Look Stylish When It's Raining

How Can You Look Stylish When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs?

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[fusion_text]Rainy days are just the worst, mainly while it comes to leaving the comfort of your home. But in most of the cases, it becomes almost impossible for us to enjoy the rain sitting on the couch on the home until the sunshine comes out. Therefore, it becomes necessary to follow some style tips to face the rainy day ahead without sacrificing the best style choices. So, if you are thinking how you can look stylish when it’s raining cats and dogs? Then here are some tips to step up things fashion wise.

  • Layers are the key: During the rainy reason, layers work as the key. Layers will keep you cozy from inside and will also look stylish from outside.
  • Add every color of rainbow in the umbrella: In case you are out to the rainy day out expedition, then carrying a cute umbrella will do the job. Select a floral printed colorful umbrella while going out as there is no requirement of using sad or grey shades during the rainy season. The fashionable umbrellas will add a great zing to your look while redefining the monsoon fashion mantra.
  • Throw on a scarf: We often choose to wear some bleak shades during the gloomy rainy days. In this case, wearing a bright, bold colored scarf will definitely help you to inject some life and color to the dark or black outfit while giving you cozy warmth.
  • A messy bun for a perfect rainy day look: Doing hair on the rainy days can be really a daunting job. So, to simplify it, you can throw up your hair in a messy bun instead of curling the locks. This is really a fashion forward and simple hairstyle and this can also save you from the tragic hair mishaps, which mainly stem from the interactions with rain.
  • Choose patterns of metallic shades for clothes: To avoid looking bedraggled, it is better to choose the outfits in metallic or patterned shades where the rouge raindrops will get camouflaged until you get dried off.
  • Stay away from suede: Suede boots, shoes or bags can get destroyed by the rain. Even the best quality protecting spray will not be able to take much care. So, it is better to leave the suede things and accessories at your home on this rainy season to that these don’t get worn out.suede
  • Invest on colorful rain coats: Investing on the rain coats is a must in case you need to go out on a daily basis. But before you purchase rain coats, keep one thing in consideration and this is that heavy raincoats are mainly shapeless. So, it is better to invest on a lightweight and colorful rain coat with a detachable hood for a stylish look.
  • Stay away from denims: Denims take a long time to dry. Besides, when these get wet, these have the terrible hard, cold feeling on the legs, which is not at all pleasant. Therefore, denims are a really uncomfortable choice in the rainy season, especially if you get caught out in the rain.denims
  • Choose a nude or minimal makeup look: There is no point in letting the makeup screaming from head to toe. Instead, it must be kept simple. So, you can flaunt the stylish look with just a simple twist this monsoon. Invest in best quality waterproof makeup essentials like primers and foundations and therefore go for just a minimal makeup like pink, peach or cream blush. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that even after choosing a light shade, never overdo it. Rather keep the makeup minimal.


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