Knotted Saree Blouse

The Knotted Saree Blouse: A Bit of Style And Lot of Oomph!

Knotted saree blouses are one of the hottest fashion trends today and there’s actually no reason why they shouldn’t be. They are trendy, stylish, hot and versatile as well. There is a plethora of these blouse designs made available for you – some of which can be paired with lehenga while the others can be paired with a saree. Our focus today is knotted saree blouse – which, it seems, has particularly caught the fancies of younger girls who love drapes. Let’s explore in the course of this post.

Blouse designs with knotted waist strap

This is the typical choli cut which renders a touch of glamour to your overall look. These blouses are generally characterized by wide openings tied together by a central knot at the waist strap. The shape of the blouse back is not exactly U but has definitive corners that add to the overall design.

Blouse Designs With Knotted Waist Strap

The Double knot designs

It will not really be an exaggeration to claim that these are the ones that lead the pack of knotted saree blouse designs at present. They are particularly sported by ladies in their twenties and early thirties. However, with the figure of a lady in her thirties, even a forty-year-old woman can carry these pieces off with aplomb. The double knot itself is the reason why this particular design stands out from all other knotted designs made available for you. The slim shoulder strap graces both the sides – finally making a U shape along with the waist strap of the piece. These pieces come with heavy latkans added with the laces so as to offer a mix of colors to the designer blouse. The dorries are added to hold both the sides together.

Double Knot Blouse Back Design

The U back neck blouses with waist strap knots

As you might have understood by now, it’s just a subtle variation of the first blouse design we have described here. These blouses also resemble the typical choli cut designs – the two sides of which have been knotted together right at the middle of the waist strap

The shoulder straps are notably thin and as they join the waist wrap, they make for a perfect U without any “corner” associated with the blouse designs with knotted straps. These blouses are deemed ideal as the party wear.

U Back Neck Blouses With Waist Strap Knots

Designs with single top knots and stone latkans

The single knot at the upper section of the blouse has laces and attractive stone latkans. The stone latkans thus added definitely comply with the color of the blouse itself. You can request your designer or tailor to render those laces in a unique fashion in order to give it a unique look. These pieces are themselves unique in their own way simply because of the fact that they are not worn by many. So they have their own exclusivity to offer you at the first place. The waist strap itself is a bit different from that of the others since it is not notably straight at the first place. So, that adds a touch of uniqueness as well!

Single Top Knots And Stone Latkans Blouse Design

The backless double knot blouses with golden borders

This one remains devoid of any waist strap whatsoever. The golden border- needless to say- appends to the gorgeous overall appearance of yours. Without the waist strap the sides of the blouse reach out to each other once they reach the waistline. Once again, the dorries are used to hold the sides together. There are dorries in the neck region as well.

So, what’s your pick today? A knotted saree blouse can actually do wonders to your ensemble if you are careful enough to pick one with prudence.

Backless Double Knot Blouses With Golden Borders


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