Different Jewellery For Diwali

Trendy Jewellery Idea for Women this Diwali Season

[fusion_text]Diwali is a celebration of life. It brings peace and joy to the masses. Also known as festival of lights, Diwali is one of the most cherished festivals for the people in India. This grand festival is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after the exile of fourteen years. The houses are cleaned and white-washed and the people wear new attires and accessories. In the great hustle and bustle of this festivity, people love to socialize and exchange gifts with their friends and relatives.  Diwali is in fact that time of the year when people do not miss a chance to flaunt their fashion sense and get dressed to amaze others.  Since the festival starts a week-long, it gives you an ample of scope to glam up in your traditional outfits and matching jewellery. Pairing the right jewellery with your elegant costumes will make you dazzle this Diwali.

Not only in the recent years, has the trend and fashion for adorning intricate and beautiful designs of jewellery come up, it has been ever since. But with the evolution of time, designers and jewelers are working every bit of their efforts to satisfy the hyped demand of varied styles of jewellery. Their efforts have proved to be successful and fruitful. So, designer and unique patterns have come up to suit the tastes and preferences of budding population. Nowadays, people wish to adorn jewellery in various metals such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies and other precious and not so precious gems or stones.

With lots of jewellery patterns and designs coming up in trend, you may be in dilemma regarding what type of jewellery will give you the absolute chic and gorgeous look. Here are some of the jewellery ideas that will help you capture the mesmerizing and stunning gaze this Diwali season:

  • Ethic designer jewellery: The festival like Diwali calls for something ethnic and traditional, be it in case of jewellery or outfit. So, ethnic traditional jewellery outshines with your traditional sarees or suits or lehengas. You can wear heavy and bold designs in gold and silver, studded with precious stones that match your pretty attires. Go for trendy bracelets, bangles, armlets, maang tikkas, belly chains, chokers, necklaces, etc. that will make your attire look complete and perfect for the festivity.
    Ethic designer jewellery
  • Gold jewellery: The scintillating golden jewellery has never failed to allure the jewellery lovers. With the ever evolving patterns and designs, the artisans and goldsmiths have made best of their efforts to provide the clients the type and style they ask for. In the recent past, diamond jewellery was the symbol of elite class, but again, golden jewellery has taken u-turn and acquired the gaze of people from every class and caste. Golden jewellery can be paired and contrasted with various other metals and mixture of unique and different style of jewellery is obtained that has the perfect majestic and royal look.
    Gold jewellerys
  • Kundan jewellery: This type of jewellery absolutely complements your festive look. Mix of gold and Kundan is total stunner and purest from of metal that will make you appear royal and goes well with every type of outfit. It has been in fashion from long time and is equally liked by women from all age groups. If your outfit is heavy, go for delicate designs in Kundan. On the other hand, if you are wearing simple and elegant attire, choose bold and heavy Kundan pieces for the d-day.
    Kundan Jewellery
  • Polki jewellery: Since everyone is fond of jewellery, be it rich or poor. Besides giving a fabulous look, Polki is something which is not so costly and can be adorned by almost anyone. When paired with colorful stones and gems, a totally modern and different look of this type of jewellery is highlighted which is not only mesmerizing but also a stunning style which you will definitely wish to acquire.
    Polki Jewellery
  • Temple jewellery: Temple jewellery, originated in South India, has been in fashion since long. People wish to possess such type of jewellery both for themselves as well as their deities. It is a bit expensive type of jewellery as it involves delicate and unique designing. The images and designs of Gods and Goddesses are carved and intricate on the pieces of gold or silver. Nowadays, bold and heavy designs are preferred and will prove to be the trend setter this Diwali season.  
    Temple Jewellery
  • Blend of traditional and modern jewellery: Based on your attire, you can choose the type of jewellery that goes perfectly well for the festival. Opt for silver or platinum base with diamonds studded in unique and graceful patterns. The blend of modern and traditional jewellery pairs perfectly with your Indo western attires or gowns. Rock this combination at any of your Diwali parties and leave the heads of the masses turning at your gaze.
    Diamond Jewellery
  • Layered and contemporary combo: The layered jewellery has been back in trend. With a unique gaze, this type of jewellery has likeliness from almost all age groups of women. Gold and silver metals are paired together to get a different and exceptional piece. Stun your peeps and masses with a glamorous layered yet contemporary jewellery.
    Layered Jewellery
  • Silver or white golden jewellery: Less costly than gold, silver is a metal that also gives a perfect gaze and suits well for Diwali season. Popular among youth, beautiful and intricate designing has been made available in exclusive showrooms and even online. Delicate or heavy silver jewellery can be spotted and adorned this Diwali with your glamorous attires.
    White Gold Jewellery

The craze and charm of the people to buy jewellery near the festival of Diwali is not something new. Also, a special day befalls Diwali, known as Dhanteras, which is particularly for buying jewellery and it is considered to be a sign of good omen. So, this Diwali adorn your favorite outfits and attires and pair them with ever stylish and extraordinary designer jewellery to stun your friends and relatives. Wear beautiful and look like a diva.[/fusion_text]

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