Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs

10+ Best Ever Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo designs are a standard design for apparent reason. The butterflies are a lovely, delicate component of nature that looks excellent when we tattoo them on our bodies. Furthermore, butterfly patterns are customizable, enabling you to create a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of print. If you choose to emphasize their fundamental connotations.

Butterflies are thought to represent it all from liberty and transition to beauty and “womanhood.” Whatever your motivation for obtaining a Butterfly tattoo design is, an essential thing is that you know precisely what you want this to look like. If you’re still looking for the right thing which suits you, here are 12 butterfly tattoo designs to inspire your next layer of ink.



The open-winged appearance, maybe the most common butterfly form that offers significant design opportunities. Depending on the wearer’s preferences, an opened-winged butterfly might be an adorable, feminine tattoo or a piece of art. The receiver may choose the wingtips’ curve and the antennas’ look concerning the patterning, style, and colors. Open-winged butterflies perform best when they have enough space to fly. They may be worn everywhere on the body, and they should be worn on the back, upper limbs, or shoulders to allow them to pass.



Closed wing Butterfly tattoo designs are less prevalent than expansive designs, yet they are still fashionable and appealing. These butterflies are an excellent alternative for people looking for a bit of tattoo. Fewer design options are available with this type than with an exposed winged design. Consider gently angling the wings for extra interest. One flap will appear above the other but not in full flight with this option. These tattoos are frequently put on parts of the body where the butterfly seems to be resting, such as the foot or just above the knee.

3.Butterfly Eyes Tattoos

Butterfly Eyes Tattoo

Stunning, exotic, and captivating. Butterfly eyes tattoo can be described using any of these terms. Not sure whether you’ve ever seen one? Consider a lovely butterfly, but instead of the circles on its wings, imagine human (or animal) eyes. The style is unusual yet not outlandish. Some butterflies had acquired a unique protective technique. Their forewing circles resemble a large set of eyes. This confuses predators and scares them away till they can attack and consume the butterfly. The Peacock butterflies are a beautiful illustration of the tattoo style’s influence.

4.Tribal Art Butterfly tattoo designs

Tribal Art Butterfly tattoo designs

A standard tattoo design is a butterfly in tribal art or the addition of a butterfly to a tribal wristband. Tribal art tattoos are generally less colorful than typical tattoos, and the butterflies may be completely black. Tribal Butterfly tattoo designs look great in any dimension, but the more elaborate the patterning, the larger you go. Tiny tattoos may lose a lot of texture, especially if done in a single, solid colour. Tribal Butterfly tattoo designs may be worn everywhere on the body, but they look exceptionally well in symmetrical regions like the lumbar region or between the collar bones.

5.Innovative Concepts

 Innovative Concepts Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs don’t have to look like real butterflies; instead, they may take on any features you like. This may entail inserting various symbols into the “eyeballs” of the wings or constructing faces or pictures inside the wings themselves as a type of “concealed image” for the observer to uncover. You may even mix and match photos by adding butterfly wings on a fairy.  Try putting one on your forearm or foot or a bigger one on your spine.

6.Groupings Butterfly tattoo designs

Groupings Butterfly tattoo designs

In nature, some varieties of butterflies are usually found in couples or groups; try recreating this on your foreskin. Your butterflies might all be the same kind and color scheme, or you can assign each one a different hue for extra depth and intrigue. You may also mix and match your butterfly with the other images from the group, such as florals, emblems, or princesses. Butterflies and dragonflies are popular tattoo combinations because the two species are frequently encountered together in nature. Groups of photos may be put anywhere in range in size, and they sparkle when given enough room to spread out. Place them between scapulae, on the lower spine, hips, or upper limbs, where they will have plenty of space.

7. Celtic Butterfly tattoo designs

Celtic Butterfly tattoo designs

The Celts have a long and close connection with butterflies; many contemplate combining the two into a single tattoo. There are endless ways to demonstrate your Celtic passion with Butterfly tattoo designs, from using shamrocks as a wing to swapping butterfly wings for fairy wings on the rear. Consider displaying Celtic butterflies in a prominent location, such as the breast, neck, ankle, or wrist. A butterfly constructed of a Celtic knot is another variant of the Celtic butterflies. Knotwork is composed of a single neat line that coils around to form a pattern. The butterfly’s uniform wings make it an excellent choice for knotwork. Due to the design, Celtic knots can be elaborate or simple. Drape one on the forearm, where your gaze can trace the design, or on your lower abdomen, where the harmony can truly shine.

8.Little Butterfly tattoo designs

Little Butterfly tattoo designs

A tiny tattoo suits you if you are trying for the first time near elbows. These trim options are discreet and elegant, allowing them to be placed anyplace. Choose your ankles or wrist if you want it to be easily disguised. This is a perfect choice for people who love small patterns.

9. Butterfly skull tattoo

Butterfly skull tattoo

Butterfly tattoo designs with a skull tattoo are the ultimate sign of death and new life — they symbolize the circle of life when combined. Pick an area to patch a tattoo especially the lower back or in leg areas for this type of tattoo. Add some roses, lilies, hibiscus, and more others you want to mix to symbolize love.

10.Butterfly back tattoo

Butterfly back tattoo

Allow this ink to accompany you and safeguard you – the rear tattoo design is a standard pick that will look stunning on everyone. Draw a tiny butterfly at any specific place around your neck or at mid-back in the spine. This can contain red roses, which symbolize desire, or a flower petal representing purity. Always be careful while drawing tattoos in such areas because it is more painful than you expect.

11.Neck Butterfly Tattoo designs

Neck Butterfly Tattoo designs

Tattooing in this specific region is becoming more fashionable and trending nowadays. Making tattoos in this place denotes boldness and bravery, this tattoo suits well for people who are always wishing to take risks. Because this is a complex and painful region for tattoo purposes. This is one of the harrowing places of the physique, but the result is just breathtaking. If you are new to tattooing then first go with little butterflies to know whether it suits you completely as you like.


The papillon is among the most beautiful creatures on the earth, with delicate silken species to bright and vibrant patterns. Like you, these animals are one-of-a-kind, so why not immortalize them by tattooing one on yourself? The above-mentioned are fantastic butterfly designs with deep meanings and look terrific in any art medium. Such lovely Butterfly tattoo designs will inspire anyone if you are thinking of getting your first butterflies tattoo or growing your collection.

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