Different Types Of Skirts

Choosing The Right Skirt For Your Body Type

Like any other classic dresses, skirts are known as one of the most feminine dresses that women can wear. Therefore, it becomes important to stock the closets with the right type of skirts according to the body type. At the same time, it is worth keeping in mind that there is no perfect shape of body and therefore every shape has some styling advantages. So, the main key here is to flaunt the main assets while diverting the interest from the flawed parts.

So, while it comes to choosing the right skirts for your body type, choosing the right hemline is important as this can help one’s legs to look the best. Here are some of the details:

Mini and short skirts:

These skirts are the best friends of girls as these show loads of legs and skin, while elongating the entire body visually. On the other words, it can be said that the mini and short skirts can hide half of the legs while cutting those up visually. Therefore, these skirts are ideal for girls with full legs, short legs and also for the shorter or petite girls.

Mini And Short Skirts

Knee length skirts:

The knee length skirts are versatile and therefore these look perfect on almost every body type irrespective of the occasion. For a perfect fit, make sure that the skirt snugly fits around the thighs and hips to avoid a boxy look. Apart from that, adding a beautiful pair of heels can make your look complete.

Knee length Skirts

Professional pencil skirts:

These skirts are just perfect for the hourglass and pear shaped bodies, who like to flaunt the killer curves. At the present time, retro pencil skirts have become a big trend and therefore more and more women are now trying to make an extra long pin up pencil skirt popular for an additional pinch of fashion. But in case you have a banana shaped shape, then you can consider pencil skirts with peplums to form the illusion of curvier physique. The added flare of this type of skirt can also make the transition from office wear to the look of high fashion date night. In case you want a more flattering experience, then opt for a pencil skirt with side slits to drag attention to the legs and not to the midsection.

Pencil Skirts


Midi skirts are a little tricky as these mostly fall right on the widest part of the calves. The main thing about this skirt style is that these can draw attention to the thickest area of the legs while the hemline will cut the part up, making the wearer look stumpy and shorter. But there can be some exceptions as it entirely depends on the shapes and length of legs along with the height of the wearer. Besides, it also depends on the way you style the skirt. Midi skirts mainly work better on the women with average to tall height, women with lean calves. In case you are petite, then it is necessary to choose a style of midi skirts, which snugly fits around the thighs and hips, while creating a sleek Mermaid silhouette. It is also necessary to work on the extra leg length with heels, mainly in the shade, which blends with the hosiery and your skin tone.

Midi skirts

Long skirts:

The long skirts are all about choosing the right style for the height and body. Long skirts can easily swallow up thin-boned body figures and petites, while making you look smaller and this can also make you look stumpy. Here the main trick is to select a maxi skirt, which can snugly fit around the thighs and hips to maintain a sleek line. It is possible for the taller women to pull off the long skirts better than petites as the taller women can handle this extra fabric and these skirts look more modernized on their height.

Long skirts

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