Life has come down to very few things, one work, and the next one is to take enough rest to get up and get going for the next day. Thus, when an event comes up, it is quite a difficult task to think about what one should wear instead of their regular, formal clothing. Now, enough of those saris, which undoubtedly are an irreplaceable part of the wardrobe, but everybody resorts to a sari when there is an occasion of sorts. So, what to turn to? Well, ethnic skirts.

Ethnic skirts are the long, really draping skirts, which would usually be knee length and would be flowy and have ethnic patterns on them. Unlike, any of the gorgeous and extremely casual skirts they are a little more on the dressier side and they have a lot of texture, and body to them. These are mostly worn on occasion, to replace the ethnic wear with something more comfortable. Now, ethnic skirts are the pantsuits of the formal wear. There are multiple ways to wear your ethnic skirt and there are several kinds. Here are some of the details which will revolutionize your wardrobe, in the right way.

  • Crop Tops: Crop tops are a rage at this moment, with people finding newer ways to pair on their crop tops, why should ethnic skirt be left behind? Since ethnic skirts can be really long, when compared to any other stuff, these crop tops mostly act like the blouse of a sari. They help to provide the length of the sari some compensation and since one can always change the kind of crop tops they are willing on pairing on, they can experiment with their looks. Now, box blouses can be of the crop top genre, if worn properly and if the length is short. These crop tops give a sense of length to the person itself and do not look gaudy or do not overpower the kind of design that the ethnic skirt is designed with.
  • Shirts: Now, shirts and ethnic skirts might not sound like the perfect match, but there are plenty of things which sound like an imperfect pair, but they end up being something one can ever dream of. Anyway, shirts can be a little shorter in length, a solid color of can just be unbuttoned to a certain level and they can be either tucked in or open, but that should be dependent upon the length of the shirt. One cannot wear an oversized shirt with an ethnic skirt, both of which are too long and they end up causing a lot of clashing ideas in the minds of the one wearing it. Thus, if there is a shirt which is somewhat short in length and they can be buttoned up till the collar and paired with a heavy necklace, you have an ensemble which is very unique and very comfortable.
  • Tucked in: okay, a tank top or any top, preferably sleeveless, the ethnic skirt raised above the waist and embellished with jewelry which will allow the skirt to shine is all that it takes for a casual, yet classy and effortlessly gorgeous look. One might not want to dress up or at least recycle the same combination of skirt and top over the time, and this ensemble helps to recreate looks in several ways. It is extremely comfortable, because basically, all that is required is a top and a skirt, and to accessorize one can always add some belt of something that goes with the skirt or the top. The more the contrasting material, the better it is. One should not, at this point, experiment much with the top because this might take away from the charm of the skirt, and it is preferable that the top is a solid color.
  • Layering on Layering can be a ridiculous task because it can make or break the entire look of the person. First of all, it should be noted that while layering, the cloth should not make one look extremely square-ish because that will ruin the appearance. It is important that the layer adds to the dress or the appearance and not to the person. And second, it should be kept in mind, which it is all about the color. SO, in case the ethnic skirt has too much texture and color in it, the jacket or whatever layering is being planned of should have less for the audience to gauge at. And even if there is some design, then, the jacket must not be overpowering or completely abolishing the purpose of the ethnic skirt. It is always preferable that the skirt or the jacket should be solid colored, while the other pair should have things to work with.
  • Baggy tops: It is not like the holy grail of fashion that you must match the length of the skirt with your top, but it is important that the person makes sure that the body shape remains intact. What happens with flowy things is that, it gives the appearance of a lot of space and this way the onlooker has to work a lot to notice that person. It is not about being fat or skinny, but it is about what the onlooker will perceive and not bore the person appreciating the ensemble. Thus, even while wearing baggy tops, it should be maintained that there is somebody defining material, which does not expose too much of the audience’s eye into design or that they are not made to analyze too much into the clothing, because that person wouldn’t pay a proper glance, if there is too much to work with.

So, it can be said that ethnic skirts should be used properly to get to know what it can do to one’s body and how everything can change because of it. Replace the conventional ideas, where ethnic skirts are basically boring pieces of clothing with nothing much to do about and make them chicer, nicer and fiercer by the way you pair on things.