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10 Mehendi Designs for Your Wedding Day

Make your wedding a memorable day by the touch of auspicious Mehendi. Explore the designs in your hands and feel the difference of glamour touch.

Professional Mehendi Designs

This design can give your hands a neat and clean look. The fine lines of different designs will create an elegant look and a joyous feeling on your wedding day. Nowadays, bridal Mehendi has different themes you can design on your hands, Radha Krishna, even wedding Sanskrit chants also could design, collectively shows the feminine and masculine aspects and make your wedding so auspicious by its various designs.


Peacock Feather Designs

This design gives you a soft touch of classic feeling. The mesmerizing art will take you to the kingdom of yours dream. The Wedding day is the most important for any girls to make it the best day forever. Mehendi designs add to it an ethnic feeling. Therefore, explore the excellent designs for the occasion. This artistic design is very fascinating to embellish on your hands and glorify your beauty for the day.


Spiral Keri Design

This design can give your hands a flower look and you can design the name of the groom on one palm and on the others the name of the bride. This is very popular for a wedding function. It is very traditional kind of design. This is the blend of light and artistic design provides also a style to your hands. It’s definitely very precious feeling on your wedding day.


Floral Mehendi Collections

This exquisite design can enhance the charms of the hands. Very minute flower design Mehendi will refill joy on your marriage day. You can find flowers, leaves, and exotic petal design to give your hands a perfect artistic look. The floral pattern can match with any bridal attire. The smooth flow of the design can adore your senses and you will love to get the design on your hands.

Floral Mehendi Design

  • The curved motifs can design on the palm in a symmetrical way make it very charming. The nitty-gritty of Mehendi designs based on the magnificent traditional art of India and introduces a mythical look to your beautiful hands. The simple designs you can make if you don’t want heavy designs, this also gives an aristocratic look at your wedding day. Even you can create a design on your fingers and on the surface of the palms only.
    Mehendi Collections
  • You can create a jewelry design and get the royal touch of style to your hands. Moreover, the grace of the design makes you feel on cloud nine on the occasion. Colorful Mehendi design is brand new concept .The uniqueness can experience by the bride on her wedding day. It gives a fresh look to your hands. You can experiment with the new designs on your hands and the day will be so special. The unique Mehendi design is gorgeous and eye catching. The heart design also very special design can focus on patterns very contemporary and delicate. This showcases the most beautiful design that could make and curves, give your hands a traditional look.
    Unique Mehendi Design

Crafted Mehendi Design

The main significant focus of this design is on the wrist and finger. It gives a geometric look to your hands. This pattern draws attention towards the bride’s ornaments. The ornamental design is your wedding as an epic. The amazing highlighted designs dazzle in your hands. The artistic design is created so well it looks like the bride wears a bracelet. The pretty patterns denote the ceremony of the wedding a promising collaboration.

  • The crafting patterns will lead you to the ancient design of temples. The lush carving of the design creates an exceptional pattern on your hands. The yardstick of a traditional marriage always completes by the traditional touch of assorted Mehendi designs. Getting glitter Mehendi done is a popular trend. The alluring patterns create a new look to your hands. The sparkle serves cryptic pattern that could be the addition of breathtaking designs to your hands.
    Crafting Patterns
  • The appropriate practice of designs will make you very special on the wedding day. The darker shades symbolize prosperity for the new beginning. It is considered as very lucky for the bride and groom on that occasion. Explore the bright design of Mehendi and be the most beautiful bride. The color of the Mehendi and designs complement each other that create a wonderful auspicious feeling in your hands.

Jewellerys Mehendi Designs

Traditional Mehendi Design

The determination of designs beautifies your hands by various traditional patterns on your wedding. The newest gateway of your new life could begin with the Mehendi designs. The versatile patterns used to create more elaborate designs. The beauty of this design enhances the charm of your hands instantly. One can use curved and dotted lines to create different traditional patterns. Circular shapes offer a conventional look to your palms. The planning to do big on your wedding you can add different glitters to your Mehendi and create an outstanding design and make the wedding unforgettable.

Traditional Bridal Mehendi Design

Royal Mehendi Design

The royal Mehendi design is very popular with weddings. This gives a royal touch of Mughal era by the apex design drawn on your hands. The beauty of the pattern keeps you reminding the real time. The enthralling designs make an extraordinary announcement for your wedding day. This will inspire you to fulfill all your dream and a great opportunity to wear a design with the beautiful look with other bridal attire you wear. It makes the bride’s hands look like a gorgeous hand. The feminine design can spot on graceful designs. Mehendi signifies the bond of love and marriage since ages.

Royal Mehendi Design

Lacy Dotted Mehendi Design

This design gives you a unique fancy effect to your hands. The fabulous pattern is the most favorite design for the bride popularly on demand. The wizard of the design offers a distinction beauty on your special day. The lace patterns display a taste to the varieties. The extravagant designs refer to; give a majestic look into your hands that will be an unforgettable moment on your auspicious day of the wedding.

Lacy Dotted Mehendi Design

Aromatic Herb Pasted Mehendi Design

This design is the best to give you a feeling of calm and serenity on this day. The meditative aroma could take you to the height of passion and your day of the wedding would create an enjoyable occasion with the touch of Mehendi, it is a part of the ceremony too and applying Mehendi you will be the most beautiful girl among the crowd. The application of mehndi in hands leads you to the journey of love and affection. Even there are various Mehendi designs are available according to the state, you can apply them as a different cultural theme also.

Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Mehendi Design

The most famous Mehndi design you can avail on your hands and create an illuminating style on the wedding day. This is extremely popular in worldwide as a wedding design. This gives you a very iconic pattern and gripping design to your hands. Innovate the design by applying on hands and make your wedding a memorable one. This is very different from traditional Mehendi designs. The amazing design creates a confident look and you will feel proud of your wedding by applying Mehendi in hands. It provides a simple honor to your beautiful wedding. Let’s explore the beauty of Mehendi designs.
Arabic Mehendi Design

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