What type of Indian ethnic wear and jewelry is famous and popular among the NRIs?

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Away from their soil and ethnicity, NRIs take every opportunity to dress up the Indian way and grab attention wherever they go. For them purchasing garments in India is a method of being obliged to capture a part of their mother country, to wear Indian clothes and jewelry and to rejoice and commemorate it on almost all of their most imperative days of life.

The Wedding Lehenga and Classic Anarkali

It’s not just any normal piece of Indian garment, but is the part of the most loving dream and a youthful flight of the imagination. The wedding lehenga is the piece of clothing that will define one’s bridal moment. NRI girls tend to take inspiration from Pinterest and other Fashion Week assortments, but in actuality, discovering the ideal lehenga that suits one’s idea will be like somewhat a tough job on the bride’s part, though not impossible.

Wedding Lehenga

In the quest of Indian ethnic wear girls may find them inclined to the traditional and antique zardosi in silk, soft yarn work overs sheets of dreamy fibers as it will catch hold of your visualization, got a mirror work and multicolored hems will instantaneously create a center of attention and let’s not fail to remember how those vibrant and stunning Indian colours can look and feel amazingly gorgeous. It is one of the most significant ethnic ensembles that have grasped its recognition and attractiveness ascended in the contemporary time. Buying lehenga choli on e-commerce in USA has become a widespread tendency.

Zardosi Work In Silk

Not overlooking the anarkali which is an item of clothing that has not stopped working as the most attractive and sought-after piece of attire in and of India. The Anarkali, invigorated and revived, is like the latest and innovative LBD referring to the Indian context. NRIs dressing themselves in ethnic wear and jewelry by the Royals of Hyderabad will feel more rooted towards their homeland.


The Ethnic Jadau Jewellery

In contemporary times, being traditional is the new ‘in vogue’. A significant need at wedding ceremonies any place in the world, draping one’s love for ethnic is the new style level. When one has many essentials of the ceremonial and bridal goods being taken care of, the subsequent important step is the jewelry. It is not hidden how eternal, enduring and classic Indian royalties look in photographs as well as real, donning gorgeous fabrics and stunning jewelry. Virtually everyone from the Indian royal families sported fine ornaments handmade in kundan and polki diamonds in meenakari handiwork. Jadau jewellery is an excellent piece of jewelry from Bikaner in Rajasthan is now accessible all over India.

Ethnic Jadau Jewellery

The encrusted look of Jadau jewelry looks splendid and gorgeous when worn with Indian attires. It is not only the old-fashioned and traditional neckpieces and earrings that are adorned, but also a hathphool, mathapatti, nath, bajubandh, kamarband etc. The best places to shop for Jadau jewelry is Jaipur and Delhi in Northern parts of India. Brands like Tanishq, a jewelry brand by the Tata’s, cannot be missed as they have heritage pieces and are a trusted brand who have more than 138 stores beyond eighty cities in the country. They are the bridal jewelry mavens and at all times have a reputation of keeping in stock the attractive and beautiful Jadau designs, along with offering optimum service. An additional top marque by the Tata’s is Zoya and they specialize in exceptionally well crafted stylish designer jewelry.

All Fashion Accessories For The Bride

Modern Indian Fusion-style Sari

Every young Indian or NRI longs to drape a sari on her special day, but in the modern times with a contemporary twist. It is in the genes of every single Indian and NRI woman to entwine the sari. In India these days, sari is seen as the most classic attire and while some of the ladies take time to get used to the idea of adorning it, some might be ace at it. Every girl loves the sari but may not know how to drape it but now you can stop worrying as Indian designers are conceiving and designing several ways for this piece of clothing to become accustomed to the present woman’s way of life. Stitched and half draped where some even look like trendy and fashionable ball gowns. These avant-garde styles are known as lehenga saris.


Tradition is the new trendy style

Every modern girl follows top-notch fashion designers and also turns up to her mother and grandmother for the traditional and ethnic look as we all know who else better than them can suggest on the style. Browsing through the family album and taking a walk down the memory lane, one realizes that the charm and elegance that came subsequently easily to them was a consequence of being absolutely rooted to the culture. They did not run after trends and fashion as the only trend back then was being ethnic and hence they looked and still manage to look classic and poised even after so many years. In terms of an original ethnic and traditional look, a naturally made assortment of hand-woven traditional saris stand a class apart and look stunning.

The trick lies in purchasing the pieces that is going to last you an era, therefore a unique selection of various styles of sarees like Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Kotas, Banarasi, Uppadas, Organzas help and maybe not immediately but a woman, whether Indian or NRI will realize the significance of this collection within the next few years.

Overseas – A potential and profitable market area

Thanks to the large number of NRIs and ethnic base, Indian jewelry merchants are eyeing the productive global market. Indian jewelry has remained a much anticipated controller for many style experts for epochs. The elaborate and sophisticated element that is striking in the ornaments remains a typical attribute that continuously seems to tell the story of the ornaments. These are generally intense and vivid in terms of usage colors that are bold. This panache of jewelry imprints from the custom of Indian ornaments launching who was of royal descent. Indian ornaments have a long saga allied with excellent quality procedures and exquisite substances. The current designs of Indian jewelry created are based on the antiquity of our country along with the contemporary fresh charms in Indian culture as the prominent movie methods. With English movie artistes and celebrities gracing Indian attires, it has provided a big platform for the ethnic dresses and jewelries to function in a global arena. The demand for Indian jewels have picked up as fashion designers of international status have started adopting Indian designs and styles. Also Indian ethnic wear is being implemented by global designers which, in a way are helping NRI women to know more about Indian wears.



Dresses reflect the culture and tradition of any place and as Indians we are proud of our ethnicity and showcase the best of our world by dressing up gorgeously for every occasion. Such is our colors and patterns that the world swears by it and drapes the best that one can get for oneself. Coupled with these colorful and elegant dresses is the exquisite Indian jewelry that holds a special place in the wardrobe of every NRI. So let’s pair up a lehenga choli or pick up a sari and team it with the dainty earrings or a choker set and get set for the parties.

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