Is Polki jewellery popular in India?

India is a place where you can find people of different religions who live together and celebrate various festivals and do enjoy each of their parties or functions as well. With the range of diversified people living together you can find women who wear different varieties of jewellery. Whether it be gold or imitation the polki jewellery is back in to fashion. Women do love to wear these wide varieties of polki jewelries which would be suitable for any occasion which you would like to attend. These polka sets add more beauty to those who wear them. You can find wide varieties and designs of polki sets available for you in the market of varying prices. If you are the one who has grown up listening to the raaju and raanis stories then you would definitely wish to choose these amazing and luxury polki jewellery patterns.

Though you might find different patterns and qualities of jewellery in Indian culture the polki jewellery is one of the most popular items which every women would wish to have. These are known to be used by the royal people and hence many women would buy the polki jewellery sets which would come in various designs and patterns that would come within your budget. These polki jewellery sets can even be found in the imitation jewellery for those who might not be capable be spending huge amounts on gold jewellery. You might not be able to find much difference between the gold polki jewellery and imitation as well.So you can choose the best suitable polki jewellery keeping the price in your mind and enjoy the luxury of wearing the best Indian jewellery. Whether you are looking for just the polki ear rings, or finger ring, necklace, pendant, bangles, hand band or any other everything can be made using these wonderful stones.

The origin of polki jewellery

The polki jewellery comes right from the Mughals who used number of polka stones in their jewellery and it actually comes from the Gujarat and Rajasthan culture. These polki jewellery sets symbolizes the royal standard of the family. You can find heavy as well as simple and elegant polki designs to choose based on the occasion which you need to attend. Even after several decades, people still love to buy these expensive stone works which you can find in the market. Even if you are not aware about the polki jewellery you know about it by the richness that it gives you with just one glance. It provides a royal and rich look for those who wear these wonderful jewelries. Kings and queens used to wear heavy and huge sets of polki jewellery whenever they used to get ready every day. They are differentiated from others around them only with their heavy jewellery.

In order to make these wonderful and heavy, luxury polki jewellery sets, we need experts who can put the polki stones in the right way so that it would perfectly find in the jewellery and can make it most beautiful ones. This is the most popular and expensive jewellery which has been used by Mughals and queens in the history. So you can say that this polki jewellery and its craft come from hundred years old culture. Now these are used mostly for the big fat Indian wedding occasions. When you look at the ancient Indian jewellery, the Mughals would always include the polki stones in their jewellery. The polki jewellery would be the dream of every Indian women who would like to have a royal Indian wedding. So if you wish to look like a princess on your wedding day then you must make sure to include the heavy polki sets in your jewellery.


What is polki jewellery?

The uncut diamond which is not polished is known as the polka i.e. the natural form without use of any kind of chemical treatment or physical changes. You can even call them as the unfinished stones which add more look to the jewellery. The polki stones can even be called as the pure form of diamonds and are really very expensive. You can even find in most of the families that these polki jewellery is passed to generations from their ancestors. You can find different online stores where you can find huge collection of polki jewellery that would come in varying prices and according to your interests and needs. To make the polki jewellery it needs lot of craft art and skilled labor who can work with complete dedication in giving you the unique and designer jewellery.

You can even call these polki stones as the unfinished diamonds. So these are actually the uncut diamonds which are directly mined from the ground and are used the same way in making jewellery without any kind of changes. As it is used in its natural form these are very expensive and most widely used by people from different parts of the world especially the Indian women. When you compare it with a kundan it looks more shiny and attractive and more expensive also. These are widely used for the wedding jewellery as women would love to look like a princess on their big fat wedding day. The polki jewellery has been introduced to the Indian women by the Mughals and now you can find several women who wear different polki jewellery in the wedding occasions.

The polki jewellery

You can find different models and patterns of polki jewellery in the market and though almost any type of polki stone is expensive it might actually depend on the carrot, clarity and color of the stone as well. Usually when they are preparing the polki jewellery they usually keep the polki stones in gold with the use of golden foils and lac which is also called as the jadau in hindi which is nothing but embedding. These diamonds are placed in a gold foil which is also made out of gold so that they would shine when light falls on them. Then they are fused in the gold jewellery and you can even go for other additions for the jewellery such as pearls or any other stones as well based on your design and interest. The value of your jewellery mainly depends on the weight of gold that has been used, the clarity and color of stones along with its carrot.

Now a days you can see that there is a great demand for polki jewellery especially for the brides. Indian brides are showing more interest in buying the most luxurious and beautiful polki sets that would make them look the best in which ever wedding attire they might be in. Most of them are going for the polka chandbalis, polki choker and much more making a style statement wherever they go. Whether you would like to look tradition or jazzy with stylish attire the polki jewellery would best suite you in any attire. If you too want to be fashionable while wearing these polki jewellery then you can checkout the various online sources which can provide you with the best quality polki jewellery that you are in need of.


What is the average price?

Earlier Jaipur and Hyderabad were the only places where you would have obtained the best quality polki jewellery but now with the developments in technology and globalization, you can find everything in the metropolitan cities. To find the top quality and affordable polki jewellery all you need to do is to do some market research so that you would be able to find the best and reliable online source where you can enjoy buying beautiful polki jewellery that you are looking for. Now most of the jewellery stores are have the professional and experienced jewellery makers who can give their best in making your jewellery the one of the jaw dropping patterns which you can find in the market. Though these are the traditional jewellery yet you can find latest and modern designs to choose as well. So check out the huge list of online polki jewellery and choose the one that would be best in quality as well and would come within your budget.

If you want to look perfect and beautiful as never before on your wedding day then buy the right kind of polka jewellery. You can find wide range of polki jewellery which you can buy for your special day or occasion. Each jewellery piece of polki would cost you different as it all depends on the carrot, weight of gold used and the clarity and quality of stones. So if you want heavy sets of jewellery then they might cost you in lakhs and the price might depend on the heaviness of jewellery. Over the internet you can find huge collection of the most beautiful and luxury polki jewellery that every Indian women would love to wear. Let everyone appreciate your look and the amazing jewellery that you are wearing on your special day by choosing the polki jewellery from the right online source.

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