Upcoming Fashion Trends For Bollywood Divas in 2017

Bollywood divas have been the trend setters and almost every girl or lady looks upon them as their star icon, be it styling, make-up or closet. These actresses are always ready with something unique and different to bang on any event with their picturesque style and elegance. Be it any award function, fashion show, Bollywood party or any movie, they have to capture the gaze of the masses and look astonishing and mesmerizing. Those that follow them eagerly await their glimpse to imitate them and flaunt their outfits in social gatherings.

Thus, year after year, fashion designers such as Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Manish Malhotra, etc. have to come up with totally unique and attractive for the Bollywood actresses such as Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, etc.

Following are some of the style trends that Bollywood divas would like to adopt in 2017:

  • Statement sleeves are some things that are sure to grab the attention and give flawless look this year. Sleeves with ruffles, dreamy flair or poof when paired with iconic pencil skirt or beautiful crochet dress can leave anyone jaw dropped.
    Statement Sleeves
  • One shoulder dresses will also show a comeback this year as these have always inspired the onlookers with enrapturing gaze. Such tops or dresses make the adorner appear bold enough to carry such piece and fashion so elegantly.
    One Shoulder Dresses
  • Intrepid earrings add that glaring charm to a boring outfit. Bollywood divas with the right amount of make-up and immensely accessorized with bold earrings can rock and dazzle any party or gathering and leave the heads turned.
    Intrepid Earrings
  • Metallic will give a perfect highlighter look to any outfit. Be it shiny shoes, shiny metallic slip-ons or belts, a little flashy, not trashy, is perfect for any actress to bling on and astound the public and her admirers.
    Metallic Shiny Shoes
  • Stripes may not sound new to anyone but the fact is that they have never been out of fashion. Wearing them in different and unique colours oozes the charm of the outfit and no Bollywood diva would miss the chance to steal the show in such simple manner.
  • Neon coloured clothes are bound to make their way back this year from the 80s. Bollywood icons can adorn them just for highlighting. Remember, it should not be too much or one will end up looking like a human highlighter. Some part of neon in your outfit is enough to give you dazzling and rocking appearance.
    Neon coloured clothes
  • Shirt dresses will be able to hit the markets with great demand and love not only amongst the Bollywood celebs but also ordinary yet classy ladies. Designers are making all the efforts to present thigh high cut dresses, stylishly hemmed designs, zips or buttons, etc. that are definitely going to lure the trend setters of 2017.
    Shirt dresses
  • Get that sporty look this year. Bollywood actresses can be spotted carrying a pair of white Adidas sports shoes with sneaky leggings in leather stuff or a hoodie with cool t-shirts. Try on this nonchalant and casual appearance and take those breaths away with your sly attitude.
    Adidas Sports Shoes
  • Try a not so boring sari this year. Saris have not only lured the women from India, women from all over have shown much likeliness for the same. Adorning and draping saris is not new to the ladies from around the globe, but the technique of adorning them has considerably changed. This year, Bollywood divas are ready to flaunt their curves by draping the sarees like a gown and making a new style statement.
    Bollywood Divas In Saree
  • 2017 is ready to rock its winters with women showing much love for capes. These are the best when chosen in neutral colours and add layers to your outfit. Women can defy their body shapes and opt for these for warmer and cosier winters.
    Capes Gowns

Since new year brings new hopes and desire for wearing something unique and new, Bollywood divas are sure to pick the above-mentioned fashion trends in the upcoming year. The year of 2017 will prove to be a year of new fashion styles and statements that the ladies have never witnessed before. After all, you are judged by your appearance first, so go trendy and fashionable.

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