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For centuries, skirts have been the staple of woman wardrobe, but the asymmetrical skirt is a comparatively new addition. This skirt was introduced in the 20th century as a completely new concept and since then it has seen different types of stylistic changes. Besides, since inception, this style is conquering more and more fashion addict women. Now the asymmetrical skirts are available in numerous styles and these styles often differ on the basis of the latest trends of the season. The combination of a compact and matte material with cut and transparent, which oscillates between the urban and sports style while offering a modern feel to the wearer.

What makes the asymmetrical skirts popular?

The demand of the asymmetrical skirts in the fashion world is really high as like the daring dresses and shaping pretty skirts, these skirts put on the legs on display. The asymmetrical style skirts are mostly available in the fabrics like satin, silk, linen, cotton, laces and brocade. These skirts can either be extended into the fluid line, can bear some graphic structures, can be draped into the diaphanous chiffons, can be cut into the sturdy fabrics or can be super-fitted or super short. In some cases, these skirts can also be long and flowy while leaving it up to the wearer how much she is comfortable in revealing.
Asymmetrical Skirt
The sophisticated style of these skirts that adds an instant touch of class and art to almost any look, also allows people to break away from the firm line of experiment and symmetry with different cuts. Besides, this style is also really advantageous.

So, what are the bright sides of wearing asymmetrical skirts?

Versatility is known as one of the major benefits of asymmetrical skirts. This type of skirt can be worn during the daytime with complete ease without making any complex combo. This style also has the ability to work as the super elegant evening attire, which can steal the glance.

Asymmetrical skirts can be the splash of colors in the landscape of our daily wear clothes. As these skirts are in trend now, therefore there is a question whether to wear short skirts or long ones is over now. The chic asymmetrical skirts replace the popularity of the maxi or miniskirts. But it is necessary to give attention to the proportions and to avoid unnecessary difference between the length of back and front as this way, you will ruin the entire effect.
Asymmetrical Style Skirt
As this cut creates some vertical lines, this brings a slimming effect while making the wearer look thin. Besides, the style allows for layering and therefore works as a wonderful method of camouflaging excess amount of flab. While mullet hemlines and diagonal cuts are two common patterns, the handkerchief style is another common pattern of asymmetrical skirts, which has gained immense popularity. So, the best thing about these asymmetrical skirts is that it is possible to experiment with this style.

Popular styles of asymmetrical skirts:

Although the asymmetrical skirts are available in different styles, three of the most popular styles include the wrap skirt, the diagonal slant skirt and the high-low skirt.

  1. The wrap skirt: This skirt style mainly wraps around the waist and also ties buttons or snaps into place. This type of skirt mostly fit different types of sizes so this can be beneficial for women, who are planning to lose or gain weight as it will fit them even after the change of size. The hemline of this skirt type narrows while it reaches to the edge of the skirt. Therefore, while this skirt is worn, one upside down “V” cutout is seen. Depending on the preference of the wearer, this “V” shape can be worn in front of or in the side of the skirt.
  2. Wrap Skirt

  3. The diagonal slant skirt: This skirt style has a short hem on a leg, which slants down to another leg. Usually, this skirt style is found in the length of mini-skirts and also in the longer lengths where the slant just starts below the knee. Here the diagonal can go in each direction. Therefore, it is completely a matter of preference in which direction the slant runs.
  4. Diagonal Slant Skirt

  5. The high-low skirt: This skirt style features a long back hemline, which angles up to shorter front hemline. This type of skirt is available in different lengths and the difference between the low and high parts can be pronounced or subtle. The high-low skirt style works on the majority of the women in case the right length is chosen for the body type. On the basis of the dramatic level of cut and the material used, this type of skirt can be the perfect attire suitable for office to a casual beachwear. One of the best methods of appearing this style is to combine this skirt with a sheer, longer overskirt and a solid underskirt.

High Low Skirt

Tips to consider while trying asymmetrical skirts:

Although the asymmetrical skirt style can give you breezy silhouettes in relaxed shapes and breezy fabrics, still while it comes to wearing asymmetrical skirts, it is necessary to be careful and study a little about the style.

  • These skirts can be of different types and sizes, which you must consider while it comes to buying this skirt. So, you can try different lengths and patterns to check the one, which suits you the best.

Asymmetrical Hemline Shirt T-shirt

  • Besides, One should consider the body type well before selecting the length or style of the asymmetrical skirt as some of the styles are really flattering than others. For instance, in case you have nicely shaped and long legs, then you can consider buying a mini asymmetrical skirt.


  • In case you want to flaunt a sporty look, then pair the asymmetrical skirts with light colored tops and heels. For instance, crop tops with asymmetrical skirts just look sexy and amazing.
  • In case you want to wear the asymmetrical skirt as office wear, then you have to choose the one where the hem starts from hip area and end up just below or above the knee.

Crop Tops With Asymmetrical Skirt

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