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Maintain Your Ethnicity With Gorgeous Ethnic Bottoms

Ethnicity is basically a part of life that stands out from the western counterparts. In fact, these dresses give the wearers an edge over others than just making them look well dressed. Ethnic dresses also define the traditionalism of the wearers while bringing out the Indians in them to a great extent. The best thing about these ethnic attires is that these can be worn everywhere starting from home to office and from wedding to a casual trip.

Ethnic bottoms are just inseparable from the ethnic wears and these ethnic bottoms are capable of making loads of difference to the overall look of the wearer. So, there is no requirement of wearing dresses or shorts always to flaunt your leg contours. The ethnic bottoms can also perform this task beautifully. The salwars, leggings or harem pants worn with nice kurtis or kameezes will perfectly accentuate your curves.

The ethnic bottom wears have gone through a long series of evolution in the fashion world. As a result, some have become archaic and some have come up with new styles. But the main thing is that having these ethnic bottoms is a must to look fashionable, trendy and to leave a lasting impression even after being sober and simple.

A few things about ethnic bottom wears:

Ethnic bottom mainly refers to the conventional bottom wears worn mainly by people, who belong to a specific culture or group. Wearing these bottoms with ethnic uppers is ideal in different religious and traditional ceremonies. Besides, ethnic bottoms also come in modern designs so that these can be worn for different occasions and in various settings. Ethnic bottoms don’t only add stylish dimensions to the wardrobes of modern women, but these also instantly offer a slimming and feminine edge to almost any and every body type.

Common types of ethnic bottom for women are leggings, harem pants, churidars, salwars, patialas etc.

Details of some ethnic bottoms for women:

  1. Leggings: Even after being an ethnic bottom, these pants work as the most happening and the hottest fashion trends these days. While paired with casual and simple kurtis, the leggings can change into a perfect style statement. All you need to do here is to choose the right leggings, which will enhance your elegance and sophistication while suiting with the kurtis of your preference beautifully.
  2. Harem pants: This is another example of ethnic bottom for women, which were mostly worn by women in Middle East in the ancient time. Harem pants have really long way since that period and now these have become a great fashion necessity. Whether you want to wear these as trendy ethnic ensembles or casual wears, the harem pants with the stylish flares are a must in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman.
  1. Salwars: These are the commonest type of ethnic bottom available for women. While paired with any contrast or matching kameez, these can make appealing and complete outfits. Besides, one can also add feminine edge to the overall look by pairing these salwars with tunics or kurtis or with vibrant patialas. These days, there are a number of exquisitely designed salwar pants available in the stores, which come with consummately stitched pleats.
  1. Dhoti pants: These used to be one type of classic male clothing accessory till a few years back, but nowadays, these have become one of the most popular fashion accessories for women. Apart from offering an edgy style, these pants are also really comfortable to wear.
  1. Traditional skirts: These skirts are a perfect example of showing up the ethnic flair. These can be worn almost anywhere. It means, you can even wear these while partying. You just need to pair these with the right accessories and these will surely make heads turn your way.
  1. Patiala pants: These pants are said to be one of the most popular contributions of Punjab to Indian fashion. Being elegant and unique, these pants have almost become a staple in the closet of every fashionista. It is also possible to experiment your looks with these Patiala pants. To do this, you have to team these pants up with crop tops and ethnic short jackets on the tops. This way, you will be able to create an effortlessly stylish look. Apart from that, these pants also go perfectly with dress shirts, ethnic kurtis, maxi tops or even with oversized sweaters. In case you want to create a fusion with these pants, then just wear an over sized blazer.

Few rules to wear the right ethnic bottom for yourself:

Ethnic bottoms can be of different types. So, no matter which one you choose, you have to keep in mind one thing that the bottom wear should sync properly with the upper. For instance, in case you are wearing a Patiala pant, then teaming it up with a short kurta will definitely accentuate your appeal. On the contrary, in case you are planning to wear leggings or churidar, then a slightly long kurta will go perfectly with it. Harem pants are a little different in this case. You can easily create fusions with these pants by pairing these with sleeveless tops or tank tops. In this case, the secret of selecting the right tops is to ensure that these match perfectly with the ethnic bottoms that you are going to wear. Without the perfect combination or perfect match, your entire look can become sour.

But in all the cases, you must accessorize your looks with matching jewelries and the right footwear.


So, in conclusion, it can be said that the ethnic bottoms are capable of complimenting the western styles and designs seamlessly. This fusion makes this attire a completely creative puzzle where each piece has numerous possible matches. This way, the ethnic bottoms can reinvent your wardrobe by offering a great experience of shopping. Besides, these bottoms also allow people to experiment with various bold designs as this is all about pushing your personality to match to that daring attitude, which you carry.

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