Why Rajasthani Bandhej Saree Still in Fashion?


The Rajasthani bandhej sarees are still in fashion. These are sarees of all ages and style and the stuff will make you look so ravishing in the wear. These are superior garment styles and they are worn both for parties and are also used for casual wears. The saree is sure to make you look good when you wear it the right way along with the perfect accessory. You cannot deny the conventionality of the saree. The print of the same is so unique and exceptional. The sarees are available in various shades and designs and this is the reason they go well with all complexions and suits figures of all sorts.

India is the best platform of sarees of different varieties. Here you have the perfect range of the Bandhej or bandhani sarees. Bandhej is a specific colouring technique and it is done using the method of tie and dye. This saree represents the rich textile heritage of India. The sarees come in all the bright shades of red yellow and other attractive hues. This saree falls under the category of Indian ethnic wear and you are sure to look so gorgeous in the sort of apparel. It is a great way you can look good and feel good at the same time.

Describing the Bandhani Sarees

This you can call the traditional garment of India and the same is also available in different trendy varieties. The advantage of the saree is mainly the colour of the same. The saree comes in a typical tie and dye print. Here lies the specialty of the apparel. In one saree you find several colour combinations and this makes it look so different and special from the rest. You have the exclusive bandhani saree of three different combinations of pink purple and red. The outcome of the saree is great and you can wear the same with a contrast blouse to make the saree look distinct.

You have the Faux Georgette bandhani saree of the fire colour and the entire saree is made to look great with the red dots. At certain places you have the Jaipuri touch and the quality is just right for dry wash. Rough handling of the same can spoil the quality of the textile. So, it is best that you arrange for a delicate washing to maintain the colour and the quality of the saree. Once you handle the same the right way the saree will serve you a lifetime.

You have the purple printed georgette Bandhani saree. This one comes with blouse piece and therefore you are sure to have a matching combination. The saree looks attractive with the bright purple shade and the material is fantastic to be handled with ease. The saree has a special border and the print at the border and at the anchal is just stupendous. There is an alternative design in certain parts of the saree and this is the reason you look so gorgeous in the wear. The saree bears the Rajasthani images and this is the reason the same seems so perfectly traditional.

You have the special orange chiffon bandhej saree. Chiffon is once again a manageable textile. Once you wear the saree you are made to feel so perfectly comfy. The orange colour look so bright and once you wear the same you are sure to look so well defined and attractive. This orange bandhani saree you can wear with a contrast black blouse and the contrast dark shade will help you appear so trendy and eye-catching. Orange looks great with black and this is the reason you can really opt for the contrast.


The Excellence of the Bandhani Georgette

There is the special Red printed georgette bandhani saree and it comes along with the blouse piece. This saree is available in all parts of the world and you can seek for the same online. You have all the online portals selling the exclusive sarees and you would love the way the material and the colour of the same are portrayed. This saree is suitable to wear at a casual occasion and the fashion is just right for you to follow both at a party and a personal ceremony. The material is georgette and this makes you feel so comfortable in the wear.

You are sure to look great in the pink and green printed art Silk saree of the bandhani style. The colour combination is just stupendous and the fabric of the same is smooth and stylish. The saree comes with the blouse piece and this helps you have the perfect matching wear. The colour of the blouse is green and it well matches with the main style of the saree. The material is dignified and this makes you wear the saree smartly at a party. You can select the right accessories to wear with the saree and one is sure to look so perfectly ravishing in the same.

The Bandhani Style Saree of Multicolour

There is the multi colour printed chiffon saree available in the bandhani style. Those one again comes with the blouse piece and the style is all the more unique and traditional. This is a ceremonial saree you can buy and the item is just the right one to wear at a personal occasion. The various colopur printing on the saree makes it a wonder collection. The saree is available with blouse piece. Still you can wear the same with any colour blouse. The material of the saree is all the more light and comfortable.

You can even appreciate the show and quality of the green printed chiffon saree with blouse. This is a qualitative bandhani variety and you feel so good once you wear the saree. The colour is bright and the material is pleasing. You can wash the same at ease and the material is just the right one to handle with and without care. Once again this is a traditional item for you and you can purchase the same for ceremonial reasons.

You have the special and the spectacular white and black embroidered georgette saree in the perfect bandhani style. The combination is simple and yet it is so attractive. You have a suitable blouse piece along with the saree. You can call the same a designer stuff and this is the most convenient party wear which you can have. The saree is available with embroidered pallu and the boarder is of the contrast variety. This is the perfect party wear which you can have in possession. Once you wear the saree you will have all eyes appreciating your style. The saree even has the sequins work and the material is georgette. This is the reason you can handle the same with better ease.


The Chiffon Bandhani Saree of Style

This time you can buy the maroon and beige embroidered chiffon saree. This is a perfect bandhani style and the colour of the same is rare and ravishing. The saree comes with blouse piece and the same is made with expensive chiffon. You will love the astounding boarder work of the saree and it is the right saree you can wear for a festival. The collection is exclusive and rare and on wearing the same you are sure to appear so dazzling and distinct.

You have the amazing Pherozi blue exclusive bandhani style saree. The material of the saree is purely satin. In fact, the shinny base of the same makes the saree appear exclusive and expensive. The saree comes with the hoard of happy colours from Jaipur, Jodhpur and Sikar. These are the main centres of tie and dye and the saree is made from the usage of the dyed spots. The item looks great with the touch of the traditional workmanship. This is the trendy saree you can wear and the same is sure to match your personality the right way.

You have the Cot-Silk Supernet Saree and this is of the traditional bandhani variety. You can wear the saree both at parties and functions. The saree is suitable both for weddings and cocktain parties. The item when you wear makes you look so appealing and special. The saree is soaked in all the bright colours and it comes with the sophisticated embroidery designing. The sort of embroidery includes gara, dabka and gotta patti. The saree is made to look great even with the crystals and sequins. The colour range of the saree is just too exclusive. In fact, you are made to look as the queen of the evening in the actual wear.


Bandhani is a popular handicraft in the whole of India. This work is mainly done by the Khatri community of the Kutchh. The cloth is made to have all the tiny dots through the entire body. These dots are known as Bheendi in the local accent. In particular the sarees are made to have bright colours and this is the reason they make you look so special in any kind of wear. In fact, the item makes you look too good in the wear with all the bright and the stunning shades.

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