Spring has sprung and so has the wedding season! April & May see a high number of weddings in India as this period is considered auspicious and mostly because of summer vacations! A lot of brides this year will be 90s born millennials, but this is helpful for brides of all ages.

But this year, there is a marked difference. With the global pandemic still in full swing, weddings are much different than their predecessors. No longer are people having grand weddings with thousands of guests. This translates to fewer functions, hence fewer dress changes for the bride. So brides are in whole new waters when it comes to bridal trends and prerequisites this year.

So without much further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Lightweight & Flowy Outfits

Many brides, given the current scenario, are opting for small intimate weddings with just their close family and friends. Rather than be tied down to a spot on a stage in a heavy lehenga (sometimes upto 20-30 kilos!), lightweight flowy lehengas are seeing a surge. You can dance the night away and mingle with your guests without being dragged down by the sheer weight of traditional lehengas.

So opt for lightweight fabrics like chiffons, organza and lightweight embroidery and feather trims.

2. Structured Details

Seen a lot on runways this year, structured pieces are in this year. You can have extravagant structured swirls throughout your dress or just on the pallu/dupatta. You can also opt for structured sleeves instead.

Modern and futuristic, in whichever way you integrate the style, it is sure to make for an outstanding outfit.

3. That Boho Bride

This one’s for all the freespirit brides who can’t be tied down with tradition. In this style, you will see designs and patterns very uncommon for bridal lehengas. Quirky motifs and colours form the crux of this trend. Chevrons are a big pattern trend in this style.

Pair unconventional patterns with traditional colours for this look.

4. Anything But Red

Red has been the go-to colour for bridal lehengas (North Indian brides mainly) for a long time. Not only is red considered auspicious, it is associated with newly wed women traditionally. The ‘Sabyasachi Red’ took the world by storm and was the most sought after look for a couple of years. Red isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but millennial brides prefer to stray away from tradition.

We are seeing more unconventional lehenga colours nowadays, like ‘white’, ‘navy blue’ and even ‘black’! Yes, brides are wearing the dreaded colour black to show that they are the writers of their own destiny and superstition won’t hold them back. ‘Dusty Blue’ a shade of pastel blue is also in trend with young brides.

5. Plunging Necklines

Gone are the days of ‘Log kya kahenge?’ and in are they days of brides embracing their bodies and curves and flaunting them off in all their glory. And why shouldn’t they! It’s their big days and all eyes are going to be on them. Made popular by Sabyasachi (I know, again, but he is the flagbearer when it comes to Indian bridal trends), plunging necklines are very in vogue.

You can pair your deep V neckline with minimal jewellery or chokers to show off some skin and balance the outfit so it’s not all stuffy and garish. Or you can layer a ton of necklaces like ‘Rani Malas’ so that they get a chance to shine without clashing with the heavy embroidery on your blouse. And no, this isn’t just for skinny brides. Brides of all shapes and sizes can embrace this trend by customizing the neckline to suit their body type.

6. Fun Trims

It’s all about the Trims this year! Be it structured edges or heavy embroidery. Scalloped dupattas are big this season. They provide movement to all your precious bridal pictures and are so lightweight and convenient. They are the perfect whimsical addition to a magical wedding.

Another trim that is very in, is feathers! All sizes and colours of feathers are being used to either zuzh up the bottom of the skirt or on the dupatta. Feathers add a truly ethereal yet lightweight look.

7. Exaggerated Sleeves

Every bride wants their big day to be the best and their outfit to truly be a stand out. With every trend being done already in the long history of bridal fashion, there is only so much one can do. So a new trend has emerged, longer and exaggerated sleeves. They add a much needed oomph to traditional Indian wear, and are truly bespoke.

You can customize them to suit your personality and rewear them in the future as truly unique avante garde pieces.

8. Minimal Jewellery

Buying gold jewellery for brides is a big part of any Indian wedding with both families investing a lot of money into it, buying gold is a form of investment after all. It’s the norm to see most brides in stacked from head to toe in various ornaments for the main ceremony. But millennial brides are built different. Some don’t see the appeal in the look, and some don’t want to burden their families with the tradition.

Given that most weddings are small intimate affairs this year, many brides are opting for very minimal jewellery. You will see a lot more diamond jewellery as it is minimal yet packs a punch. You’ll see more pearls and polki than solid gold, because it’s not just an investment, but an extension of their style and personality. So be prepared for some very unconventional bridal jewellery in the coming year.

9. The Evergreen Saree

As seen last year, sarees are seeing a big revival with the younger generation. They’ve taken the most iconic & traditional Indian garb and given it their own spin. The wedding season will be no different.

Sarees are getting very popular as Reception outfits. Not only do they exude elegance, but they give out newly married vibes like no other outfit can. Sarees paired with long red sindoor was a big hit with bollywood actresses and hence, is very in trend right now.

10. The Double Dupatta

The double dupatta trend made famous by Sabyasachi isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still see bridal lehengas with 2 dupattas, one intricate and heavy as the pallu, and the other sheer and lighter one to put over your head. You can play around with the colours of the dupatta and keep the front pallu in a contrasting colour to make it stand out, or go with a monochrome look for a more elegant and sophisticated feel.

There you have it, 10 bridal trends for brides getting hitched in 2021. Check out the blog for more bridal inspiration and ideas.

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