Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, the sheer fabric is just in. And while it comes to the see-though attires, nothing can be more sensual than the sheer sarees. At the present time, the sheer sarees have become really popular like as the sheer tops, dresses, gowns etc.

Sheer Top

Among the latest styles of sarees, the sheer saree is a type, which can adorn the personality of the wearer successfully. Being really lightweight and easy to carry, these sarees have become a really popular choice for the 21st century women.

Lightweight Sheer Saree

So, in case you are one of the modern women, in search of some Indian wear with the latest chic style, then the sheer sarees or the sheer fabric sarees is just for you. The sheer sarees are always popular with the fashionistas and these also ensure to create the ethereally feminine look.

What makes these sarees so popular?

Nothing can be sexier and more feminine than the fluid sheer drapes. These days, the sarees have completely transformed from the translucent look to completely sheer and sometimes a combination of both while giving an artistic touch to the wearer’s look. Sheer sarees in silver or gold is just perfect for offering a fashionable look to the wearer while allowing the person to stand out in the crowd. Besides, the sheer sarees also include some embroidery both in the body and the drape to keep the bareness away.

Latest Sheer Saree

The lightweight feel of these sarees are just perfect for the summer parties or events and at the same time, these sarees are also known for adding a bit of sensuality to the overall attire. The material of these sarees offers a completely natural glitz to the sarees while giving the wearer the look and feel to turn others heads naturally.

Party Wear Sheer Saree

Celebs in sheer sarees:

As one of the latest fashion trends, the sheer sarees are really popular in Bollywood. Quite a few celebs have been seen wearing this type of saree and some of the names include: Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukherjee and Payel Rohatgi. Besides, the actresses of the TV serials have also made this saree style really popular. In fact, these sarees have become a dynamic tradition by offering a touch of glamour in the oldest traditional wear of India.

Celebs In Sheer Sarees

Sheer sarees in the wedding:

As sheer sarees are mostly made of lightweight fabrics like georgette, chiffon, super net and organza, the transparency of these sarees is just ideal for almost any kind of embroidery. Apart from being really gorgeous, the features like comfortable and light make these sarees almost effortless to style. As the engagement ceremonies mainly call for some trendy yet lighter pick, therefore the sheer sarees can be one of the best options for this occasion. Besides, you can also flaunt the understated style with a light sheer fabric at any evening soiree or casual dinner after marriage.

Wedding Sheer Sarees

Few tips for wearing the sheer saree:

  1. You should have the perfect figure to flaunt the completely sheer saree.
    Sheer Saree For Slim Body Type
  2. In case you don’t have the perfect body, but want to give a try to the sheer fabric, then you can go for opaque and sheer combination sarees where the opaque parts will hide the problematic areas of your figure successfully.
    Sheer Saree For Plus Size Body
  3. Maintenance is the key in case of the sheer sarees. Sometimes, these can be really difficult to wear.Saree Draping Of Sheer Saree


So, it is obvious that the sheer sarees can give the wearer a serious dressing up goal for the events on the social calendar. As the wedding season is ringing in really close, the sheer saree is the ideal style quotient that you would need. Just pair the sheer saree with a well fitted cold shoulder blouse or off-shoulder crop top and you will be able to steal the limelight. Besides, a light statement jewelry piece will do wonder by complementing your overall look.

Sleeveless With Sheer Saree

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