Blouses With Knots On Back

Get A Little Naughty With The Blouses With Tie-up Knots On Back

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The blouse that you want to pair with your lahenga or saree has an important role in setting your overall look. So, choosing the right blouse is very important. The back designs of blouses play major role in setting the overall look and feel and therefore the blouse design often changes.

About the tie up knots

One of the trendiest blouse designs of the present time is with the tie-up knots on back and these can offer the blouses stylish and modern look. The blouses with comfort low back patterns and tie up knots on back don’t only look attractive but also a great option for those women, who prefer to show off their sexy back. So, it can be said that it is a bold blouse pattern. The tie up pattern of these blouses offer the perfect fit as the wearer can loosen or tighten these as per their preferences. Besides, the ribbons used in these blouses as tie-ups complement the overall attire. The ribbons can be tied up in different ways like by creating a simple knot or a bow.

Bold Blouse Pattern

Now let’s have a look at different types of tie-up back neck blouse designs to get a little naughty.

Blouse back with knotted waist strap:

This a choli cut blouse design with a sleek look and therefore can easily be paired with any stylish saree to get the desired look. These blouses come with wide openings and both sides are tied together with one central knot at the waist strap. So, the back of these blouses are not available in a perfect “U” or round shape and rather the back comes with corners, which can add to the total appearance of this blouse design.

Blouse back with knotted waist strap

Blouse back style with double knot:

This blouse style comes with double knot at the back and therefore creates nice, stylish look. The slim shoulder straps of these blouses continue at both sides of these blouses while creating a wide “U” with the waist strap. Here the ribbons are used to hold both sides together perfectly.

Blouse back style with double knot

Backless blouse style with waist strap knot and “U” back neck:

This is a choli cut style blouse and here both sides of the blouse are knotted together at the middle part of the waist strap. Here in this style, the shoulder straps are thin and these join the waist strap by creating a perfect “U” without any corners. So, these blouses can be a perfect pair with different types of party wear sarees.

Backless Blouse With U Back Neck Waist Strap Knot

Backless blouse style with double knot:

This is considered as the perfect backless blouse style with a gorgeous look and therefore this type of blouse can be the ideal wear for both parties and weddings. This style doesn’t come with any waist strap and the sides extend towards each other after reaching to the waistline. Besides, the sides of these blouses are also tied together with dorries near the neck and at the waistline.

Backless Blouse Knot Designs

Backless blouse style with waist strap knot of different shades:

This blouse style comes with a special look as here different types of colors are used to create the knot and the waist strap part. Both of these things give the overall design of these blouses a completely new dimension. The shoulder straps of these blouses are created using different materials and therefore these are slightly curved and slim. The shoulder straps of these blouses join with the waist strap while creating an angle. The best pairs of these blouses are the net and chiffon sarees.

Backless blouse style with waist strap knot of different shades

Backless blouse style with artificial knots:

This is a unique style of blouse back and this feature makes it ideal even for the formal parties. Usually, this blouse comes with a high neck and another material is used to decorate both the side parts and the lower part of the blouse. A third material is used to make the knot at the back of the blouse in a choli pattern. So, you can choose to wear any type of stylish saree to pair with this blouse style.


Backless blouse style with stone latkans and single top knot:

This blouse style has a single knot on the upper back and decorative stone latkans are added to the laces of the knot. The back of this blouse has a unique cut with floral decorations on the waist strap. The waist strap of this blouse is not straight.

Backless blouse style with stone latkans and single top knot

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