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Saris have remained as the most sensuous of the Indian attire. However, the sari ensemble is incomplete without the upper garment, the ubiquitous blouse. A perfectly fitting blouse not only enhances the look of the sari but also gives the wearer a certain dignity and air of sophistication.

Designers have come out with different blouse styles to complement the saris. Sometimes the saris are heavily embroidered or embellished but at times it is the blouses that are given more importance. Undoubtedly a heavily embroidered or designer blouse would impart a stylish look to the sari but it must also be known that even a simple blouse can enhance the look of the sari if it has a stylish back pattern and a neck design.

Different Blouses for Different Saris

Your choice for the blouse mainly depends on the type of sari you are going to wear or the occasion to which you are going to wear the sari-blouse ensemble. A heavily embroidered or embellished sari looks good for a wedding. It can be complemented by a similar looking blouse. However, some women like to team a heavy sari with a slightly simple blouse. Similarly, casual saris, georgette, chiffon and cotton saris look good when you wear a rather simple and plain but stylish blouse.

Back Blouse Design

While plain blouses look good on mostly any type of saris, you can experiment with its look a bit to add that bit of style to it. The best thing to add to a simple blouse is to go for a back design blouse. The back blouse design not only gives you a stylish look but it also adds that sophistication which you cannot find even in a heavily embroidered blouse.

The plain look of the blouse can be enhanced by adding simple details like strings, piping, tassels, mesh or brooch on the back. Here we are emphasizing the back design, so we need to complement the back design of the blouse. Piping the neckline can be a good option as it gives a meaning to the otherwise boring hem of the blouse. You can get the piping done in a different color as this would enhance its look and go well with the sari as well.

Other options of spicing up the back of the blouse is by getting lace borders, sequin borders, patch work or embroidery done at the back. You can even have a knot at the back of the blouse or add tassels to make the simple blouse more stylish.


Another option is to make the back of the blouse with a sheer fabric such as net. This would add a sexy appeal as the net would hide and show the skin at the same time. With a net on the back of the blouse, you can give the simple blouse a certain meaning.

Other Designs for a Back Blouse

There are innumerable permutations and combinations that can be tried upon when it comes to designing a back blouse. Since you are concentrating on the back of the blouse, you can change the neckline of the back, which is usually U-shaped.

You can go for different necklines such as V back neck, round back neck, square back neck, cut out back neck, pot neck, boat neck, low back neck, asymmetric back neck, halter neck, mesh or net back neck, collar neck and strings. Still there are plenty of choices for the neck designs that can be customized for the back blouse. However, whatever the style, you need to be careful that the blouse fits you perfectly and that the cut is classic as you do not want a fashion disaster to happen.

Trendy Back Blouse Designs

There is no denying the fact that designers are experimenting with the look of the blouses to woo women. They are trying out new designs and styles to complement the saris. While the heavily embroidered and embellished blouses are mainly reserved for big functions or events like weddings or parties, the simpler but trendier designs are brought in for youngsters that like to wear something light yet stylish. Back blouse designs are the new rage with young girls that like to wear saris but do not want the ordinary or the classic cut blouse. The back blouse design is perfect for such young women as it not only enhances their party-look but is also comfortable for those that are wearing the sari-blouse ensemble for the first time.

Some Back Design Blouses

If you are the type that likes to wear saris, albeit with different blouse designs, get a back design blouse as it not only looks elegant but it can also be worn with casual saris for casual functions and events. However, you must get the blouse stitched properly so that it fits you well. Here are a few of the back design blouses that can get you a lot of attention in whatever party you wear them:

Tie Up Blouse

The tie-up blouse back neck design is not only attractive but is perfect for those that love to show off their sexy back. The tie-up pattern of the blouse gives you the perfect fit as you can tighten or loosen it as per your convenience. The ribbons used as the tie-up complement the sari or lehenga with which you are wearing the blouse. You can wear a tie-up blouse with a chiffon or net sari and have the tie-up ribbons in a different color than the sari.


V-shaped Blouse

You can get a v-shaped back blouse for your crepe or georgette sari. You can use contrasting colors in the V-neck of the blouse while the rest of the blouse is in a different color. You can also add an embroidered border for the V-neck and add tassels to hold the narrow straps in place and give a slightly heavy look to the blouse.


High Neck Blouse

For those that wish to grab the attention and yet not reveal much, can go for the high neck blouse. The high neck design blouse can be made with different combinations such as embroidery, net, resham work or zardozi work. One thing that looks good with high neck blouses are long sleeves. You can get the sleeves also embroidered a bit and get the royal look. The design of the high neck blouse can be altered to have the middle portion as bare, giving the wearer the glamorous look.


Deep Blouse Back Neck Design

This is another of the back neck designs that is very popular. The V-shaped low rise blouse looks very trendy and fashionable. You can add a tie-up with the deep back or just leave a strap to show the perfectly waxed and cleansed back.

Deep Blouse Back Neck Design

Cut Work Blouse Neck Design

Another of the simple designs that look great with a plain sari is the cut work blouse. You can get a beautifully done blouse that has cut work to depict flowers or blooms. The small areas open give the perfect look while the upper pattern of the cloth goes well with a designer sari. You can team up a cut-work blouse with a designer sari or with a plain sari. Both the options would look equally good. Again it is a matter of proper fitting of the blouse that would enhance the look, overall.

These and other designs can give you the perfect look that you have been looking for. You can get a back blouse designed by your designer or get one readymade from the several of the online stores. However, whenever you are purchasing a readymade blouse, ensure that it fits well. In addition, you must ensure that the fabric of the blouse is good so that it lasts. You can choose blouses made of fabrics like georgette, crepe, cotton and velvet. These materials look good with most of the saris and give them an elegant look if designed properly. You can get these embellished or embroidered as per the design of the sari.

Cut work boat neck blouse design

One thing that you would have to take note of when you opt to wear a back blouse is whether it would suit your body type or not. If you are a heavy set woman with a large bosom, then the deep back or back blouse design would not look good as it pronounce the upper portion. It would be better if you stick to the normal classic blouse with sleeves as it would not show your skin too much. On the contrary, if you are thin or have the average height and weight, you can carry off the back blouse design well. But just ensure that your back is clean and waxed to carry off the blouse, otherwise the lines on the back would be revealed which is certainly not a good sight to look at. So, choose the back blouse design sparingly and carefully to ensure that it goes well not only with your ensemble but also with your overall look and body.

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