Dupatta In Latest Trend

Top 17 Types of Dupatta in Latest Trend

Every Indian woman has a really emotional and intense relationship with dupattas. Dupattas are not only used to cover body or heads of women, but these are also used as a fashion statement to make Indian attires like Ghagra Cholis, Anarkalis, Salwar Suits or Lahengas beautiful. Without the right dupatta, these attires look incomplete. Besides, the dupattas also work as a cumbersome accessory for those women, who struggle to wear Indian attires thinking whether these look good on them or not.

According to the fashion designers, the dupattas are known for adding grace to even a simple looking Salwar Kameez. The best thing about the dupattas is that these are available in different colors, styles, sizes, fabrics, and lengths to match with the style of different types of dresses. So, the wearers can choose the dupattas as per their own preferences. In some cases, the dupattas are also customized as per the requirements.

Types of dupattas that can change the style quotient:

  1. Georgette dupatta: Georgette is one of the easy breezy staples in the wardrobe of any woman. Georgette is basically considered as the fabric for spring, summer and also for the happy days of the year. So, with the floral printed georgette dupattas, you can get the best of your spirits. These dupattas are mainly light in weight and also feature a bit transparent texture. These dupattas are mainly available with print patterns, light lace works and pom poms to enhance the overall looks of these dupattas. But heavy works can shatter the beauty of these delicate dupattas.
    Georgette Dupatta
  2. Net dupatta: This is a must have dupatta style for every woman, who wants to wear the traditional Indian attire in a trendy way. These dupattas are available with a sheer texture and these are also light in weight. Besides, in most of the cases, this type of dupatta is adorned with chikan Kaari, floral patchwork or some amount of embroidery.
    Net Dupatta
  3. Pasmina dupatta: Pashmina is one kind of art that is originated in Kashmir. The pashmina dupattas mainly include prints, which are mainly known as the Kashmiri art. These dupattas can add great elegance to the appeal of the wearer and this can, therefore, bring oodles of compliments to the wearer. Apart from being really elegant, these dupattas are also really comfortable and can keep one warm during the cold winter days. As these dupattas offer a natural sheen, therefore these are hot favorites during events and concerts.
    Pasmina Dupatta
  4. Benarasi silk dupatta: This type of dupatta is considered as the royal picks for different lavish events as these are quite heavy and made for special occasions only. But in some cases, the minimal worked yet sophisticated dupattas can be used for the casual events. Besides, this type of dupatta can also be used for layering.
    Benarasi Silk Dupatta
  5. Velvet dupatta: This is the ideal winter partner and also the perfect dream for the brides. In other words, this can be said that these dupattas are the perfect style accessories for women, who look for something royal, luxe and lavish. As these dupattas are heavy and therefore these can’t be veiled overhead. So, a complete velvet dupatta is really tough and heavy to carry and therefore, it is better to opt for the mix and match velvet dupattas. Apart from that, you can also opt for velvet dupattas with less patchwork.
    Velvet Dupatta
  6. Chiffon dupatta: This is another beautiful substance to flirt with. This fabric is actually quite similar to Georgette and this dupatta type also showcases the easy breezy nature. These dupattas are very light in weight and also look flimsy. Therefore, these are ideal for summer and spring days. Besides, these dupattas are also really soft to touch and therefore these look great in the photo shoots. But excessively embroidered chiffon dupattas don’t look good.
    Chiffon Dupatta
  7. Zardousi dupattas: This is a persi art, which was brought to India. Previously, zardousi attires were used to prepare the dresses of kings, queens and the royal people. But now this works as a fashion spree among all the fashion enthusiasts. So, the zardousi dupattas showcase complex floral, leaf and natural motifs along with some great looking contemporary geometric patterns.
    Zardousi Work Dupattas
  8. Pom pom dupattas: Pom pom is a popular trend of the present time. This trend is now also available in the dupattas. In fact, pom pom dupattas are now in high demand to create contemporary dupattas because of the quirky looks that these offer. So, in case you prefer to add some style yet fun in dressing, then adding this type of dupatta to your ethnic wear is a must.
    Pom Pom Dupattas
  9. Ikat dupatta: In the ikat dupattas, the patterns are mainly created by binding every thread and then these threads are altered to come up with new patterns and these are dyed to form new designs. The comfortable fabric and great designs on these dupattas make these really popular among women. Although these dupattas are not actually pompous or bright, these look really sophisticated.
    Ikat Dupatta
  10. Kalamkari dupatta: Kalamkari is basically a block printed or hand painted technique available in the industry of textiles. This type of dupatta is mainly made with cotton material. Due to the beautiful nature of this dupatta type, it looks great even with the plain kurtis and kameez types. The most popular styles of Kalamkari kurtis include:
    Kalamkari Dupatta
  • Sri Kalahasti style
  • Masulipatnam Kalamkari
  • Karrupur style
  1. Tussar silk dupatta: This is mainly a silk made dupatta type. The fabric and its yellowish brown shade are mostly preferred by women. The dull texture of these dupattas also radiates an antique gold like texture, which is ideal for prints and raw embroidery or patterns.
    Tussar Silk Dupatta
  2. Chanderi dupatta: These dupattas are available with sheer adhere, light in weight texture and great luxurious feel. Besides, these also feature shimmering texture and therefore this style is a hot favorite of the present day stars. These dupattas are mainly weaved and crafted in a small town of Madhya Pradesh.
    Chanderi Dupatta
  3. Madhubani dupatta: This style is more like euphoria for the fashion enthusiasts and art lovers. Like as the Madhubani style salwar suits or sarees, the Madhubani dupattas have also gained a great popularity among the fashion enthusiasts in and outside India.
    Madhubani Dupatta
  4. Kantha embroidered dupatta: This is a popular style of embroidered dupatta that showcases different types of images and prints that depict the world of Vedic time. Therefore, this dupatta is really popular among the fashionistas in different parts of India.
    Kantha Embroidered Dupatta
  5. Cotton silk dupatta: This type of dupatta is a great blend of cotton and silk fabrics. The best thing about these dupattas is that these are lightweight, are really comfortable and also have a silky touch. Besides, these dupattas are really durable and these also have a soft-handed feel.
    Cotton Silk Dupatta
  6. Buti or booti work dupatta: This dupatta style showcases decoration and the delicate designing of different natural events and elements. Besides, in some cases, these dupattas include nature or religion linked to these dupattas. This beautiful style has always been loved and cherished by both the atheists and theists. These dupattas also feature intricate design either on all over the bodies of the dupattas or on the borders. In some cases, sitaras or stars hang loosely from the borders of these dupattas. Mostly copper and cotton threads are used in these dupattas to bring out the vehement artwork.
    Booti Work Dupatta
  7. Patachitra painted dupatta: This dupatta style is the pride of India and this is really popular across the globe. This type of dupatta includes the styles of manuscript printing, wall painting, painting on cloth and palm-leaf etching. Besides, these dupattas also showcase beautiful pictures of common people and their regular lifestyle. The main fabrics used in this type of dupatta include silk and cotton. This type of dupatta also has a rich and raw texture, which flatter the beauty of the wearers.
    Painted Dupatta

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