Ways to Drape Dupatta to Reflect Style with Elegance

Style and elegance are the essence of a modern woman and every woman desires to wear the most beautiful dresses on parties and special occasions. However, no person can afford to wear a new set of clothes for every party that he or she attends and therefore, need to repeat their dresses very often.

After you have worn all your dresses a few times, it is the time to start complimenting a part of one dress with another to give a brand new look to the old dress but nothing will change your look better and faster than a dupatta. You can drape the dupatta with your Anarkali suit, a lehngas, a designer saree and start looking absolutely fresh with a new dress altogether.

Some people consider dupatta just an accessory but it is not so because dupatta is not only an important part of the dress but at times becomes more fashionable and eye catching than the dress itself. Just like draping a sari is an art that needs perfection and thought, similarly draping a dupatta is also an art for it makes not only the dress complete but also creates a style that often makes you a sought after person in the party.

Dupattas or chunnis can be draped in a variety of ways. From being draped around the neck to being draped around the waist, the dupatta can be used in different way to reflect style and elegance. Different places have their typical and traditional ways of draping dupattas that become a typical style to be associated with dresses and each place has something special that is not found elsewhere.

Here are some of the ways to drape dupatta to reflect style with elegance:

The Neck Wrap:

This style of dupatta draping allows you to focus the main features of your outfit and the dupatta serving just as an accessory. Draping dupatta like a scarf adds to the glamour of your look and offers elegance to the dress.


Off- Shoulder Wrap:

This style of dupatta drape is classy and stylish and the modern and stylish women often use this style for their upscale parties to show-off their persona. This is a stylish way of showing off your fabulous dupatta wherein you pin the dupatta in the shape of a vest covering part of the blouse or salwar and adjusted to your arms or shoulders as desired.


The Drooped Loop Style:

This is a fabulous style to drape the dupatta where you fold the dupatta in a thin line and the dupatta falls till the bottom of the skirt. The dupatta is pinned at the top and has low folds at the bottom showing off its patterns. Since the dupatta is pinned it gives a graceful effect to the woman wearing it.

Drooped Loop Style

Over the Head:

This is the classic style of draping dupatta and is usually used in weddings by both the Hindus and the Muslims.  This style of drape has several variations where the dupatta is pinned and the way the dupatta flows down depending on the culture and society. This style adds to the elegance and beauty of the bride.

Over the Head Saree Drape

The Diagonal Drape:

This is the easy going style that is used mostly by working women and college going girls as this style is hassle free and shows off the beauty of the dupatta and also the outfit.

The Diagonal Drape Saree

The Elbow Drape:

This is a classy style of draping the dupatta that is sophisticated and requires constant attention to avoid spilling incident. In this style of drape it highlights your arms and displays your outfit and is one of the sophisticated ways used by Asian women.

Elbow Drape Saree

The Side Sweep Drape:

This is the classic style of wearing a dupatta in which both the style of the dupatta and the outfit are displayed. The style is easy and you just have to pin the dupatta to your blouse and let it hang loose. You can wear this style with lehngas, ghagra as it gives a waterfall effect at the back of the outfit. This style is eye catching as it adds volume to the outfit and brings class to the ensemble.

Side Sweep Drape Saree

Front Drape Style:

If your dupatta is one which you wish to showoff, this is just the right style where you lay the dupatta on both the shoulders with the dupatta draping below the neck. As both the ends are in your hands there is no chance of an accident. This is a timeless style that adds grace and style to your outfit.

Front Drape Style Saree

The Double Drape:

With this style of draping dupatta you certainly catch a lot of eyes as this style offers a completely different look than most other ladies in the get-together. In this style of drape you drape two dupattas instead of one. One dupatta is draped over the head and the other on the arm. This style is most stylish as you can try various different variations with this style.

In one variation you can have one spread across your chest in your arms and the other one on your head. In another, you can have one pleated nicely on the side and the second dupatta draped like a saree.  In another yet you can drape one on the head and the other brought from the back to front in Guajarati style. Then again you can use two dupattas with contrasting colors. You drape one dupatta on the head that is of the same color as the outfit and the other contrasting color dupatta from behind in your arms.

Double Drape Saree

The Princess Veil:

Just like a royal princess wearing a 20 feet long veil with her wedding gown that flows behind her as she walks, you can also wear your wedding gown or lehngas with such a dupatta that flows behind you as you walk.

Princess Veil Drape

The Centered Veil:

This is different way of draping a dupatta. In this style the dupatta is centered on your head and is allowed to effortlessly flow back with covering just part of your head to show off your hairstyle and jewelry. With this style you can easily show your jewelry and also your ensemble.

The Cape Style:

This style allows you to wear the dupatta in a cape style with it being draped like a cape across the back and shoulders. The style is classy as it shows the style and intricacies of your dupatta without covering much of your outfit.

Cape Style Saree

The Inverted Loop:

Just like you drape the dupatta from the front, in this style you drape the dupatta from the back. With this style you loop the dupatta behind your shoulders and drape it like a diagonal style but with the sophisticated part of the dupatta in your arms to give a royal look.

Anarkali style:

This is the classic style of draping dupatta where you drape it in the U style with both ends of the drape pinned to both shoulders. This style goes best with Anarkali style of suits, lehngas and saris.

Anarkali style drape

The Bengali Style:

This is a very gorgeous style of draping dupatta and is used by many Bollywood actresses in movies. In this style the pallu comes from the front and a small segment of the sari is left hanging towards the back. This style goes best with saris, lehngas and designer churidar suits.

Bengali Style saree

Punjabi Style:

Just like the Anarkali style, in this style also both the ends of the dupatta rest on one shoulder each and the rest is left to hang in the middle.

Assamese Style:

This style of draping dupatta looks very gorgeous and is draped with just a knot to hold the dupatta. The dupatta is draped close to the neck and is usually worn for convenience in dancing.

Assamese Style Saree

Pakistani Style:

This style of draping dupatta is commonly used by Pakistani women in their occasions. The dupatta is draped over the head to the wrist. This style of drape goes well with a prominent maang- tikka. You can also drape the dupatta with pleats in the front and on the wrist. This style is best suited for women wearing sharara or an anarkali suit for the occasion.

Pakistani Style Saree

Guajarati Style Drape:

This style is also known as traditional Guajarati style where the dupatta is draped across the chest of the woman and is wrapped around a waist band. You can use the same dupatta to cover your head or else take another smart dupatta to cover the head.

Guajarati Style Drape Saree

Belted Dupatta Style:

This style of draping dupatta is used predominantly by south Indian women where the dupatta is worn with belts embellished beautifully. These types of dupatta have become very sought after and trendy down south with women looking for them to wear as accessories as well.

Belted Dupatta Style Saree

Side Style

This is a very fashionable and trendy way of draping your dupatta where you pin the dupatta to your blouse at the shoulder and let it pleat beautifully along your side. This style goes best with Ghagra- cholis, lehngas and saris.

Side Style Saree

So, with the large variety of dupattas and different ways to drape them, you can easily reflect your style and elegance.

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