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Statement Sleeves – Things To Know

These days, statement sleeves have almost become a staple trend of the shirt in every trendy girl’s wardrobe. Although this looked like a passing trend in the beginning, soon it became the preferred choice of the fashionistas.

The popularity of the statement sleeves:

Now the present season is entirely about the statement sleeves. Starting from extra long and bell shaped to cold and balloon shoulder, the statement sleeves are complete attention to grab and these are also stealing the spotlight completely. Although the trend of statement sleeves is recurrent since the period of Victorians, the modern present day version of this trend allows the wearers to explore the gamut with numerous varieties in this style like peasant sleeves, puffy bishop sleeves and the drapier varieties like the bell and trumpet sleeves.

Bollywood Divas In Statement Sleeves

Here comes a sneak peek of the hottest looks of statement sleeves, which you must add to your wardrobe to get a trendy look.

Different styles of statement sleeves:

Bishop sleeves:

In case you want to flaunt a feminine and soft look, then the bishop sleeves are the best option that you can flaunt. These sleeves are mainly spotted on different types of dresses where this sleeve style compliments the dresses so that these can stand out. This style mainly balloons out towards the lower arms before meeting into the cuff placed at the area of the wrist. Therefore, this style looks great in the sheer fabrics like lace designs and chiffon.

Bishop Sleeves

Bell sleeves:

This is one of the major trends to come out of the fashion weeks of the recent times. These sleeves are fitted on the shoulder part and flaring towards the wrist, the bell sleeve was quite similar to like it was before. But there are no bohemian or hippy references here. Rather, the bell sleeve is utterly chic and modern. Starting from cool tops and quirky knits to sleek dresses, the bell sleeves are considered to be a great piece of fashion that can be added even to a simple outfit. The bell sleeves with extra wide flares and made of structured and modern materials and the bell sleeves with ruffle designs and flares, which tie at the bottom part of the elbow are the major styles in this season. The best styling option of bell sleeve is to keep other parts of the look minimal. It means a simple line in the neutral color palette is the thing that you should consider to style up the bell sleeves.

Bell Sleeves

Flounce sleeves:

Although these sleeves are quite similar to the bell sleeves, these are actually more feminine and subtle. Basically, this style is formed by adding a separate circular cut material to the sleeves. This thing produces a ruffle like an effect, which gives these sleeves the needed flare. The best thing about the flounce sleeves is that these are available in numerous sizes. So, you can choose your own as per your personal preferences. Like there are the simple and small designs, which is flared out lightly in the direction of the wrist and there are also the striking types of flounce sleeves with large flounces that are added to the elbows. Both of these types are in trend and are also making statements in an own way. Usually, being dramatic and large, the flounce sleeves are best suited to the standout dresses.

Flounce Sleeves

Extra-long sleeves:

Although this is not a practical style, at present, the extra-long sleeves are completely in fashion. Appearing stretched out and oversized, these sleeves have made a cool and “rough around the edges” statements for different types of fashion outfits of the present time. Even these sleeves have taken the place on the delicate tops, button-up shirts, glamorous dresses and even casual knitwear. Like other types of statement attires, dresses with this type of sleeves also look great while paired with the basic items like black pants or a simple pair of blue jeans.

Extra-Long Sleeves

Ruffle sleeves:

If you want something different than the flounce sleeves, you can opt instead for the ruffle sleeves- which are also statement makers. This sleeve style is also known for the attention loving, fun and loud features. Due to these reasons, these sleeves are spotted a lot at the recent fashion shows. All one needs to do is to select a number of ruffles and the sizes to get special variations on this style. So, whether you like ruffles, which cover up the sleeve entirely or those where the ruffles start from elbows, these sleeves offer the perfect style statement that you need. The best option for pairing the tops or shirts with ruffled sleeves is simple straight leg and cropped trousers. This style will make the entire look super chic and stylish. Don’t forget to keep your look minimal with this statement sleeve.

Ruffle Sleeves

Cold shoulder sleeves:

This is one of the most popular as well as one of the most fashionable statement sleeves available at the present time. In fact, this style is just ideal for women, who prefer to show off a little less of skin as this just flashes skin of the upper parts of arms. The cold shoulder sleeves look chic and modern as this is almost like a regular design of sleeves with cutouts at the shoulder. Although this style is less popular than the off-shoulder sleeves, this looks more practical as there is more support. Besides, here the sleeves can be looser as well. So, there is no worry about the top slipping down or sleeves slipping up. Apart from being practical, this sleeve style makes the dresses look gorgeous. And these dresses just look perfect while paired with flowing and long silhouettes.

Cold Shoulder Sleeve Saree Blouse

Off-shoulder sleeves:

This style of sleeves has been in trend for a quite long time and it is getting trendier in the recent time. This is actually a sexy style of sleeves that offers a delicate yet daring flare of the skin of the shoulders. Therefore, this style looks really eye-catching and feminine. This statement style of sleeves is just perfect for the holidays or for the Sunday brunch. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation or have packed the bags, you must have dresses and tops with off-shoulder sleeves in your cabinet. The best thing about these sleeves is that there is a range of varieties from where you can choose. The popular ones include feminity of design with pretty ruffles, soft fabrics, and beautiful patterns.

Off-Shoulder Sleeves

Fur sleeves:

This is a style of statement sleeves, which is ideal to unleash in the chilly weather. Although this style looks chic, at the same time, it has a wow factor. Here the heavy amount of fluffy texture forms a focal point instantly for the entire outfit that commands attention. All one needs to do is to add in the bold color and it is just impossible to look away from this bold style of sleeves. This is also a great alternative to boring and plain designs. All one needs to do is to pair dresses with this statement sleeve with some simple fabrics.

Fur Sleeves Pattern

Layered sleeves:

Although this is not an actual sleeve type, with the layered sleeves it is actually possible to convert a regular sleeve into a complete statement one. While ruffles and garner sleeves are more popular, the layer sleeves are evenly stylish. At first appearance, this sleeve style looks really simple, but in reality, this style is really complex. Apart from using the dresses, which are there in your wardrobe already, the layered sleeves need some effort to get right. So, you can start with the color palette and choose both neutral and similar colors in various shades. Then complete the look with desired shape and length and keep in mind that you should only wear shorter and thicker sleeve on top.

Layered Sleeves Saree Blouse

Balloon sleeves:

This is considered as another important statement sleeve, which you must have in your wardrobe. While the extra long sleeves get stretched out, the balloon sleeves are generally puffed up to be wide and short. Here the circled style is drawn together at the end; therefore the overall shape is quite similar to the semi-deflated balloons. So, this unique style of the sleeve includes the right proportion in such a manner, which is really different to other styles of statement sleeves. The baggy design of these sleeves looks just great while the outfit is coupled with a straight, wide leg or cropped pants and a fitted bodice.

Balloon Sleeves Blouse

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