Peplum Dress With Panache

Wear Your Peplum Dress With Panache

Peplum is back to fashion with a modern twist and therefore it looks more interesting and simpler now. It is available in different forms both more demure and bolder shapes and therefore it is no more considered as a detail to get scared of. Now Peplum is available in different forms like tops and skirts, jackets and elegant dresses, pants and blouses, jumpsuits and even shorts. Thanks to these variations, there are a number of ways to wear Peplum. But before you opt for this attire, let’s get some details about this attire and how to wear this with style.

Essential information

Peplum is basically an essentially feminine attire and it is also a wonderful way to flaunt the shapely curves. These dresses are body hugging and therefore it needs to have a perfectly shaped body to flaunt these dresses with style. So, while you want to wear this type of exclusive outfit, you must take cue from the leading fashionistas of this industry. Otherwise, Peplum dress fashion can turn out to be a complete disaster.

This article offers some wonderful style tips on the ways to wear your Peplum dress with panache.

  • Peplum tops: One of the best ways to add Peplum to the wardrobe is by having a Peplum top. These tops can be teamed up quite easily with formal pants or jeans. But one thing you have to keep in mind in this regard and it is that, you have to choose your shoes carefully. Shoes with the Peplum tops should be court shoes or strap shoes so that the attention of other people goes to your dress and not to your shoes.
    Peplum Tops
  • Peplum gowns: These are definitely a great style statement. But you need to be careful while choosing the right Peplum gown for you. For instance: in case you don’t have the perfect hour glass figure, then you must choose really thin silhouette so that the gown perfectly sticks to your body. Besides, you also have to be careful while choosing the shade. In case you have the perfect figure, then you are free to choose all the eye catching shades. But in case you have a fuller structure and if you want to look slim, then opt for the lighter shades.
    Peplum Gowns
  • Peplum dress: This is an all time favorite and classic attire in terms of celebrity fashion. So, in case you have the perfect figure, then single colored Peplum dress is the thing that you need to choose. Just select the dress color sanely. The main mantra here is to keep things simple. While choosing the accessories with this dress, choose something plain yet contrasting.
    Peplum Dress
  • Peplum tops with skirt: The combination of peplum tops with pencil skirts is considered as a great way to make style statement in any formal event or any party. For a stunning look, the Peplum tops with off shoulders or one sided shoulder can go well. But in case you have broad shoulders or in case you are busty, then you should wear dark tops. On the contrary, you must opt for dark colored bottoms or skirts in case you have large butts.
    Peplum Tops with Skirt

Some other points to consider in this regard:

  • The Peplums can bring both voluminous and sliming effects. So, if you want to add volume to your hips, then choose the dress or skirt with fancy and puffy Peplum, which ends in the middle part of your hips.
  • In case you want to have a slimming effect, then choose to wear a total black Peplum outfit.
  • If you want to accentuate the waist, then choose the Peplum on a jacket, which is both cute and short and ends right above the hips. Complete the look by adding a belt.
    Peplum with a jacket
  • To balance your body proportions perfectly, avoid A-line Peplum skirts. Here the only trick will be to choose pencil skirts.

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