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Why Short kurtis famous in college girls?

There was a time when the college girls use to wear sarees. However, it has been a story 30 to 40 years old now. Later the concept of Salwar Kameez came into the college. College girls use to wear them for their ease. It remained there across the nation for a long phase of 10 years. Even now, you will find college girls to wear these dresses in some rare cases. However, the western culture invaded the college girls’ mind from the end of the 20th century. You will still find most of the college girls to wear T-Shirts and Jeans in the colleges, although some of the colleges do not favour them to wear such dresses, because of the casual nature. For the past five to ten years, the use of Kurtis has been very much popular, mainly because of the semi-formal nature of the dresses. There are some other reasons too, behind the preference of the college girls for this particular section of dress.

Easy to maintain and carry: The 2 reasons which makes Short Kurtis popular among teenagers and youngsters

Salwar is one of the best outfits that is very easy to maintain and best for college goers. In the colleges, the activities that you will have to pursue are not single. Along with attending the classes, you need to get through the labs, activity areas, play grounds and many more areas. While returning, you might get to the library and make notes. Finally, depending on the pressure of the college, you might have to go for the extra classes. In between all these, you will be gossiping with your friends and can go for a ride with your boyfriend. In all the cases, you need to be more casual, but yet formal, since you are in college. Kurti is the best alternative among all the formal and casual dresses. Your college administrative body will not give any objection for the dress, but still you can enjoy your freedom of life wearing this dress. Most significantly, you can wear the dress with leggings or jeans too. So, depending on your need, you can be formal or casual in colleges. This is one of the basic reasons, for which college girls prefer this dress.


Comfortable to wear – Made Kurti popular among females of all ages

You might have gone through salwar suites and even T-shirts and jeans. It is true that T-shirts and short skirts are style icons, but you will not feel the ease of wearing them all the time. A kurti is not going to make you a style icon in the college, but it is going to give you the ease from the full day hazard in the college, for sure. This is the dress that is going to give you the freedom to be there with all of your friends. It is fact that, there are two types of female college goers. The first one are those who love to be style icons and the others are those who want to be relaxed, while gossiping with their friends, or teachers.

Short Kurti

Kurti is such a dress that is going to give the ease in your dressings. You can mix up with your friends in the canteens easily, without any shy feeling. The second thing that you will be getting from the kurta is the ethnic style in it. Your professors will not be providing any objections for your dress. More than anything, you will like the space that you will find with this dress. Wear it with jeans too. No one is going to give any sort of objection.

Ethnic Style Short Lenght Kurti

Stylish, trendy look of Kurti can make you the centre of attraction for any event or function

You can get through some styles with T-Shirts, especially when you wear those with Jeans or skirts. However, it is important to maintain the rules and regulations of the college too. You are in college and it is the ideal time to show off your beauty and style sense. Why to stop that? There is no need to stop that and in fact, you can get through Kurti, which will ultimately give you the easy go feelings and will also offer the style sense in a different way. The difference that you will find is in the style.

New Trendy Short Kurtis

College girls love to wear the Kurtis over the Jeans. In fact, the college authority does not show obligation in the dress. So, you are really in the best position to show off the style, although you are not breaking the rules of the college even. That is another reason why the college girls prefer this dress, leaving others apart. Firstly, it gives the comfort and space for them. Secondly it gives the authority to them to show their styles.

Shirt Style Kurti with Denims and Trousers

Numerous choices, patters, designs and colours are available in Kurti to match up your personality

There was a time when the college going girls felt that without T-shirts and mini-skirts, the styles are not shown at all. Due to the obligation from the colleges, they have replaced the skirts with the Jeans. This has given them several options. However, the options are for the lower part – that is for the jeans section. In the upper section or the T-shirts, options were there in terms of colours and the punch lines that were seen on them. Kurtis on the other hand are full of options. You can get them in different styles. They will give you the options in terms of styles and in terms of designs. The different cuts that are available in the Kurtis are going to add shapes and cuts, hence providing you the best options, all together. This is one of the reasons, why the college girls do prefer the dress over others.

Designer Kurtis


Casual dress is always the choice for the college goers. They love to wear casual dresses. Salwar suites, sarees and even Shirt-pants are formal dresses. The college administration does prefer those dresses, but they are not the choice of the college going girls. They love to wear T-shirts, skirts of different cuts, jeans. If the other two are cut short, that will do, but when the jeans are omitted, that will not go by any means. So, there needs to be an alternative. Kurtis are the best alternative in that way. The most important thing that you will get in the dress is the casual nature. It will give the perfect space inside, like that of salwar suites, although the short height of the dress is accurate to provide you the best support for you. This is one of the differences that you will find in salwar and Kurtis.

Semi Formal Kurti

Kurtis can be half fold or full sleeve too. It will act as a perfect alternative of T-shirts. There is another difference between T-shirts and Kurtis. The basic thing is the tightness of them. In Kurtis, you will find the space inside. It is not that much tight, and not as loose as that of the salwar suites.

Available at cheap rate:

The last thing that you will find from that of the Kurtis is its rate. You can get Kurtis at different rates. The smart wears are available in the store and you can get them in different ranges. They are available in low price ranges and in high ranges too. Depending on your choice and your purpose, you can get the right one for you. The bets support here is given by the online stores. College goers love the dress so much, because of the price and the available designs that you will find at such a range. In this price range you will not get even the cheapest T-shirt. This is why the college goers prefer to have them. They can have the Kurtis with their pocket money, one each for a day. This is why the college girls prefer the Kurtis so much. It is always the nature of the girls to select among lots of alternatives. Kurtis are such garments that you will find more in the cheap markets. There you will find many to sit with the garments. So, just get there and choose the right one for yourself.

Simple Low Price Kurtis

Stylish and fashionable kurti is now available online

You can also get to the online stores to have the right support of the garments. All the ecommerce sites are having wide ranges of Kurtis. You can just get there and find so many options, that initially you are sure to get confused. However, select the right colour and design from the short height Kurtis, stored in the ecommerce site. You can however find now the ecommerce trading in your smartphone too. So, sit in your college, use the Wi-Fi connection there and get the best Kurtis for you. You will definitely find the help of your friend, since your friends will be sitting beside you. You can pay them after delivery. So, there is no need to have a card with you even.

Fashionable Online Short Kurti

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