Saree is undoubtedly the most gorgeous and graceful attire and its demands never fade away. Women irrespective of their age love to sport fascinating look wearing this traditional outfit at any grand event. They look their fashionable best when they team up an amazing saree with a designer blouse. Needless to say, it exudes an unmatched royalty and makes them look distinctive amidst the huge grandeur.

Now you must be wondering how to steal the limelight where everyone is so decked up. The trick lies how you drape the saree and team it up with the blouse and accessories. You can easily purchase an expensive saree with heavy embellishments from any designer store but that’s not enough to make you look like a diva. Your desi look will be incomplete without a unique blouse design. No matter how you drape your saree, you will get a distinctive look while stitching your blouse exclusively by a tailor. So, to get an appealing look in the most demanding traditional wear, check out the trending blouse patterns and how you can play with the varieties as per your mood. Tassel is the new cool in the fashion world and you certainly need to stock some amazing blouses in your closet.

Round neck blouse with tassels

If you love the conventional blouse design like round neck blouse you can tweak it a little to add the charm to your look. Deep round neck with tassels will certainly give you a better fitting. So when you are getting ready to nail the traditional look, make sure to stitch the blouse like this.Round Neck Blouse With Tassels

Three-layered tassels

Do you have a toned back and are you confident to flaunt it? This trending style with three tassel knots will surely give you a sizzling appearance at any party. You can opt for a full backless blouse with tassels or you can cover your back partly and attach a latkan with each thread.
Three-layered Tassels

Criss-cross use of tassels

This old style is commonly worn by the middle-aged women. Be it your saree blouse or choli, this criss-cross style can give you an instant party look. While going for this particular style you can add two latkans at the end of each tassel and keep the party swag on with your ravishing fashion quotient.
Criss-cross tassels blouse design

V-deep blouse with tassels

The use of tassels is not limited to round neck blouse only. Whenever you are wearing a low neck blouse you can add tassels with it. It is not only trendy but also makes you look more stylish and elegant. The tassels can be of various types depending on the design and pattern. You can also opt for twisted tassels to sport a different look.V-deep blouse with tassels

Sleeveless blouse with tassels

Tassels can be added in your sleeves as well. There is a plethora of options available to show how you can play with tassels.  You can add sleek threads and tie them up on your shoulder but don’t spoil this stylish look with latkan. You should pair this chic style with bright colored blouses like black, red, and blue and let the tassels fall on your arms.Sleeveless Blouse With Tassels

Tassels on your short sleeves

This style can be incorporated in many ways and you can easily draw the attention if you confidently carry this look. Go for short sleeve blouse with a slit in the arm where you can smartly put the tassels. Tie the threads and let the latkan do the magic. Such resplendent looks are ideal for any wedding or festivals. Don’t go for traditional silk saree while donning this stylish blouse. Fancy net saree or embellished georgette will be the perfect match for it.Tassels on your short sleeves

Criss-cross on sleeve

Long sleeve or three-quartered blouse can be modified if you use straps in criss-cross patterns and tie them at the end. This tassel style may look common but by adding blingy jewels, you can get a head turning traditional look instantly. Fashion is how you carry it and you can pull off any style when you are confident and carefree.Criss-Cross On Sleeve

Tassels at the sides

The use of tassels in the back or sleeve of the blouse is quite common and you can easily spot many lasses following the same style. If you are looking for relatively a unique tassel style for the blouse or choli then you must put it on the right side of your blouse. You can ask your tailor to create a small slit to tie the tassel and attach a striking latkan with it. While flaunting this style make sure to pleat the pallu properly and if you are wearing a choli keep the dupatta on the left side and let the latkan move with each of your step. It will surely help you hog the attention.Tassels At The Sides

Tassels in the front

If you want to be trendy then you must try this contemporary style for the upcoming wedding party.  Go for a round neck blouse with an oval shaped slit where two threads have to be attached to tie. Instead of a latkan, you can opt for pompom to attach at the end of the tassels. While donning the saree with this blouse, make sure to place the pompom attached tassels over your pleat.Front Attached Tassels
Tassels are gaining its popularity more among the young fashion flock. They know how to experiment with different styles and grab the eyeballs with a gorgeous look. If you are an amateur to sport a chic look then there are ample of designs and styles available on the internet. Besides these, Bollywood celebs also set good examples of traditional styles both onscreen and off-screen. The traditional look is comparatively easier to flaunt for the Indian divas like you. No matter whether you are plump or slim, sarees or lehenga choli will always accentuate your beauty. One thing which you have to pay attention to is the accessories that you are going to team up with your attire. So, it’s your turn to set the temperature soaring with your unique fashion statement. Remember, you look beautiful when you wear your smile and confidence.

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