Mehendi Designs For Eid

10 Most Attractive Mehendi Designs for Eid

Mehendi has been a cultural and ritual for every woman. For Eid, it is the most. The attire seems to be incomplete for women without Mehdi. It is the most attraction for women and loved for its beauty; it is known that Mehendi is an important aspect of most rituals like Eid and believed to bring fortune. Flipping the pages back the history, Mehendi comes forth from the Sanskrit word Mendhika. Since long back it has cross boundaries with wonderful art and brought smiles to women’s face. What else, even men loves to see a girl wearing Mehendi. Here you can find 10 wonderful designs for Mehendi but before you know them it is important to know the history of Mehendi and how it is prepared.



Mehendi or Henna is derived from a plant Lawsonia Inermis, which is popularly known as the henna tree. The native of this flowering plant is from Arabian Peninsula, Near East Africa, North and South Africa. It is not only in India or South Asian countries but also Arabian countries celebrate this Mehendi custom. History speaks that henna was used in Europe back since the 19th century. Now in India, we have adopted that Arabian custom of Mehendi. It is not only restricted to traditional customs but also for fun and happiness to wear them anytime.

Preparing the Mehendi:

A paste called Henna is prepared from stems and leaf extracts of the henna plant which is then applied on hand. The leaves and stems at first are grinded properly into a form of powder. For the preparation of the paste, it is important to sift the henna power using nylon strainer. It is done to avoid any chunks blocking on the mouth of the applicator. The powder is then poured into a bowl, to that add 60ml of lemon juice and whisk it constantly to mix up. After proper mixing sugar and Lavender oil are added, then whisk again until it becomes silky smooth. The bowl containing the mix can be kept then at room temperature for few minutes with wrapping to allow the dye to separate. More lemon juice can be added to the dye which comes onto the surface of the mix to get smooth consistency. A plastic cone which can be made either manually or bought is then used for putting the prepared paste inside. Gentle pressure allows the paste to come out of the cone which can be used for several designs.

Mehendi Preparation

An array of attractive designs:

Here are some of the top 10 designs of Mehendi which one can follow not only in Eid but also for any rituals and customs. One can even wear them for any special occasions or celebrations. It signifies happiness and men loves a girl with beautifully drawn Mehendi on her hand.

  1. The happy dancing peacock: Mehendi is apt for Eid and in similar occasions where girls apply Henna on their hands. The first choice is using dark henna for the design. The design reaches up to the forearm. It has got intricate details and floral motifs to cover the whole palm. The design is particularly covering both peacock and floral motifs. The twist and turns are like a peacock showering its happiness. It is to note that both the hands would be mirror images and opposite designs. The larger flowers are usually on the palm and decreasing its size over the arm. The fingers should have fine details of the flowers and very thin designs which make it more attractive. The patterns and motifs represented make the design unorthodox and completely non-identical. This can be followed on the occasions of Eid as it is unique and lovely contemporary looks.
  1. The love making peacocks: Now flipping forward from a modern design to a traditional design. It is mostly followed by bride but suits well for women in Eid. Here the Mehendi should be much darker. More the dark it is more it is known that the groom loves her bride more. The design here too reaches up to the forehand but both hands are slightly different in their design. It is not only apt for the bride but also can be worn by family members. During Eid, it can be recommended for young girls. It has fine embroidery like peacocks, lace, flowers, and bangles. This is the sign of happiness and love. Designing full hands with two dancing peacocks on palm represents the love. Looking at the figures have similar designs but not same. It can be designed according to own thoughts and it takes lots of time for its sincere design.
  1. Let your feet express: Who said that Mehendi is just for hands? But feet also a great canvas for designing the Mehendi. It is the natural art and how one can do it. This can also be done by women who have lovely smooth feet. It can be a part of Eid and well during weddings. It looks nice if not only hands but also feet are designed with Mehendi. The design reaches up to the ankles and looks like payal (an ornament) wore. Here there are small flower motifs like small tulips bound on threads around the feet. Both the feet should be designed similarly. This looks young girls very beautiful with red nail polish.
  1. Leave out the tips: It is one of the unique designs where tips are uncovered with any design. Most of the Mehendi designs seen are filled up with the nails or tops of the fingers. Here the fingers have different designs like checker boxes and palm with either a big covering flower or a peacock posing. Both the hands are of different design and looks beautiful when worn up to the forearm. It has got very fine designs and looks great when Mehendi is actually dark.
  1. Make it simple: This is a new style and not much messy look. There are slight gaps in between the designs which make this design much attractive, simple and appealing. This is a quick design and can be done for festivals such as Eid. It is perfect for people who like things to be simple and when it comes to mehndi it has every option to design them. It is the design with the less dark application of henna. It is also apt for women not only for young girls.
    simple design
  1. Red on the palm: Now moving from simple to simpler. It is having the less design. It seems as if someone wore jewelry on hand. The floral motifs here are diagonally designed. It has small swan neck designs on the fingers. If the henna can be made more reddish then it looks much more attractive. Sometimes it is often noted with colorful stones which give the hand the glam look. A very simple large flower over the forearm makes the conclusion.
  1. Mehendi around the stones: The next design here is much sophisticated with the glam look. It is most often preferred by them who like less Mehendi but it has to be much cool. So it is a great option that prefers less Mehendi but has to wear for a ritual like Eid. Here apart from the handmade designs all over there is some different kind of stones attached. The floral motifs are drawn diagonally down to reach the forearm. The colorful stones are usually attached to provide the glam look.
  1. When you are at work: Here also the tips are missing but with larger embroidery all over the forearm. This looks great for young girls. Two beautiful large peacocks cover the palm. There are floral motifs, checker boxes, fish scales, and several other designs which fill the hand. It is seen for girls in Eid and who are actually performing the rituals. This is a great choice who likes a mix of traditional and contemporary designs together.
    Peacock Floral Mehendi Design
  1. Footsteps of happiness: Now getting back to one of the feet designs and reaching little above the ankles. The feet are designed with boxes with diagonally crossed flower threads. The boxes are filled then with small drawn tulips. The toes are designed with small flowers and checker boxes. The ankles are designed with two beautiful peacock necks. It is to note that both the feet should look identical so the designer should be very careful while they design the whole work. Feet look gorgeous with this design. The Mehendi has to be dark and the whitish nail polish adds the final touch.
  1. Red is weaved on blackboards: The final design is apt for the medium pattern and who favors for a unique style. This includes the design by using two colors of Mehendi – red and black. Here the black is used to weave the designs and red are used to fill in. This design is an art of love where often used a heart shaped designs with flowers. The fingers contain the signs of heart and the palm contains the flowers. These are the uniqueness of the design. The unique content is the added beads.

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