Dhoti Pants

10 Perfect Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants

Girls can make dressing a complete fun with some simple yet tricky twists. They are also well aware of how to get the way out, whether it the work place, home of gossip. Flaunting dhoti pants is one such trend, which has grabbed the limelight recently in the fashion corridor. Dhoti, which was a traditional bottom wear for Indian men, is no longer just a part of man fashion, but now it has become a great fashion twist, which the girls are flaunting happily.

Dhoti pants are in!

These Indian originated pants have come of age and at the present time, numerous features have added to these pants like exotic prints, vibrant colors, innovative fabrics etc. to enhance the creativity. With this great variation of colorful and casual looks of these pants, these can be worn anywhere irrespective of the occasion. Besides, these pants are light enough and therefore these allow the skin to combat heat and breath. All these factors have made these pants to breach the global fashion border and therefore these pants are now even seen on the fashion ramps abroad.

How many ways you can wear them?

Believe it or not, the best part about dhoti pants is that these are super versatile and therefore these can be worn in different ways. This article describes all these ways:

  • Pair the pant with a crop top: To get a casual look, the printed dhoti pants can be paired with solid colored crop tops. Along with that, you will need a pair of flat kolhapuri chappals to complete the look.Pant With Crop Top
  • Pair the pant with a cape top: In order to make the dhoti pants dressier, it can be paired with an embellished cape and top and the entire look will immediately change into a glamorous one.
    Dhoti Pant With Cape Top
  • Pair it with a peplum top: To get an illusion of smaller waist and good height, the dhoti pants can be paired with peplum tops. Complete the look then in a dressier option by wearing heeled sandals.
    Dhoti Pant With Peplum Top
  • Pair the dhoti pant with a maxi top: A long tunic or a maxi top is a wonderful piece of clothing to pair the dhoti pants with. These tops can actually accentuate the fall and texture of the pants and therefore look really stylish.
    Dhoti Pant With Maxi Top
  • Pair the pant with a draped dupatta: Do you want to add a twist over that crop top, which you just paired with a dhoti pant? Then just drape one contrast dupatta over your outfit like a saree to enjoy a more fusion vibe.
    Dhoti Pant With Draped Dupatta
  • Pair the pant with regular kurti: In case you want to flaunt a casual look, then team up your favorite long or short kurti with your dhoti pants. Then accessorize the look with matching silver jewelry pieces.
    Dhoti Pant With Regular Kurti
  • Pair the dhoti pant with a white shirt: This is a complete fusion outfit, which can also be worn as a workwear with just a simple twist. To do this, you can wear your preferred white shirt with a solid colored dhoti pant and then complete the look with matching sandals.
    Dhoti Pant With White Shirt
  • Pair the pant with a tank top: This is the ideal option for a hot and humid summer day. Combine the dhoti pant with fitted tank top and a pair of flat and comfortable sandals. You can also add an embroidered belt on the outfit to add more drama to the overall look.
    Dhoti Pants With Tank Top
  • Pair the pant with an asymmetrical kurta: In case you pair your dhoti pant with a tunic or kurta with an asymmetrical hemline, then it will bring a totally dramatic look.Dhoti Pant With Asymmetrical Kurta
  • Pair the dhoti pant with embroidered jacket: Want to flaunt a bold avatar? Then combine your silk dhoti pant with a embroidered, contrast colored jacket and you will be party ready instantly.
    Dhoti Pant With Embroidered Jacket

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