph and more idea of frolic.
    Beyonce Yellow Ruffle Dress
  • Floral on the psychedelic side: Floral prints are something which the designers love to experiment with. We have seen bold floral designs in few of the consequent fashion weeks, while there were some floral themed dresses doing justice to the runway. This year, the floral prints had the 70’s twist. The psychedelic floral prints, which are more graphical to look at, and adds more sense of playfulness, had been providing the audience with something new to look at. Veteran designers like Tory Burch, Thom Browne, and Michael Kors, had experimented profusely with this design and print. From pant-suits to playful dresses, the runway was filled with these psychedelic floral prints.
    Michael Kors Floral Print Dress
  • Natural Hair: Extremists and people protesting against the trends that the world of fashion has to offer, has always had a notion that the models are made to look like a plastic caricature of drools, who has nothing human like to offer for the audience. But the change in the entire trend had given the audience, something extremely astonishing.

Many designers had chosen to run with the natural hair look. The straightened hair, or the grunge look, or even the beachy waves, which had reigned the runway at some point, had taken a back seat and the models could simply rock their own hairstyle. Yes, they weren’t as unruly as any regular individual with their regular hairstyle, but they weren’t impeccable dressed to look a certain way. These hair were runway appropriate, yet, they were extremely natural and nothing extraordinary. This made the world of fashion, come a little closer to the general mass and not a glorious dream that most of us could dare to dream of.

  • Platforms: Platforms can make or break a look, because they can look really ugly or really edgy, depending on the kind of person and the clothes that person chooses to war. And thus, what is fashion week without being a little edgy and a lot of ‘risk-taking’. Michael Kors has had a long relationship with platforms and this year too, it was nothing different. Edgier looks were given to the models that were in their platforms and this took the show to a whole new level.
    Michael Kors Platform Sandal

But Marc Jacob’s platforms were revolutionary because it had surpassed the limit of eight inches. Marc is known for the costumes worn by Lady Gaga and to do justice to the reputation it was kind of mandatory, for the designs to call for platforms which were more than eight inches high. Not just that, these platforms, which are being spoken about are extremely unique in their design and are not made of the block, single colors, which might look drab generally. But these are way more on the riskier side.

  • Velvet:  Velvet is the kind of fabric which might just not be the cup of tea for everyone. It can be so risky that most models avoid wearing velvet, and for all the right reasons. But Victoria Beckham, took this fall staple, gave it a swing and made something incredible out of it. The collection saw a whole new level of velvet game, with pleats, and draping in certain shades of white, lavender and teal. While debutant designer, Sander Lak had brought about the cropped velvet game with the pajama-esque design that had showcased shirts and formals, in colors like pink and baby blue, or the pastel shades, which are also the runway staples that designers swear by.
    Victoria Beckham Velvet Dress

New York Fashion Week has come to an end, but what the audience is left reminiscing is the cheerful runway that had given everyone a sense of joy and frolic and also the fact that this year, it was a lot edgier than what had been done. Designers took their art to a whole new level, but as always they had kept their audience engaged and in awe with their perfection.

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