Styles From London Fashion Week

Everyday Styles Inspired From The London Fashion Week

One of the most prestigious events of fashion circuit is London Fashion Week. It is needless to say that designers from all over the world showcases their finest creations in this show to get recognized in the fashion world. The London Fashion Week showcased spring summer collections that are more designed for people who we get to see in our everyday life. The clothes are meant for us who would need a fashion that are perfect for the streets and office and colleges. With the change in time and fashion even the biggest fashion houses around the world are making clothes that are practical and wearable rather than just a creation of an art form. So here is the top 10 street fashion styles inspired from the London Fashion Week.

  1. Pencil skirts – Pencil skirts are quite in this season at the London Fashion Week. The designers this year have created styles that can be worn everyday and thus street styles were the highlight of the show. The designers have styled pencil skirts in different fabrics that are comfortable to wear at work or casually.
  2. Flared sleeve Oxford shirts – This is new entry on the London Fashion Week which has stunned everyone with its grace and elegance has become one of the most favorite steer styles. The flared sleeves on an oxford shirt look elegant and sophisticated and at the same it is quite formal too. The shirt can be worn at work or a casual outing along with pleated trousers.
  3. Denim jackets – Denim jackets probably never go out of style. These jackets have been a major attraction at the London Fashion Week. They are extremely comfortable to wear and they keep you warm too. Denim jackets with lots of embellishments are the hot favorite this season especially for girls and teenagers.
  4. Trench coat – If you are living in London then you know how important is a trench coat to you. So designers have come up with the latest trench coat styles in vibrant colors to brighten up your day on a London street. The lapels have been designed in a different way to give these coats a fresh look.
  5. Denim boots – This season the designers showcased denim boots for women at the London fashion week which has been appreciated for its usability in daily life. Denim boots are quite unique and looks great on women. These boots are perfect for spring and summers in the UK and it oozes out style and panache. Denim boots are available in different styles too.
  6. Lacy capris – This season the London Fashion Week has seen a lot of new entries. One of them is the lacy Capri pants for women. Yes, these lacy capris have been designed with complete lace work with loose fit that are perfect for the summers. Lacy capris have been designed in black intricate lace that looks stunning and are very comfortable to wear regularly.
  7. Turtle neck T shirts – Turtle necks are back and they are back with a bang. In the spring summer show of London Fashion Week, the audience witnessed showcasing of turtle neck T shirts for women that are quite street friendly and can be worn every day at work or anywhere you want.

Style is a very personal thing and it must have the perfection of comfort. Everyday wear needs to be comfortable yet stylish that can reflect your persona in the best possible way. With the latest street styles from the London Fashion Week, make sure that you are buying the right stuffs for your wardrobe this year.

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